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  1. 178 Travel Bugs 64 are "keeper" coins I bought 28 are "Feeps" and new 86 are Travellers that "should" be travelling 34 of the 86 are verified as "missing"
  2. well....back to the release or not debate. I have 178 Activated Travel Bugs 64 of these are coins I have activated and am keeping 28 of these are little "Fake Green Jeeps" (Feeps) that I jsut released as part of a fun 'contest' this leaves 86 34 are confirmed missing. That's just under 40% lost -- most of which are coins. The way I did this was to sort all my bugs by last log, then visit each cache and read the logs following the time they were "dropped" into the cache -- any one that has a "no coin in cache" entry following the drop entry was marked missing. So .... I join the club - no more coins are being released by this cacher. I could handle 10-20% loss, but 40%!! Plus ... many of the others are in the hands of cachers and have been so for 60+ days - no responses to e-mails yet.
  3. The end of Septemeber! After this weekend's "Feep" logs -- there will be another draw for prizes....say, why not TWO draws? 1) GEO car decal (white round w/GEO on it) - like the ones you see in Europe. As well as a Cloth Geocaching iron-on Patch 2) Medium "Offical Geocache" cache sticker and a NEW Alaska Geocoin! Next month there will be Alaska pins, unactivated TB tag sets, Lemon Fresh Coins and more! Thank you to everyone moving the "Feeps" around -- great movement across the planet!
  4. Payment sent! This is going to be fun to get this coin to do some "missions!"
  5. Some days you can't win....... I am in an argument in the local forums with a fellow that claims my activated coin is his to keep. He feels that as soon as I release it, regardless of if I activate it with a mission, I have given it up and it is his. Sadly, he also thinks I am sucking the fun out of the hobby for him by mentioning that he has had it for just under 12 months and that he should move it.
  6. I hear ya! I've had coins go missing in less than 3 HOURS!!!! I like the drill idea -- what are folks using to drill? Just an electric drill? -- do you need anything special?
  7. The rate at which I am losing coins seems to be on the rise. I'm still trying to come up with a solution -- so far, each method I attempt both works and fails (depending on the coin and the "luck of the stars") Overall, I am taking a little break from the coin releasing -- I actually went to an astronomy website that sells SpaceToys (which some of you may know) and bought a bunch of marbles of the earth, moon and mars. I plan to release these as Travel Bugs if I can find a way to attach the numbers. On a more cheery note -- I DID have some coins "show-up" once I renamed them as STOLEN in their title. That at least may help for those you have lost. My rate of lost coins is starting to approach somewhere around 40% -- it depends on where I draw the line of not moved = lost (30, 60, 90, 120 days?) The problem is that coins are valuable more as collectibles than as cache items to many people. I have seen MANY coins I wish I had in my collection, but my camera works. For others, they must steal them. Even coins with HUGE production runs still end up being rare at some point and "disappear". What we have to remember is that it only takes ONE thief to overturn the work of dozens or hundreds of responsible cachers.
  8. At last! I finally had the official draw for the first FEEP contest winner (August) The winner is dabhid07 Whooo -- hoooo! The prize is one of my Lemon Fresh Dog geocoins (the one that is only for F2F trades and this contest). Enjoy your prize and thanks for keeping the Feeps moving (the only way to win!) I have some very nice items for prizes in September (when more Feeps are on the move). We have: 1) more of my coins 2) some Alaska coins and pins! (thanks!!!!) 3) some cool geoswag (patch, stickers, etc) -- thanks!!! 4) some other assorted coins! (some from me and some from others -- thanks again!!!) I'll try to do Septembers draw a little closer to the close of the month. What I do is randomly generate a number which gives me a Feep to look at. Then, I look to see if it has been moved and take all the folks that placed it INTO a cache (and left it there) and randomly draw one of their names. The only way to win is to place a Feep INTO a cache and NOT just "dip" it. (although you are more than welcome to do that -- it just won't qualify as a contest entry)
  9. August winners will be announced shortly -- the prize will be a new Lemon Fresh Dog geocoin (not available except in face to face trading and here). September's winners will have even more cool SWAG -- I wanted to make sure some hit other areas of the world prior to giving out the other coins and prizes that have been donated. The "Feeps" for Europe should start hitting caches this weekend into next week and the ones to Austrailia and the UK (yea...I know it's Europe) were sent in the mail some time ago and should be arriving there soon, if not already.
  10. Hello there, I just posted three more packages of Feeps. This time: Austrailia, Scotland and Ontario. I'm now pretty much out of these (a group went out to Europe last week). It occured to me (and PLEASE forgive me for this -- where are the South Americans?) I need someone from South Amercia to help me out please -- anyone?
  11. Some good news update on this one! TWO of the coins have re-surfaced. I renamed them "STOLEN FROM COIN CACHE: ...." and pointed out that they were scratched. Hopefully, this is the beginning of most of them getting back out into the wild.
  12. I'll trade you a geobone for one. Haha! I have been keeping one last geobone for you in order to allow Whitebear to torment you with his. As an old resident of Victoria I have to have this one. I ordered some too, but I want to "trade".
  13. Happy story -- love it! Twin Peaks -- good for you!
  14. Me again Looks like the first Feep has hit Europe! It was taken by a cacher here in Calgary and is on the way (or in) the U.K. Also - I recieved delievery confirmation on the lot going to Greece. They are being pre-staged in N.S. (I sent several -- so several European contries will get them). Two more packages going out tomorrow as well.
