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  1. In the areas I had visibility to at least 50% of the hemisphere, probably with only quite good direct signals from the satellites, few multipath signals from the topography. No, I've never seen any angels and I don't think I will, in fact, I'm sure. As someone stated earlier, I think multipath, false signals, from satellites, maybe also other noice signals, have introduced a problem when using such highsensitivity chipsets as from MTK. Do the data from the satellites have a CRC attachment? If not, they can be an error source under some topographical and atmospheric conditions. CRC: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyclic_redundancy_check
  2. I use a Vista HCx with latest firmware 2.60 and have not experienced drift, as far I can see, compared with old tracks from my 60CS. I had the common odometer problem with the previous firmware release 2.50. On one or two occations the Vista HCx had one log point drift far away from the location I were, both with firmware 2.60. I deleted the log points in MapSource.
  3. If it's possible to clear the situation by a power-cycle, it's possible to fix this drift error in the firmware. If that's the case, the only way for us customers to clear this situation permanently is to wait for a new firmware release What is Garmin waiting for?, until they're back from their summer vacation?
  4. If the drift results in a walking speed increase from 2.5 km/h to 43 km/h, the GPSr firmware should be able to detect the error. Is the drift constant, ie forms a continous path with no big speed changes, or does it give sudden big changes in position?
  5. Some logics If the odometer is not fixed on the CO by now, it might look somewhat bad for any improvement in the future, including the OR. If the odometer is fixed on the CO, that's a good sign for the OR. If they're not able to fix it in firmware, it has to be a hardware, hardwired, problem, in my opinion. They can fix everything with av combination of new hardware and firmware, in new revisions of the models. There was a odometer problem in my new eTrex Vista HCx. They fixed in firmware, but the Vista HCx has a different hardware than the CO and OR.
  6. Strange, looks like Garmin is experimenting by releasing halfbaked products. First the Colorado, then MapSource version 6.14.1 and now maybe in some ways the Oregon. Among a lot of good products they have made 60CS and 60CSx and proved that they can do much better. Did they get too good at this GPS technology? Did they get too big? What happened? Anyway, it's interesting, and they do not have much competition. Could be they need a lot more of the latter. I have an eTrex Vista HCx and I like it. It has a bit more position drift than my 60CS. Thank you for the reviews and comments
  7. Do the Oregon US model have support for european languages, in menues, as norwegian and danish? The Colorado model has support for both US', Europe's languages and others
  8. Gpscity.com says they expect having the Oregon models ready for shipment today. Some reviews should be available this week
  9. I use the latest software for both 60CS and Vista HCx. Today I measured a position with both GPSrs for 20-30 minutes, stationary with good satellite reception. The measurements gave identical positions. I've tried this only once. After a geocaching hike with the Vista HCx my son asked me why the track was on the lake when we had been walking beside it. Most likely the Vista HCx is inaccurate sometimes. However, it is not a practical navigation problem, we didn't get wet and he found two caches that day, right on, clever boy. I used the Average function to measure a position when I placed geocache Tårnseileren I - Vassfjellet. I used the Vista HCx, with some 60 samples in the Average measurement. The first finder reported that his Colorado measured the cache position 12 ft off my logged position. I don't know which GPSr had the most accurate position measurement. I tend to believe the Colorado had the error because I have the Vista HCx. Anyway, he found the cache. I am satisfied with the Vista HCx, but I think Garmin can make some adjustments in the software, if it's possible. Nobody reports errors for the 60CSx, as far as I know. If you have a 60CSx, treasure it, feel lucky, have a party, enjoy, bake a cake. I will not sell my old 60CS, it's too good and gives me a lot of good memories when I look at it on the wall between the kitchen and my living room. But, if the Oregon 300 shows to be better than all the other models, I'll probably buy it if the price gets less than USD 350-400.
