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  1. I have all my mail metered and sent out from a postal service company (sort of like a Mailbox Etc.).


    They are pretty good at getting everything "processed" - so these all should have gotten out in good order. I started getting people telling me they arrived about a week after they were mailed.


    I mark them all as "Tokens" or "Game Tokens" on the customs forms, but maybe I should have used the word "metal" or "Dog-bone shaped game token made of metal" - sheesh!


    The only thing that may have happened is that sometimes a package will come back to the place that processes it for some reason or another. They will sometimes just re-package and re-send it out.


    Can those of you that have gotten them recently do me a favour? Can you look at the postal cancellation date and see when the Post Office marked them?


    This will help.

  2. Just a bump to let folks know that I am also waiting! Waiting to hear about arrival of packages!

    Please let me know if you see anything today.


    No matter what we'll make sure everything is settled, but I don't want to start activating lost coins until we are sure they are not arriving anymore. The fact that some arrived as late as last week is an indication that it may just be delays and not losses.

  3. Yipee, We received our Geobone today. Thank You so Much Frank, Very nice and heavy geocoin. Glad ours finally showed up, we were starting to get worried :rolleyes: Now we can sit back and enjoy this beauty.


    You and me both - whew! I think it appears that things, while slower than I would like are still going well.


    Enjoy the coin! Everyone (except those that have seen/held version 1) are surprised at how heavy, thick these are. I really wanted something substantial that felt.... permanent.

  4. Have you ever read a comic book? If so.....




    HOW is it possible that you can mail out packages on the SAME day and Australia gets them before PA?




    I have no idea what to do at this point.


    What should my "cut-off" be for delivery before I consider them lost/missing? I mean.... this is several that have arrived this week. Will I activate the coins only to find out they arrive the next day if I wait until Monday?



  5. It looks like I have three folks that haven't gotten them yet.






    I also have one person that got the bubble mailer with the coin neatly removed! (it was shocking)


    Anyone else?

    If so, please PM me by Monday morning if you can so I can reverse the transaction, activate the coins and place them in my "Post Office can't seem to find you" cache....grrrr....


    I can't remember how many packages I sent out (around 40-50 I think), but this rate of loss is too much. These were all packaged exactly the same (bubble mailers, coins wrapped in paper, bubble mailer taped) and had all the proper labels and postage. What is the rate of loss that is acceptable? I even marked the packages "token" instead of "coin".


    Oh well... at least the vast majority seemed to have made it. I hope the next batch I am sending out are all happily at their destinations shortly.

  6. Man....I can NOT figure out the postal system. The ones OVER-seas arrived before Christmas and the ones to the US are still trickling in......


    The key is when you ordered. The ones BEFORE Dec 10th are the ones I am most concerned about at the moment.

  7. I think you are in a pretty small group though.


    Most seem to have arrived, but today is the cut-off. If you do not have it by the end of today then please let me know. I kept all the activation codes, so I can at least activate all those that were lost in the mail (it seems to be a pretty small group at this point). That means if they ever show-up we can at least see where they should have been. I just wanted to hold off a little because the last thing I want to do it activate the coin and then have it arrive the next day.


    This, of course, are those that ordered PRIOR to Dec 10th. Those that ordered AFTER Dec 10th may still be on route as the mailouts are ongoing. The BIG mailout was the 10th.


    There was one package returned to me today with no explanation as to why. I think they probably got the sender/receiver mixed up as it was one of the more recent ones - not an older mailing.


    One way or the other we'll get things sorted. I won't re-send coins to an address where they have been stolen or lost of course, but I'll also make sure that you don't pay for something that never arrived.

  8. I see there were a few available on the 5th. I followed the link above but can't find them, are they sold out again? :unsure: I hope not, I'd love to get one of these for my husbands Husky!


    There still are some available - here's the link again:

    Link again


    I received some e-mails about more arriving stateside today. The next batch (those ordered on and around the 5th) are going out tomorrow.

  9. Okay - here's another update.


    Please post when you have them so I know


    I just received a Priority box FROM the US (GA) to my mailbox that arrived this afternoon. It was mailed on the 27th - so that's a pretty good indication of the timeline for Priority Mail. So again, I'm not worried until the end of this week comes.


    I just packaged all the new orders that came in since I re-posted a few more for sale.

    You can still order here for the next couple days.


    There are a few that I am sending out for folks to place in caches. These are going out in "stages", but obviously the paid ones are the priority.


    Thanks and I hope you enjoy them!


    I REALLY would like to hear they are making it to the southern states (does Arizona count - they got theirs first it seems)

  10. With the holidays - I'm not going to hit the "panic" button until the end of next week.


    They went out around the 10th of December, and with holidays, etc - I think they are only at about 14 or so "transit" days. They are making it to some pretty distant places.


