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  1. It would certainly be nice to meet you! Maybe we could even get in some caching together Cool! I'll be the slightly over-wieght, bearded, middle-aged guy with the GPS in my hand.
  2. I might be able to make this one. It depends on some business that I have in California during February, but here's hoping!
  3. VERY nice coins! (I can't remember if I ordered some - guess I'll find out sometime when I check the mail )
  4. We seem to be having some problems in the area. Mactheknife1 *may* be part of the explaination. While I agree that we cannot prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that this person is a thief - the circumstantial evidence is pretty strong against this individual. Personally, I will not release coins in the area (and it used to be such a great area to release coins!). My solution is that everyone in the area that has a coin collection should "fake drop" their collections into caches in the area. This way, all the caches would *appear* to have coins in them, but most would not. At least it would get those targeting coin-ladden caches out for a walk
  5. That would be the Swags - Christmas 2005 coin. A search at cointracking shows 2 availible for trade. I might be tempted to part with mine depending on what you have to trade. I found an extra geobone, I have some red-handed's, some screws, an Ohio trackable (little cardinale on it), Maryland trackable. Plus some other odds and ends. I guess it depends on what you collect. Just PM me if any of the above interest you.
  6. Hello all, I am looking for an older coin which I don't have hte name of. It's a coin with one side showing a Christmas tree being decorated with geocoins! One of the coins being placed on the tree is a "geobone" (my coin). Does anyone know the name of this coin? More to the point, would anyone like to trade for one? I have a nice little pile of older coins (2005 vintage) - which is around the same time-frame this coin came out.
  7. #1, 2 and 3 (I know - big help) I think that #1 stands out the most. The 2-tone on 3 is cool, but almost over-kill (I like simple icons).
  8. Thanks. I ordered some in a frenzy of patrionism. I'd love to see a full-sized Canadian benchmark with a little more detail. I am looking forward to these ones though!
  9. I've lost many coins. When I know they are gone, I pre-pend STOLEN: to their name. So, if the coin is called "Lemon Fresh Dog's Travelling Coin" - it becomes "STOLEN: Lemon Fresh Dog's Travelling Coin". If you want to see how many I have lost, do an advanced search for "STOLEN:" on the Travellers page. Anyhow...sometimes I get all sad and vow never to release any more -- then I sort of get over it. As for missions, clarity, etc. Sorry. No dice. I don't buy it. If something says "Trackable on www.geocaching.com" then the person finding it (being a cacher - new or old) knows where that is. They should visit the site and read the mission of the coin. If that mission is to travel - let it travel. Now. I think that folks will look for any loophole to do what they know is wrong, but which gives them something they want. "I thougth coins weren't travellers" "I thougth they didn't have to move". Maybe I'm just frustrated, but anyone that can download waypoints into a GPSr, use the GPSr to navigate to the location, find a cache, login to a website and record their find, and otherwise operate in the year 2006 - can read a simple paragraph and should know exactly what to do with 99% of the items they find - Travel Bugs, Coins, etc. There are few coins that are vague. I suspect if they went out and paid money for a coin they would figure it out pretty quick.
  10. Ship To: Bill To: Glen Soldan Glen Soldan <OMITTED> Code Name Quantity Price/Ea. Total ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- gc-cp-m-0966 Marine Corps Geocoin 2 $8.98 $17.96 gc-cp-m-0963 Navy Geocoin 2 $8.98 $17.96 gc-cp-m-0964 Army Geocoin 2 $8.98 $17.96 gc-cp-m-0962 Coast Guard Geocoin 2 $8.98 $17.96 Shipping: U.S.P.S. Parcel Post : $6.68 Sales Tax: $0.00 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Total: $78.52 That might be, but it would appear to me that I made the first round. Maybe I will get another chance at the Air Force coins. Their notification does say the 26th, so maybe I will have a chance. Glen Say.....you wouldn't want to share your Social Insurance number by any chance? Just as a heads-up - it's probably a good idea to avoid posting too much personal information in any online forum. There are programs that can "search" or scan public forums and then use the information for ill.
  11. I think that removing the icon from the "quick list" of closest caches is a great idea. I still like the icons for the main page of the cache, stats, etc. -- they are kind of fun.
  12. I've officially crossed the 50% lost marker. Mostlty I get 1-5 moves and then they are gone. This is why my new coin is non-trackable and only left as a gift or for Face-to-faces.