  10. It would be nice to know how well this new gadget from Garmin performs. Battery time is said to be 16 hours. Is that for real? I understand the Colorado didn't perform as well as stated in the specifications regarding battery time. Garmin Oregon 200, 300, 400c, 400i and 400t, ny modell
  11. Bush Approves New CIA Methods I suggest they set up geocaching schools. Also president Bush needs a lesson in geocaching. Actually, I'm shocked, this is almost unbelievable, but it is true. I wish you all a nice summer. Happy geocaching
  12. New eTrex H from Garmin with Galileo support The devices are not Galileo ready out of the box but will accommodate a drop-in chip when available. European Space Agency, esa Galileo Navigation BTW, I recommend Sanyo eneloop rechargeable batteries for your GPS receiver. I use eneloop in my Canon PowerShot S3 IS camera and in the Garmin GPSmap 60CS. Regards, Otto http://www.navigate3d.com
  13. I don't think the 60 x-models will be obsolete if eTrex models are equipped with SiRF. The 60 x-models have bigger display and possibility to connect an external antenna. Said in another way, Garmin can't let the popular eTrex models have old technology in the future, IMHO.
  14. I've heard rumors earlier this year, about eTrex series with SiRF.
  15. The topic is in norwegian, also understood by swedes and danes. GPS receivers are very expensive in the nordic countries compared to import prices from the USA. This is an example of an allround navigation package, probably the best package per date: Billigste og beste GPS pakke for allround navigasjon, topo, vei og sjø Please post Best-Buy information in this thread. The lower prices, the more geocachers
  16. The first Sanyo eneloop AA HR-3UTG 1.2V 2000mAh are tested, some of the first eneloop batteries world wide. They are not in the shops yet. Sanyo eneloop chargeable NiMH batteries have a selfdischarge rate of only 15% in 1 year. Todays ordinary NiMH batteries have a selfdischarge rate of 15% in 1-2 months. I will prefer to use eneloop instead of todays ordinary chargeable NiMH batteries, also in my GPSr when geocaching. More inforation, and a preliminary test: Sanyo eneloop AA HR-3UTG 1.2V 2000mAh, chargeable NiMH batteries, battery test Anybody who has more information, please post in this thread. Thank you
  17. I like to know what creatures protect my geocaches when I'm at home We are very glad to have the capercaillie in our forests. They are not dangerous, if you back off. Some of the males get nasty after they have fought for the dames in the autumn. They can kill each other in the autumn play, and I think they do it with some bones in their wings, by hitting the opponent with the wings. They are excellent food. We hunt for them in some areas during wintertime. A part of the excitement was to see if the bird had any possibility to hurt me. And it was very pretty. I didnt' see the details before I came home and studied the pictures, 6mpix in size. He lives there in the forests in temperatures from ca -45C to ca +35C, -49F to +95F, amazing. In wikipedia it's a good description of the capercaillie: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capercaillie "It is a sedentary species, breeding across northern parts of Europe and western and central Asia in mature conifer forests with diverse species composition and a relatively open canopy structure." - Looks like the capercaillie don't exist in Canada and US. I thought it also was be in the forests in Canada and northern parts of US. Thanks for all posts. The geocaching experience has a infinite number of features. I hope to meet a bear sometime. I think I have to travel to the northern part of Sweden. I have a friend there who met a bear. Five minutes after the bear left him he had a minor nervous breakdown Then I'll become excellent food. A film and pictures of a bear, I really don't know....