  15. I like to discover coins and TB's at events -- it keeps a log of the ones I have seen. Lately, I have been creating a "photo album" of all the ones I see or help move along. Why? I don't know -- why do I look for hidden containers in the woods? Obsessive behaviour is my friend! I do NOT like it when someone takes "ownership" of one of my coins and/or TB's and only ALLOWS people to discover it. I want my items to move. The only exception are events -- then, I prefer it isn't dropped into the event. I have lost many items this way. Someone drops it, then they no longer are "responsible" for it and some other cacher has it, never logs it and ..... boo hoo.... I lost 4 coins at one event this way -- one week after they were released. Somehow I don't think they're still at the BBQ. And....just to be hypocritical. I WILL take TB's FROM events if asked by the person holding them. I am VERY consciencious of TB's and always seek to assist them on their missons. So I trust myself
  16. Um....if a Travel Bug (Green Jeep) *escapes* out of the US -- do we mail it back to Groundspeak? Seriously, I think folks should just move the darn things - end of story. The mission is clearly stated to move from cache to cache. What cache and how is not described or stated -- so cache to cache. US to Europe to Asia to Australia to cache to cache to cache to cache...... The contest is nice and we should be grateful to Jeep for having it in the first place. If they can't or choose not to include the entire planet -- who cares. I am sure they didn't come up with this contest as a way to slap Canadians, Alaskians, Hawaians, and assorted others in the face. If we moan enough maybe all contests and corporate sponsorship will stop -- it's easier to say "no" than "yes" if the voice of complaint is loud enough. Besides -- anyone that REALLY must enter a contest -- go find a "Feep"! That's my response to the contest. (I'm not giving away a Jeep though.... just some stickers, coins, and assorted items. Oh yeah ... the icon. Maybe Groundspeak should just sell the icons for $1 each. -- this way I could finally log an APE cache!
  17. saaaaayyy.... does anyone know what colour baby Osprey's are? Are they blue?
  18. Yeah -- when I said almost I was kinda not serious.... sort of one of those "fleeting" thoughts that you have pass through your head. I always leave coins I have to others.
  19. I like the idea of posting a photo of the peak. However, unless you see the actual Jeep, I say it cannot be logged. It would be cool to e-mail the current holder and ask THEM to post the photi though.
  20. I read your logs after I saw your post. I laughed at the cache log where you found a coin. Congrats on getting it! So someone took the coin from the other cache without saying so? That stinks. That's why I won't run out to the SE side of the lake to check on the unlogged one here. I figure it was taken the same day. Lemon Fresh Dog did a little sleuthing and at the other cache where I was hoping to snag a Geocoin Fairy coin ( I arrived just after 5:00 AM, ugh ) he discovered that an earlier cache actually took the coin. However, the cacher didn't note in either log that the took the coin. He listed other trades, but not for the Geocoin Fairy coin, Yes, it's true -- I e-mailed them and they did admit to having the coin, but no log. Strangely, they did note other trades, but I guess they didn't trade anything worthy of a coin into the cache and didn't wish to admit as much. A "little" sad -- I almost ran out there myself to try and get the second one (which I most certainly would have passed along to another cacher!). It was pretty exciting to see some here in Calgary! That Geocoin Fairy is definately in the good books of this puppy -- I will always treasure the one I found...... I also read Nicolo's find log... haha! The lady must have thought he was possessed!
  21. I like coins that have personal meaning -- trackable? doesn't matter. Number? Doesn't matter. Meeting you, knowing you, liking your design -- priceless!
  22. I'm just trying to figure out when I will have time to do this project. It looks as if I am going to have double the contracts this fall that I thought I would! (good for me, bad for coin projects ) I now know that the interst is in place, so when I can I will get this going.
  23. Oh well ... had to happen eventually. Guardian of the Jeeps has failed. I thought this was a fun idea -- someone took it upon themselves to remove the Yellow and White Jeeps. Strangely, they forgot to note this in the logs It certainly must have been an over-sight on their part. Thank goodness they now have a way to be cool. The contests are over anyways -- so that makes it okay to take Travel Bugs out of circulation -- right.....
  24. WELCOME TO CANADA!!! I found one! I couldn't believe it -- more the the point -- Princess Maddy (my 5 year old daughter) couldn't believe it. Thank you Geocoin Fairy -- may your wings always carry you through clear skies and magical lands. I hope you enjoyed our beautiful weather today and all the wonderful views you must have seen.
  25. Okay! We'll do the first draw for monthly prizes next week. The "Feeps" are starting to get out into the world, but the bundle to Europe still needs to launch (they were sent Express Post to Nova Scotia and are going into Europe via Greece). I've also sent some to Austrailia, but think a few more would be good -- can one of you fine Austrailians PM me an address? That "should" just about get all of them out of my hands and into the wild. For those of you recieveing them, please "grab" them from the archived cache they are currently listed in. This way I know you have them and then can start watching them travel. For those interested, search for "Feep" (no quotes) on the Track a Travel Bug page (advanced search). Asw always -- if you want to release your own -- go ahead, just grab the next number in sequence and off it goes. All "Feeps" are in the contest regardless of who released them. (as long as they are the little green ones, and as long as they are outside the lower 48 states -- although they are certainly welcome to be released and travel there). Oh yes! The prize! This month: a rare Lemon Fresh Dog personal geocoin that is only available for Face2Face gifting, some friends and in caches (not for sale, not for mail).
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