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  1. They are YOUR coins - so if you want to sell them then you should. No matter what the reason. I only have about 5 coins where the person trading with me has asked that I never sell - so I repect their wishes. Otherwise, if the decision came down to sell my coins or face something more important suffering (family/pet/etc) I would sell. Flame or no flames.
  2. I have packaged and dropped off my mailout! It may be a little tight from Canada to the location south, so here's keeping my fingers crossed for a Christmas arrival. On a very positive note - even though my person has a pretty big collection I was able to get all three coins from their "seeking" list!!!! (I also threw in a special thingamabob for fun) Happy Holidays!!
  3. Fluttershy -- we have a problem. I'm sorry to say that a terrible thing has happened - hopefully we can do something about it As you know - I live in Canada - up north, close to Santa's Workshop. Sometimes things happen and it appears a package -- addressed to YOU has arrived at MY place. How and why? I don't know. Anyhow, it seems to be heavy, oddly-shaped and golden in colour. I need your address my friend. Maybe we can fix his mis-directed package.
  4. Well... I have a couple "special" surprizes for my mission. <edited by reading the initial post -- opps>
  5. I am definately in - my only concern is that being so close to the North Pole, things are very busy here. While I am sure that Santa can give me some time to get to the Post Office today, tomorrow or Saturday (as soon as the mission is given). I am not so sure about the Border Guards. Anyhow - I am in and will send the packages right away and hope for Christmas arrival. As for sending coins - I plan on sending trackables that are unactivated. To be honest, I don't really care what I recieve. If I already have the coin I will just set it out as a traveller, if I do not have the coin I will add it to the "dogpile"
  6. Gee.....I guy can't GIVE coins away! Sadly, I still haven't had anyone claim the "I moved a Feep" prize....and those that released them seem to be quiet about their addresses Almost time for the next draw! - although with winter upon us, it seems I am getting less logs.
  7. My thought exactly! I would definately say that a canoe is probably the tool. I like ocean kayaking and they are really nice for that, but rivers and lakes in a "caching" trip with a 9 year old? - I'd so canoe.
  8. I think I'll buy one of these coins. Just to remind me to never confuse the activity of geocaching with the activities of the geocaching community - linked, but separate.
  9. Well....here's a tough post! I happen to be very fond of THREE coin companies! It's true - I'm a geocoin polygamist! They are: Coins and Pins Oakcoins Landsharkz Not in any order - I like them all. This is based upon coins receieved and coins minted. Coins and Pins - very good quality, early to jump into special geocaching needs (Geobone, Red-Handed) Oakcoins - did the tracking for me for free on a coin I didn't even get made by them! This was in the "early" days and tracking wasn't as "set-up" as it is now - they helped a LOT. I also got my black nickel coins made with them very inexpensively and to a high quality. Landsharkz - very good communication, nice products. They are very helpful and quick to answer questions and offer insight. Sigh....I guess I'll have to create THREE new coins a year now!
  10. It depends on the size of the package: either a green form, or a small packet form is in order. Here's what I did: 1) Went to Post Office and got a few hundred green customs forms 2) Printed a sheet of Avery CLEAR labels with "Game Token: Gift $7 Value Now, all I do is slap on the address, stick a return sticker on the envelope, stick the green form on, stick the clear label on the Green form. There really isn't any extra work (or not much) when shipping across the border. Anytime you send 5+ coins .... then it is more involved because you need to get them weighed.
  11. Ah.....if only we could "hide" in our Traveller item's suitcases....if they had suitcases... Anyhow, My next quesitons! (for fun) 1) Do you release travelling coins? 2) Do you release regualar tagged travellers? 3) What is your experience of both? Distances, loss rates, reactions from folks, etc.... This is an area of the game I really enjoy (I release both and find tags generally travel more, but coins get better reactions personally). I'm interested in others opinions. (part of the reason I ask this is that it seems the geocoin forum is one of the busiest and the travel bug area is actually pretty quiet. Why is that?
  12. I've been giving some thought as to whether trackable coins are worth the extra costs to get minted. In a typical run (100-500 coins), the added cost of tracking and a custom icon runs at $1.50 per coin (with an additional .15 or less per coin for the custom icon). On an item that typically run $4-$6 to produce, this represents approximately a 25% bump in cost. So, the questions I have are: (and I am looking at opinions here, obviously there is no "data" available) 1) How many coins that are produced as trackable do you think are released to travel? 2) Does having the custom icon "attract" cachers (good and bad) to the cache for the coin? 3) Is drilling a hole (or minting with a loop) an effective alternative to allow that attachement of traditional tags? 4) Are non-trackable coins attractive to buyers and collectors? I'll be the first to admit - I kinda like the little icons in my pofile. My dilema is that I am not sure I want to add the expense to my future coins. I've created both trackables (red-handed) and non-trackables (geobones w/loop and my new black nickle ones) - they each have their pluses and minuses and I am interested in the "community" thoughts. Thanks! PS - there is no right/wrong answer here - so please be respectful if someone passionately disagrees with you!