  18. Hi, I'm Otto, from Norway. I'm a computer engineer with a growing need for outdoor sport activities. When I got my first GPSr and was introduced to geocaching, I became a geocacher over night, with GPSr and camera I've been here for a while, participated mainly with new threads with some interesting topics like battery technology, some keywords NiMH, good ecomony and no waste. The discussions and answers were comprehensive and professional, with a lot of knowledge from a lot of people. Latest thread, capercaillie, us geocachers have to learn about the natives in the forest, they who protect the caches when we are at home Thanks Otto
  19. You're welcome. I found some information about capercaillie, capercaillie on the British Isles: Tetrao urogallus A huge woodland grouse, the large black males are unmistakable. They spend a lot of time feeding on the ground, but may also be found in trees, feeding on shoots. localised breeding species, found in Scottish native pinewood, a rare and vulnerable habitat, and in commercial conifer plantations. The UK capercaillie population has declined so rapidly that it is at very real risk of extinction (for the second time) and is a 'Red List' species. Capercaillie, code red: Red is the highest conservation priority, with species needing urgent action. Source links: http://www.rspb.org.uk/birds/guide/c/capercaillie/index.asp http://www.rspb.org.uk/birds/guide/status_explained.asp Later I'll' try to find some information about capercaillie in other parts of the world. F.ex., it's not at risk for extinction in Norway, for the time beeing
  20. It didn't make a sound when it attacked. They only make some 'klonk-klonk' sounds now and then between the attacks. Otto
  21. Let me be the first to admit that I had to click on the link to find out what a capercaillie is. Great story, BTW. Me too. And for anyone else who wonders it looks like a big angry chicken. How big is that thing btw? You see the size on the film, behind my bicycle, a lot of meat, and it bites, grabs you with his claws and knocks with his wings: http://www.navigate3d.de/mbbs22en/forums/t...posts=1&start=1 Otto
  22. We have a sport here called 'To the Top 2006'. This year it's included totally 8 heights and tops in the area, with a sign placed on each top. On the sign there's a keyword we have to write down to prove that we have been there. I have made waypoint for alle the tops and loaded them in the 60CS. May 20th 2006 I went to the height Tikneppen, a very nice hike. I placed a geocache Sirkus1 near by the top. Last week shows that this cache is popular. On my way back I suddenly heard a 'klonk' behind me. A capercaillie was ready to attack me. I stopped and took some pictures of him. Suddenly he attacked, and I ran 15-20m and stopped, turned around and took some more pictures, I just had to get some pictures of this stately tough chap. I also managed to film some of the capercaillie performance. He attacked again, and now I ran a long way from him. The capercaillie males fight in the autumn, the autumn play. Ca 5% of them don't stop to fight when the fighting season is over, but they continue and some of them also attacks people. That's normal. They are called nonsense-capercaillies, nonsense to us but normal for them. The pictures are here: http://www.navigate3d.de/mbbs22en/photos/p...s.asp?albumid=5 The film of the big fight is here: http://www.navigate3d.de/mbbs22en/forums/t...posts=1&start=1 So this was a very special geocaching experience, and I'm very glad I had the opportunity to take pictures and make a video. If anybody else have similar stories, I'm sure a lot of forum members would like to read them. Enjoy. Otto
  23. I assisted a girlfriend when she bought a Garmin eTrex Vista C from http://www.gpsdiscount.com. She received the unit some days ago. For the first time I had the opportunity to use a Vista C. I was impressed. I have had a 60CS for almost two years. The Vista C has less weight than the 60CS, it's smaller but has the same functionality, except connectors for external antenna and power. I recommend the Vista C. In my opinion a color display is necessary, b/w screen is unpractical. Rumours say Garmin soon (may/june 2006) may produce new Vista/Legend Cx models with SiRFstarIII chipset, probably with a new SiRFstarIII-LT chipset. The SiRFstarIII-LT chipset consumes half the power compared to the SiRFstarIII chipset. The SiRFstar chipsets are 2-3 times more sensitive to satellite signals than the older chipsets. Anyway, the excisting Vista/Legend C models are very good and practical units. Otto http://www.navigate3d.com
  24. Choose NiMH rechargable batteries, the best for the GPSr, MP3 players, digital cameras etc. For my Garmin GPSmap 60CS GPSr I circulate 8 batteries. The batteries lasts for approximately 5 years and can be recharged 500-1000 times. After a lot of research in this and other forums I came up with the report Choice of batteries for different purposes. I like the NiMH solution because it's relatively cheap, the batteries have excellent characteristics and produces little and nonpolution waste, for my GPSr only 8 batteries per 5 years. With alkaline batteries I would have used over 500 batteries in a 5 years period
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