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  1. Hello all, I thought a neat coin would be one that has a bug carrying a suitcase or wearing a backpack. The slogan could be: "Geocoins are Travel Bugs! - track me at www.geocaching.com" Something like that. I have no time to execute - just time to come up with ideas. Anyone wanting this idea - it is my gift to you.
  2. Here's what I did to one of the missing coins. Took a pair of plyers and held onto the bottom of the coins. Took a hammer and hit the other end over a cement step. Result: A coin that was bent at a 90 degree angle in the middle. Still stolen. Overall - I don't find the missing coins all that depressing. It's annoying. I still put coins in caches - in fact, I will often sneak back to a cache I have already done and drop a coin into it - no note, no log, no activation -- this means no icon and no "followers" running out to grab it. I figure that this will really make for a pleasant surprise for someone - as it will be unexpected! I still think coins are one of the most fun items to place in a cache! In fact, if you check into it, you'll find that a plain, non-trackable coin is very cost effective to produce. Often less than $4 each depending on how many you get made! As a traveller?.....well....I'm a little jaded on using them for that. I still do, but I often realize I am just feeding the greed. If I do activate the coin, I always make sure to ensure it is in a non-eBay format (bent, sratched, etc) Oh - I also use the prefix's COIN: if it's for my collection (I bought or traded for it legit) STOLEN: if it is taken from a cache or not seen/logged in 90 days MISSING: if the cache is muggled, washed away etc This means I can sort my coins by name and quickly see where I stand. Each month, I look at all the coins that have not been logged/moved in 60 days or greater. E-mail holders, visit cache pages to read more recent logs and then mark the coin accordingly. This is probably why my stats are pretty accurate.
  3. Of course it does! Just imagine that I sent you a prize! Anyone else?
  4. Just did my numbers. 200 Trackable items 81 are in my hands (collection) 2 are MISSING (washed away, etc) 41 are STOLEN so... of the 119 that are travelling, I've lost 43. I've also sent out about 12 e-mails to folks that have held ones for longer than 60 days - so potentially this is 55/119. This is pretty poor, but what concerns me more are the new ones I place that go right away - it's wierd. The ones in Europe and Austrailia seem to be the best movers. However, I did lose a couple in Europe recently - which is rarer.
  5. Danoshimano -sorry about the mix up!! We can switch out if you'd like - Sylvan Seekers is the name of a book I've been working on for awhile. The characters on the coins are from that story that I hope to get out eventually. LOL Funny thing is I didnt realize there was a sylvan seekers team until AFTER I got them minted. LOL Well that explains that! I was all confused as the Sylvan Seekers are "local" cachers and I was all dismayed that I didn't get any coins! (not that I don't love them, but I'm sure you can appreciate that there's always something special about coins from people you sort of know (or that have found your caches etc). These are really very nice coins and I love the character.
  6. Isn't there a Geocaching University coin? That sort of fits the bill. I also teach - so I guess that I would be in for something like this if it was cool.
  7. Hey! It's a GIRL's bike .... ewwwwww...
  8. VERY creative, VERY cool!
  9. Yeah well, it falls under my "it's the journey so do whatever you want to my bug - NOT" philosophy Show me where it says to keep a jeep, then I’ll shut up. Yep, you got that right Oh - don't get me wrong. Just because Jeep probably doesn't care do I think it's right to keep a Jeep -- it is WAY wrong. It's just that the owner of the bug normally sends out the request to move it -- and I don't think Jeep is planning on doing this.
  10. I'm 280 (in dog-years) and have a 2 and 5 year old (not in dog-years - in toddler and princess years)
  11. Hmmm... How about some fun? The first person to post in this forum that has moved a "Feep" will win: A GEO car sticker A Lemon Fresh Dog 2006 Black Nickel coin (never sold, only traded face-to-face, and only in caches! ---oooooo!) *something* else cool. Really -- I promise to make it cool. Like a coin or a TB Tag, or something neato. RULE: You MUST have moved a FEEP. Post the FEEP you moved and when you moved it. Hey - if there's a Feep near you - go and quickly move it!
  12. All winners have been notified via e-mail. Some of them are over the pond(s) - which makes sense So hopefully they will wake-up to a pleasant surprize when they find they have won!