  13. The very best thing that Groundspeak could do to aid in the prevention of coin theft is to provide an "icon" option for the object owner. When activating the object (coin/bug) they could offer a drop-down choice: 1) Custom icon (the one associated with the item) 2) Standard TB Icon 3) Stealth (no icon) The object would still exist and generate custom icons in the finder profile etc, it's just that the icon associated with the object in cache placement would be owner selected. Personally, with all the theft of coins - their use as a true traveller is limited. To this end, making trackable coins is somewhat of a fools game. The tags are a much better choice. If you really want a coin to travel - drill a hole in it and attach a regular TB Tag (at least it may help and doesn't generate the "red flag" icon in the quick searches. As for our "friend" Mactheknife - what is the status of their account/login/etc. I cannot seem to find them in the membership database anymore. Does this mean we can expect a new name to appear? Given that a geocoin is worth less than $10-$30, I would not want to bother the police with charging anyone - they are more likely to be concerned that we are leaving containers in public lands. (that would be "littering" in many by-laws!)
  14. I'll be in Victoria on the 21st-31st -- you might get that chance real soon!
  15. Anyone? If you launched a "Feep" then I need the address to send the "gift" to. There are only a few folks, so please let me know.
  16. Lemon Fresh Dog's Coin Cache and Post Office did well for a few months. It was a members-only cache - so at least I had the log files of everyone that looked at it -still, the coins were stolen and then, a few months later the entire cache.
  17. I had to provide my username and password to post this - not a problem using it there. It's great to see that geocaching can provide some events that give back to the community such as this, CITO events, etc. I do not think this is a thin-leading-wedge. For obvious reasons, Groundspeak must control and sanction which events they choose to promote. It is nice to see some charity work happening here.
  18. Great.....NOW what am I going to do? Does anyone know anyone that actually found and moved a Feep? Tell them about this great contest! All they have to have done is find, then move a Feep. That said - I REALLY appreciate everyone that launched their own Feep .... so.... you all get one of my coins! Send the e-mails w/address and a coin will be shipped. (only one per cacher please - even if you launched a bunch of Feeps) <edit> -- oh - I also need the name(s) of the Feeps you launched - they all should start with "Feep: <name>" Thanks very much - BTW, all the Feeps are "in" the contest - so they all are part of the drawings that I do - not just mine.
  19. We have a local cacher that is a RN and has spoken of maybe creating a coin one day. Hopefully soon!
  20. My initial post was sort of a "if I bought one of every coin every month, how much would I spend" thing I thought that to "keep up" I would be in for about 50-60 coins a month - and it seems that is about correct. Personally, I don't think that there is such a thing as too many coins. Why? I think that more coins, more varieties and more themes will make them a little more of a "cache" item. Finding one will become more of a frequent event and maybe, just maybe, it will be more interesting to move them, collect the icon and maybe place it on your watch list. I'm not so sure I would want to go for as many as 50 coins a month though -- maybe 5-10? However, when there are Crake coins, Tiki coins, and so many nice ones coming out! My biggest challenge at the moment is to do something "meaningful" with the coins I have traded or purchased and wish to keep. At the moment, they are just in two big boxes - the trackables and the personals. I thought about albums - but then they also seem kind of "buried". My new plan is to take 10 coins every day and place them on my desk. Look at them, enjoy them and rotate throught them all. Hopefully I can steal some ideas for showing them off when/if I make the big event! Anyhow - it seems 50-60 a month is about right.
  21. <edit> came to the party too late
  22. I was just wondering what folks would "guess-ti-mate" are the number of coins produced each month. Not raw numbers, but varieties. (so 500 of a single design would count as a 1) I have no idea! I would guess that each mint does about 10 different coins per month - which means somewhere around 50 or so? How about all the "hard-core" collectors out there? How many different coins do you see in a typical month?
  23. Nope, I designed it several months ago. I'll try and find the thread. I meant the first one - now I see there are two! Sheesh!
  24. Whoa .... now THAT was fast Okay....so my idea wasn't all that new. I guess with 5000 different coins out there I should have expected this!
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