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  1. So glad I checked the forums in time to see this! Order placed.
  2. Got my Green on Gold and Mystery Finishes today. I've had the green on my want list since I first saw it, and the copper turned out gorgeous. Thanks so much for the great coins!
  3. Well I knew I had lost by the end of Sunday Night Football. My opponent still had the Green Bay defense and Donald Driver. I was down like 10 points or something...and only had Mason Crosby left. I think it's time to ditch some of my bench guys for upgraded versions. (If there are any to be had). Still wish the Pack would've won though! Maybe in November at Lambeau! Aaron Rodgers is going to get killed though unless the offensive line improves. This is turning out to be a really fun league!
  4. Whew! Thought I'd missed this somehow.. Thanks for the heads up, LPQ! Ordered one to keep and one to trade!
  5. I like #2. Because it's the all-seeing Yime.
  6. Ooooh I like this tons. Very neat and meaningful design.
  7. Oooh if any attendees do peek in this thread, and are willing, I'd love two of the Anasazi's. *keeping fingers crossed*
  8. Oooh here's to hoping some kind soul takes pity on me and will be willing to pick me up one or two of these. Anyone...? Bueller...?
  9. Order placed for a set. I love a good Yime now and then.
  10. I'd be happy to part with my extra Bora if anyone wanted one and wasn't able to get one. My first tsun purchase! Why not share the fun?!
  11. Well, I was able to complete checkout... I had 5 in my cart, but when I tried to check out with the Tahiti and Fiji they were "out of stock" even though I had them in my cart as soon as they were up, and they didn't say out of stock when I added them. I think I remember a tsun post that once they were in the cart, they were "safe" so I wanted to mention it. I'm not minding though....I'm happy to have gotten the Bora and Maui versions (they were my faves!)
  12. I really like this too, I find this coin very appealing. Had to limit myself to two finishes...I'm going a little crazy lately with coinage and stuff. What car payment?
  13. Grabbed a mystery color and a green and gold (which I've wanted since I first saw it!). Can't wait to be surprised!
  14. Received today from some new geo-friends.... My cow! I got my cow!!
  15. I'm tentatively pleased with my team. I, of course, reserve the right to amend this opinion any time in the next 20 odd weeks or so.
  16. I would like to add my vote for a black nickle version. I'm proud to have recently added the copper to my collection, it's truly exceptional. Now, I can't wait to get my gold one! (going to have to hunt down a silver one soon). In fact, I'd love to get any version of it you dream up.
  17. I received my coin today, with a nice note that brightened my day. Thanks, Jay, for hosting the cointest. I wish you strength through your ordeal and best wishes for a most positive outcome for your health issues.
  18. MrsJonesen


    Poor guy. Sending warmest wishes your way.
  19. I would LOVE a spot if an extra is available! I can't ever get enough fantasy football.
  20. This is a great thread... and one that reminded me of some of the littler things that I'm thankful I've seen or done or experienced. ... the sound of the tide as it breaks and washes up along a beach ... the delicate lace of frost on a window or how fresh snow glitters in the sun ... the smell of cut grass in the summer or burning leaves in the fall ... the purr of a kitten, the expressions that a dog can make ... racing like the wind on the back of a horse I would miss them all tremendously, so I'm very grateful I've had them. Each hold memories that I wouldn't trade for anything, all intertwined with everyone I love in life.
  21. Oh WOW I can't believe these are gone already. Well, I can, because they're nifty...but I can't, because I wanted a couple. If anyone has ordered spare Red or Blue Moon versions, I'd be happy to trade. I don't have much to trade with (new collector) so I could also buy outright from any kind soul who'd take pity on me. Shoot me a line. I'll keep my fingers crossed.
  22. I really like the Red and Blue Moon versions too. Love the coin!
  23. Oh No!! I'm sorry to hear about your pup, but glad she'll be ok. Sadly, I know what it's like to suddenly have a very large, unexpected vet bill. In any case, I've added a few to my watch list...you'll definitely get some bids from me.
  24. I was hoping these would come today and they did!! Oh they are so pretty. I can't decide if the blue or the two-tone is my favorite. Thanks!
  25. This is a really neat coin! I'm excited to hear you may mint some in silver too...I really like how the gold pops out on the silver coin.
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