    That said - the place I mail to and from has been closed and opens tomorrow - in the event that any came back then I will not know until tomorrow.


    For those without bones - I expect next week to be the week they arrive.

  11. Actually - if you really want - there are a few Geobone V2 coins that I just put for sale. I've sent out the first batch Dec 10th and had a few left-over from the batch I was selling.


    Here's my link page (scroll down)


    I'm not too sure I'd want it on a dog's collar though - they really are as heavy as everyone says - so maybe if you had a larger dog it would be okay. My dog is about 70lbs and she's okay with it, but I normally take it off except for events :)

  12. If it's one of the "golden" ones (the one that is all one gold colour) - then there is no activation on these. The tracking is done off a separate site and you just use the 4-digit number.


    If it's a newer one (the red and white one) then you'll need to find a different number/letter combo on the coin - which I think starts with "CA".

  13. Well, I placed a bid but I bet I get outbid well before the end of the auction. Things like this go out of my budget range in a big hurry... :wub: Thanks for offering them, tho! :)




    It's pretty much a fluke. My mom just happened to be here today while I was on the forums (she's 73 and has a multi-poo - so the bone would kill the poor thing!). She said she really didn't need a new one and I asked if she wanted the old one. There you have it.


    My sister actually just got her class into geocaching - so the one on the bulletin board probably isn't going anywhere. It's funny actually - it's in a very remote location and I can imagine some cacher walking in, looking at the school bulletin board and thinking "what the ^&*(&*( - where did THAT come from!?"


    In fact, check out "Woss Happening?", "Woss New?" and "Woss This?" - three of my remotest caches and soon to be re-populated with geobones.

  14. Got me BONE today! :D Lovely heavy coin!


    :D Now all I gotta do is figure out how to obtain a V1 geobone (again - gave the one I had to someone special...)




    Well.... looks like my mom may have pulled through for those wanting a V1! She doesn't cache (no interest) and I had given her one when they came out. So, I now have the #2 V1 and the #2 V2 (trackable) as a set.


    To be fair to the many folks that have been asking on these - I threw it up on the place where you can find sold-out coins. (I can't remember if we're allowed to advertise sales of this nature here - if not, maybe the mod can edit my post to cut-out this paragraph). It's being sold w/a trackable one.


    Anyhow - that should give everyone equal chance to get what they want in the fairest way. Buy a new one, or bid on a pair.

  15. Got me BONE today! :D Lovely heavy coin!


    :D Now all I gotta do is figure out how to obtain a V1 geobone (again - gave the one I had to someone special...)




    That may be rather difficult.... I haven't had any or seen any on eBay for quite some time. You never know though. I sometimes hear of them changing hands.

  16. I've been getting a lot of notes from folks that they are arriving. So I wouldn't worry too much. I send everything out via a mailbox company (or, as I like to call it - World Wide Headquarters).


    They are still receiving mail over the holidays, but aren't open again until the 5th. If there were any damages, returns, etc - I'd see them the week of the 5th.


    That's not too frequent though. These are in bubble mailers and I encased them in tape. I'm assuming any non-delivered coins at this point are due to holidays, weather, and such. They all went out quite some time ago and should arrive as regular mail deliver schedules resume.


    I'm not sure how it works elsewhere, but here there seems to be "intermittent" mail delivery over the holidays. I haven't gotten very much mail myself (to my home, HQ might have a bunch, but I won't find out until the 5th)

  17. Life is short.


    So I tend to just let it ride. I'll send the occasional e-mail asking what's up and sometimes hear back, sometimes don't.


    I've had folks keep coins, travel with coins and never actually let them go, etc.


    I tend to think of my released coins as being like little salmon (fish). You release many of them and most get lost to thieves, muggles, bulldozers and mudslides (well.... obviously fish don't, but coins do!).


    Take joy in the ones that "make it".


    I have two original Geobones that have thousands of miles and still seem to get logged (although I think one has been "tag switched" from a recent photo ;) ) - my favourite is my Travel Bug "Ribbity" - check it out if you get a chance! It's completed it's mission and will (hopefully) make it home one day.

  18. You know you're a geocoin addict when you ask the clerk if your change comes in a different metal!


    "Hey, does that quarter have an XLE glitter edition?"


    You know your a geocoin addict when you buy those Canadian coins for $10 and in Canada their a "Quarter"






    edited for photo.


    *please* tell me you didn't pay $10 for this quarter!

    If someone did this to you then they are absolutely a thief!

  19. dem bones, dem bones hit here in Hooterville,CA today.........excellent, very hefty....Princess Sweetpea won't be able to hold her head up with this on.... :shocked::shocked:




    The bones are indeed rather hefty. Most folks think I am joking when I say "large" breeds only :shocked:

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