  13. Greed is greed. It takes dozens of folks to make a Jeep travel from cache to cache. It takes one to end it. As the Jeeps don't belong to us (they belong to Jeep), I would defer to them to send an e-mail if they see fit. Something tells me they aren't all that concerned about it. In the end, some fool has a toy car. There's actually something pathetically amusing about that.
  14. To me, coins represent part of what I call "the quality caching experience". Whenever I place a cache or trade into a cache - I like to think the next cacher will be a child or someone new or someone nice. So I try to leave/trade something that I would like to find - not some old, broken item or convention toy. I also like travellers. It is fun to see who grabs the traveller and where it goes. Coins really fit the bill on both counts. Of course, it's important to ensure that the item is described as one or the other (trade or travel). Unfortunately, my loss rate on coins is very, very high (released many dozens, lost several dozens - ussually after only a few "hops"). Of course, I still release them -- I also try to leave other items as well. Pins, patches, toys (Polly Pockets and Hot Wheels/Matchbox cars). Anything that is rare, high-quality, and attractive is going to be a target for those that are inflicted with greed. So I pretty much expect my coins to be gone after only a brief journey.
  15. My students helped me pull some winners -- and they are! FLYRFN - for "Feep" 30: Anchorage YanniG - for "Feep" 14: daddo Dragontree - for "Feep" 9: Vegetable Krennman - for "Feep" #32: Sultana What have they won? Each winner has won: A Lemon Fresh Dog Black Nickel 2006 coin! PLUS: winners will randomly recieve one of the following: - A cache sticker + Alaska Coin - A Geocaching patch + Alaska Pin - An unactivated Canine Cacher Version 3 Coin - An unactivated Red Handed Coin Keep playing! I'll try to be more frequent in my draws! Remember - search for "FEEP" in the advanced search under Travel Bugs to see them all. Some of these have travelled BIG miles!!!!! One of them over 30,000! <edit> - I can only inform winners every 15 minutes! It'll take an hour for them all to find out.
  16. Three winner to be announced! Sorry all - I am a contract trainer and over Sept, Oct, Nov I have been in the classroom teaching 40 hours a week - which doesn't seem like much, but when you take preparation, etc into account - it means I am really putting in 60-80 hours a week! Yipes (in a good way though ) At least it looks like I'll be able to create another personal coin soon! Anyhow. The winners will be announced here in the next --- 60 minutes!
  17. A tie-dye coin! THAT would be a hoot! "Take a California Trip - to the great outdoors!" <edit> - you could even "hide" little ammo cans, GPSr's, and other cache items in the paisly art, man. Of course, California is so much more than the 60's, but it's a very artisticly rich area. In fact, I tend to think more "free spirit" when I think California. High-tech rebels, etc, etc. It must be frustrating for folks living in California to always be associated with Hippies and Disneyland -- sort of like us Canadians always being associated with moose and beer.....I mean, it's *true*, but that's not the point.
  18. Ordered 5 of each - I am a big Bookcrossing fan.
  19. I am a complete outsider (not even in the US!) When I think of California, I think of the following: Film Industry Ocean (SCUBA, San Diego, Ocean City) Redwoods Hippies - VW Vans, and "other" symbols of the 60's Spanish Influence That's pretty broad, but it's an outsiders view. If I saw poppies on a Calicoin I'd have to research it! I've had a few amazing trips to California - San Diego is wonderful and I camped on the beach and under the Redwoods in the north part (just before driving the Oregon coast). It would be cool to have a coin in which a cacher is walking past some movie equipment by a ticket booth and into an outdoor scene..... "Geocaching: your "ticket" to the outdoors". Maybe something like "California: Our lame micros in a tree are 1300 years old and 600ft tall!"
  20. One option that works on many coins is to SCAN them rather than photograph them. I've gotten some very nice results.
  21. Arrived today in Calgary, Alberta. Warmed me up to see these! Very, very nice. Now...anyone have a version 2?
  22. Whoa! That's plain rude. I pretty much only drop unactivated coins now. A nice surprize for someone I hope.
  23. Sounds like the Project A.P.E one.
  24. I think the most important thing is to respect their wishes and share the wealth Let me know if I can "help" with that!
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