  13. I took a look at the cache. Being so far away - I'll never be in danger It does seem to be in a place that people can get "poked" - I have no idea about fast cars. Should it be removed? Doesn't look like it. However, if I'm ever worried about a cache, I would politely e-mail the owner, outline my experiences, and then (hopefully) the owner would post a short note on the listing saying something to the effect of "watch out for cars, and you may want to avoid bringing children to this cache due to pokey bushes". It *is* a little sad that the OP's sincere concern has ended up as a non-conversation though. (only in my opinion of course - continue the battle as you see fit)
  14. As I tend to come and go here - I ussually just read the post and don't really care who posted it. I take the content for what it is. That stated, there are some folks that seem to be more "like-minded" and I naturally tend to agree with them more and/or respect their posts a little more. Of course, I also respect the posts of people that don't agree with me. As long as their posts are sincere, non-insulting, and otherwise well thought-out. As an example, there was one cacher that I ended-up getting into a bit of a back-and-forth with on a topic unrelated (or vaguely related at best) to geocaching. While I am sure I will never go out and have a beer together, I think that the exchange was, for the most part, respectful and decent. (at least until Jeremy had to come in and separate us )
  15. There are a great variety of cachers and cache types. Personally, I like regular-sized, urban traditionals that I can hunt with my children in tow. I also like hiking, but do not choose destinations based upon caches - I select where I want to go and if the time, availability and inclination exist - I'll cache. I also really like to visit a cache in each new place I visit - it has to be a regular though - because I enjoy moving and creating Travel Bugs. however.....it's not about me. The game should be for a wide-audience and I think the real key is a better explaination of the different types of caches and what they involve. It would be great to have a "new cacher" one-sheet that listed all the various cache types and what they involved. - something iconic and easy to read. Then.... there's the numbers. While I am not sure a rating system is ever going to work, it would be great to have a "cache-type" stat page. I'm absolutely not a numbers person. It would be interesting to see the "mix" that some of the high-number folks have. If micros, regulars, etc were broken out from the main category of "traditional" - it would give a clearer idea of what is really being found. Meanwhile. Maps are your friends. If you see a cache on the top of a summit in the middle of nowhere - I suspect a hike and regular container may be there (do the research). If you see 45 caches in a cement downtown core.....sounds like micros to me. You have to fish where the fish you want are swimming.
  16. Hello there! I have been pretty absent from the forums lately - on the plus side, I am getting MANY contracts for training - in fact, this week I will officially cross the hours I teach in a year....and my year runs July to July - so basically I did 12 months work in six. That's really neither here nor there, but it does explain why I have not been "around". So....I will do THREE drawings for "Feep" winners TODAY! (late) and there will be wonderful prizes to hand out! Coins, Stickers, patches....it's great! The contest has been going VERY well...not a day goes by without at least one Feep being moved or logged. I haven't done an analysis on "missing" Feeps (probably because I did this with my coins and got all sad ... with my coins I have lost 50%+) So stay tuned for more FEEP-fun!
  17. I try to respond to everyone - sadly, I think I probably have missed some folks - so sorry if anyone is on that list. Saying "No thanks" is really easy when all your coins are gone. What's difficult is when the coin being offered is one you really would like ... but all your coins are gone.
  18. I'm back! Hello all -- and sorry for not being here as often as I would like - when it rains it pours and I have gotten contracts for work solidly to the middle of December! - so I am busy, busy, busy. Plus it looks as if I might be writting another book (I write textbooks) - so this leaves little or no time for the little red-handed project (which is a hobby). To this end, I am suspending this project for the foreseeable future. Once I am able to, I will get it rolling again. Of course, the coins will be at COST - not a penny more. And they will be "open order" - which means I will create a window of opportunity for everyone that wants some to order and then mint to the numbers ordered. IF someone really wants, I would be happy to give over the design etc. and you can take over the project (as long as it is a community project and not a for-profit one). Of course, then you could change the part about "Lemon Fresh Dog's ...." to "Little Red-Handed... " or something. Don't worry - when I pick this back up again I will give everyone a fair and significant chance to order what they need.
  19. I've said it before and will say it again -- the problem is the icon. If a travel bug owner had the option to "ghost" the icon - then there would be no easy way to determine if a travel bug or coin was in a cache. A person set on stealing would, at the least, not have a quick way of finding their "target". Imagine if all the houses on your street had a list on the sidewalk listing their contents? It would be theif heaven! Of course, coins and tb's will still get stolen by adults with no ethics, but the removal of the "flag" will go a long way to alleviate this problem.
  20. Oooooookay.....I love this coin.
  21. Hello all, The Tim Horton's Doughnuts and Coffee shop category is now up for peer review. Strangely, it indicated that it was up for review until 10/8/2006 (yesterday???). Hopefully this will still be up for review. (oh... although a Canadian company and most stores are indeed in Canada - they also are in the US and Overseas (hey- they even opened a Tim Horton's in Afgahanistan to support the Canadian troops). There are enough locations to be interesting, not so many that they are everywhere, and they are important to many Canadians (strange, but true: Canadians eat more doughnuts than Americans -- not PER CAPITA! Just more doughnuts)
  22. I think we're talking strictly TB's, no coins. Oh.... I lumped them all together.
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