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  1. Today I also received a mystery holiday mailer. It is always such a delight to get a mystery coin, to think some selfless person out there is just sending out smiles to folks. Thanks, as always, for both the smiles and the coin!

  2. I sent my hubby out for the mail this weekend and lo and behold an envelope to myself!

    How delighted I was to get a No L.


    Thank you so much, Mystery Sender, for brightening my day.

    My week, actually, as I had spent much of it sick on the couch with a head and chest cold.

    So that was really nice. First Christmas surprise of the season for me.


    Congrats all you other coiners who got lucky too!

    Happy holidays everyone!

  3. I managed to get it last year on one leg while caching at an event. I remember it itched within a few hours, and somehow transferred itself from my one calf to my other calf...so I ended up with some on both legs. I was wearing shorts (dumb!....but it was really hot that day).


    Apparently, I'm pretty susceptible to it. After a day or two, I had to cave in and got the pretty pink lotion to put on it. It helped, but only the tiniest bit. My unconscious scratching would still wake me up at night.


    It seemed to last forever, but I know it was several weeks before my skin recovered. I still have faint discoloration where it was, but I expect that will go away (it's been almost a year)


    Anyone ever use Ivy Block? Does it work? What about Technu? I don't want to cache in pants all summer and I never saw the ivy last year so I'm a little paranoid.


    Sorry, no photos!

  4. We just started geocaching last year...and when I was looking into getting a gps, I ended up with a 60csx because of its high ratings and everyone seemed pretty pleased with it. I used it for a year and it was ok.


    I recently upgraded to a Oregon 450t, and after using it for the last couple weeks, I can honestly say I wish I would've bought one right off the bat.

    So much more cache info right at your fingertips. It's very very user friendly and I like navigating via touch screen.


    I can't say that I've noticed the 450t is any less accurate than was my 60csx. I'd say about the same as far as getting close to the cache.


    I have no trouble viewing the screen. At certain angles/light conditions it can be a little difficult to read but I just tilt my hand a little and no problem.

  5. I carry a camelbak on longer treks, or just an old purse or over the shoulder bag to hold swag and pens for the shorter cache runs. I'm really glad I invested in the camelbak, lots of room for stuff you need.

  6. omgithinkiwon!!


    I know it's early, but I've checked the winning numbers and my ticket about 7 times.




    I feel like a tween who just found a Jonas under the christmas tree!!!


    I sent an email, tsun, to the gmail address I placed the order to. Not sure if that was the right one. Let me know! Most importantly, thank you, thank you, thank you!

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