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  1. I guess it is not today either. Bummer. How can anyone diagnose our fruatrations or that we even have them? Yeah, it's a bummer but what are ya gonna do? One thing, don't get frustrated or you will be referred to Dr. Phil. Just wait!
  2. Thanks for the info! I was getting really confused. Can't wait to try it out again.
  3. Thanks for the info! I will try some of the suggestions.
  4. By way off, I mean about 70 feet in all 3 cases. It would get down to about 10-20 feet, and then jump up to 70 or so.
  5. Hello! We are new to this and found our 5th cache today! We have a Sportrek Map. For the first 2 caches it worked great, but both of those were out in the open, not under trees. However, the last 3 were under thick trees and our gps said we were no where near where the cache was when we found it. Am I doing something wrong? Do I need a new gps? I read an above post about primary and secondary something... and I am very confused! I didn't do any of that stuff to set mine up. And I should add that my father has a Vista and for 2 of the 3 caches his was right on the money. Is Vista just better? And what is satellite lock? How do you know if that is happening and can you fix it? Sorry for so many ???. Just anxious to get this right.
  6. I should have read though some posts before posting my first question. (See other post about Sportrek Map). I have experience what I guess was satellite lock- I was tracking great until about 10 feet from the cache and then the gps distance jumped up to 75. I did finally find the cache. But is there something you can do to "unlock" them? Outside of moving out of the trees, etc. And what is the boomerang effect?
  7. We are new to caching and were deciding btw a Garmin legend, and the sportrek map. We went with the sportrek map. We have only been on 5 caches so far, and out of the 5, the gps distance was way off for 3 of them. Is this normal? They were really wooded areas, but we are now wondering if we should have gone with the Legend, or maybe this is normal for all gps? Or maybe normal for the inexpensive models? So, do we return for the Legend or keep what we have? Mary Johnson
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