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  1. No bones here in Pennsylvania yet. Waiting patiently :shocked:


    It has to be soon - they were all mailed within a 2-3 day period - so the fact they are arriving all over the world indicates that they are making it.


    It does seem a little long-ish for some areas, but maybe the weather and the season has something to do with it.

  2. I'm sure the citrus groves of Alberta call to many that seek to settle here! :)


    We HAVE to have geocoins - I went to grab some TB's from one of my caches last night and it would appear the snowbank is about 1.5m deep! Looks like they are in for a hibernation.


    On the subject of personal geocoins (remember that!)


    Is there a list of personals made? I'm wondering if each coin-maker site lists their production runs? (unless requested not to obviously).


    I know that LandSharkz did the GeoKs, Tethy C's and mine.

  3. One of the things that happens is that people change interests. They stop caring about coins, they stop caring about geocaching.... (of course they'll all be back! - suckas!)




    When this happens, their coins, regardless of how they were acquired start seeming to be less and less important to them. Of course, prices on the secondary market means money - and I don't know many folks that have lost all interest in THAT!


    So they look at how they can convert something that means less today towards something that does.


    So is the natural cycle....


    Here's the rub.

    Some gifts are an item that someone has purchased and passed to you for your enjoyment. If you derive pleasure from it, then they have met their mission. If you are no-longer deriving pleasure from it - then it's actually a burden. Check out the weekend newspaper - it's called garage sales.


    This stands true for microwaves, fuzzy sweaters, and lava lamps.


    What about something that someone "crafted" or "designed" and represents part of their personal self-image (as twisted as it may be to transfer your sole into an inanimate object - it's part of human nature. Uniforms, family crests, geocoins, etc)


    These items represent the person to some extent. Therefore, with these gifts, it's probably polite to pass it along to someone that would appreciate it in the moment (the re-gift), return it to the person if they want it back (the return to sender) - which requires tact.


    Geocoins give us the additional option of returning it to it's original intention - place it in a cache. (blind gifting - because you just *know* you're giving it away when you do this).


    It also means that if someone "gifts" you a commercial coin - the original intention was to generate money - so selling these seems fair.


    Personals are the ones that really should be re-gifted, returned, or cached. All in my own opinion of course.


    Now - it's becoming an easier decision. The prices on coins has pretty much collapsed for most of them. Check out eBay and sort be "highest price first" - the top value coins are either: groups, buy it now, or zero bids. This means the money-magnet is not as strong as it once was.


    And.... please, nobody make a microwave, fuzzy sweater, or lava lamp coin to be given out as gifts in a series called "Garage Sale Geocoins"..... 24 months ago a pre-order thread would have already started! <_<

  4. Well.. no photo yet. However, my bag is whatever "other" bag I have. So it's either my camera bag or it's my computer bag for work.


    So I have several "caching" bags - maybe it's time for a dedicated one?


    Also - I was the giftee of the Quebec coin in Wavevector's bag! Thanks!

  5. There are a lot of great coins.

    There are many opinionated people! <_<


    So I thought a review thread would be fun. The only rule is that on personal coins - love only. No negative reviews. If you don't like a personal, please keep it to yourself. Why? Well....because they are personal and it could hurt someones feelings. For example, I happen to be very handsome and smart and it makes me feel awkward when people point this out. :ph34r:


    Commercial coins *could* be more critically reviewed, but with respect.


    Anyhow. Here's how the thread would work - and it might be fun.


    1) State the name of the coin at the very TOP of the post in CAPS. This is to make searching reviews easier.

    2) Post a picture of the coin (both sides)

    3) List the features of the coin you like and why

    4) Please only leave YOUR review - do not comment on others reviews


    #4 is especially important. For example, if I write a review on the fact I enjoy the YemonYime becuase of it's refreshing taste and the ability to cleanse the palet between courses - please don't warn me of the dangers of lead - just write your own review.


    Again - this is a happy, happy, thread of peace and love. So if you hate a coin - don't post - we'll let the silence speak for itself.


    Let's see if this one has wings.

  6. :D What's interesting is that the "geo" coins actually came from another type of personal coin. The military coin. These have been around longer than geocoins, and unless I am mistaken, the first personals were done by the companies that did the military coins (Coins and Pins has and continues to really do fantastic work - they do a very, very high-quality product and military coins were mostly what I saw aas samples of their work when I first did a coin with them).


    When I say I am seeking the ultra-rares (and hoping that the "movement" will allow some of these to surface for me) - it is more because I was never able to get the "first 10" or what have you. I'm looking for the really early coins that are just plain hard to find. Like, Moun10Bike v1 hard! Groundspeak squares, etc.


    I still collect coins, but tend to be really, really selective. I'm a huge fan of personals from people I meet as well as from my "forum" friends. Which is an odd thing, but we all have the "folks we know" whom we've never met. Oh - and I suppose I'm a sucker for anything navigation and exploration themed. Oh - and archeology and historical .... okay... maybe my "net" is wider than I even want to admit :(


    Those rare coins are still very elusive.... alas....


    Oh yes! I also have a selection of historical prints of dead politicians to trade! :P

  7. I don't actually do very much trading - mostly gifting. Many folks have sent me their personal as a gift in return, but I certainly never expect it. I just like giving coins to folks that like coins. (and new cachers that still have that spark of enthusiasm we should all encourage!)


    Here's what I am doing with my gift coins.


    I activate them under my handle (and ask anyone giving me a coin to do the same under theirs). This makes it fun to see where the coins really came from. I don't really want personals except from the owner themselves whenever possible - so non-trackables are cool as well.


    When I activate the coins I am giving as "gifts" then their mission is to be a gift. They can be traded, re-gifted, cached ... basically everything but sold on eBay. I view geocoins as a personal signature item and seeing them on eBay is "okay", but not really the reason I gave them away. (there are exceptions, and several folks have been kind enough to ask first - I don't mind, I just don't want a secondary market on personal signature items from folks other than the person themselves).


    So my answer would be that trading, re-gifting, caching are all fine with me. Selling on eBay is something I think it would courteous to ask the person about beforehand.


    Just my opinion though.

  8. Mine arrived in Phoenix, AZ a few days ago.




    Great! This also makes me a little scared - Nero and Nicolo are now living pretty close to each others. I feel sorry for all the mystery coins - there must be some amazing races going on! :(

  9. There does seem to be more of a coins for coins sake happening. It's similar in some ways to other challenges with the hobby (micro-spew, cache to trash trading, and numbers). In fact, when it comes to actual caching (remember that!) I only log caches I like and always trade up.


    However, they still appeal to me and I just "filter" out the noise of those that I don't agree with. Life's too short and there are really a lot of great folks here that I do enjoy *knowing*.


    When it comes to coins, I only like personals, those that speak to my interests, and ... the earliest ones.


    So if anyone knows folks getting rid of the very early ones - you tell them about LFD! He wants the super-early ones (the ones pre-Moun10Bike v2).

  10. Tomorrow is our Cachers Christmas event, so I made some cookies for it.



    These are a pretty basic cookie.


    300g Flour

    2 teaspoons Baking Powder

    125g butter

    100g sugar

    1 egg


    essence of orange (shave some peel)


    mix the flour, baking powder and sugar.

    Heap it on the counter and make a "well"

    Crack the egg into the well, add vanilla and the egg.

    Mix and knead in the butter.

    Roll out the dough on a flour surface (fairly thin)


    Cut shapes in "pairs" (the photo is 3X the amount - NOT tripled, you have to do it 3X)

    One shape is the "bottom", bake it, spread jam on it, the other shape is the "top", place it on a wire rack and dust it with icing sugar. You can substitute other stuff for the jam too - I was planning on making a lemon filling (to go with my geo-nick), but I got lazy.


    If you want (and you should), cut a smaller "window" shape in the top cutout PRIOR to baking - you can see this in the photo for the center of the flower.


    Here at altitude, I bake at 335 degrees for 12-14 minutes. Just until the edges start to get brownish. As there is a lot of butter, spending time folding the dough will give a "flakier" cookie.


    Here is a close-up on one of my "extras" :D So you can see the jam "window" - Now that I've touched it - I have to eat it! Oh well ... :(



  11. I'm not an active trader of coins and/or even a buyer - more of a "catch as catch can" person.


    However, I *do* want some of the ultra-rare coins. The first 10 - the really, really tough stuff.


    For those watching the trading a little more actively - have you seen more of these coming into the trading realm?


    As most of the ones I am interested in are non-trackable (it was really before tracking) - I am not sure if I can even "name names" here, but you know the ones I mean :(


    When I say trading, I also mean straight selling.

  12. We're anxiously awaiting, will post when they arrive.


    Thanks! I suspect that Monday and Tuesday will be the first days they start arriving to the US (at least I hope so).


    Generally, from Calgary - the first places to see my packages are Washington State and Minneapolis. Something to do with flights and customs I suppose.


    I'm always happy when the first US person posts. Then I know they are all shortly following. They have arrived to points in Western Canada and Central/Eastern Canada - so that's a good distance.

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