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  1. Oh my....what a thread! Here's my 2 cents: 1) I have no problem with a mint taking 1-3 copies for the following: archive copy, tradeshow copy - this seems a reasonable way to track work and show specifics of their production ability on a controlled basis 2) I DO have a problem with my design/coin being used as a mailout sample - mint or broker - once they leave these locations they cannot be controlled and become a rarity/unique item that may have value. This is an UNcontrolled use. - If there is a need to demonstrate production ability (mint or broker) then use their OWN design(s). In fact, this is a BETTER way of demonstrating their ability as they can show specific features in metal type, images, etc. Sorry. 5 copies to each of three "partners" to do what they see fit with (such as trading - which done for cash or coins is still done for the purpose of gain) is not a practice which I feel is ethical or defensible. Especially if not explicitely stated and arranged in advance. Compounded by the fact that the coins are in a different variety than the original is also a concern. While I try to understand both sides to everything - I cannot understand what thought process legitimizes the taking of someones design that they paid to produce and not executing their instructions to the letter (mint 500 of this design - not mint 500 of this design trackable and 15 of this design for limited distribution). In fact, telling the public that purchased the coin that they are buying a coin which is within a limited series of 500 trackable coins and then having it revealed that a rarer, non-trackable version exists is a little questionable. If a reserve is held for refunds, exchanges, etc - then this reserve must be destroyed following a reasonable time-frame.
  2. You know....someone should paint a bunch of Ammo Cans with a coin on the sides and sell them as "Geocoin Transport Units"
  3. I like non-trackables. They seem like more of a signature item to me.
  4. I am totally and shamelessly stealing this idea for my next micro. With proper attribution, of course. -eP Consider it my gift to you for coming out today New topic - "Lame Member-Only Caches" ....no....no.....nooooooO!
  5. Really? I dare you to use any of the following phrases in a thread topic: 'All caches need Express permission' 'Micros are Lame' 'XXXXX caches should not be allowed' 'Jeremy owes me an apology' 'Bring back LCs' haha! You are very correct. Here's another: Cheaters should be XXXXX Rules for XXXXX Who has the most finds? Numbers Don't Matter.... Hahaha....oh man ... this list could go ON
  6. That's good to hear. I'll have to check it out. I haven't used Parallels for a little while (no other need for windows), so I hope the fix does the job. THEN I CAN FINALLY TOSS OUT THE WINDOZE PC!!! It's good. You just need to update Parallels to the most recent version (well...the version from November, but you might as well get the most recent). I sync my PocketPC, GPS, and use USB Hard Drives. Oh....and one more thing You can create a shared folder in Parallels that saves to your Mac Hard drive. So.... if you save from Windows to this shared folder on the Mac, you can "flip" to OSX and "pick it up". This is GREAT for things like screen shots of the mapping software, data, etc, etc. I do this all the time when I get Pocket Queries in my Mac e-mail. I save it to the folder, open Windows in Parallels, and then grab it and drop it into GSAK (a Windows-only program) In fact, if you run Parallels in windows-mode, it has a screen shot tool included. Then you can import to iLife and have a lot of fun.
  7. As others have said, glad Bonnie will be ok. But I just HAVE to comment on the quote above. It's amazing how things change when it's to pay for vet/family bills. Try selling a Moun10bike coin. Seems with all the threads I've seen, the comment above is not the standard way of thinking. I personally agree with the comment, but there are many people out there who seem to think that even though they sold or traded their coin with someone else, it is still their coin. And Moun10bike is just the first to come to mind, I'm not singling him out, just the first in the mind syndrome. I also have several coins I have traded for where the maker (not owner) asked me not to sell them. I have decided that if I ever need/want to get rid of my coins, I will post a list here first and give first chance to the maker of the coin to request it back. Why post the list here? Well, I can't honestly tell you who all I have had that request from first off, and secondly, email addresses change. I figure this would be the best location to get the makers attention. I hope all turns out for the best for you and your family, but be aware that there are some people out there that will flame you for selling their coin, no matter what the reason One of the things that Moun10Bike does that I really like is that he ACTIVATES the coin that he trades with you. Then, he CLEARLY states that you may move, trade, or keep the coin. This should be standard practice for anyone that prefers their coin not to be sold in the future. Personally, if someone trades a coin with me - then they own the one I sent and I own the one they sent. When it comes to personal coins, I think a courtesy is to contact the person whom the coin is named for and ask them what they prefer. It should be pretty obvious on a personal coin whom it is named after. This is one of the reasons I am not a big fan of selling personal coins when they are minted. In my opinion, they should be a signature item and then you know where it came from (trade with the person themself). I have sold, I think, two personal coins on eBay - in both cases they were coins that were offered for sale to the general public when they were released and I paid cash for them - so I didn't feel any additional steps were required. I am very happy that the sale here raised money for a worthy cause.
  8. Really? I dare you to use any of the following phrases in a thread topic: 'All caches need Express permission' 'Micros are Lame' 'XXXXX caches should not be allowed' 'Jeremy owes me an apology' 'Bring back LCs' haha! You are very correct. Here's another: Cheaters should be XXXXX Rules for XXXXX
  9. My coins get better comments than my Travel Bugs. My Travel Bugs move better than my coins (well...actually coins move better ... for awhile )
  10. Hello all, I use some Intel-Macs as well as a RISC-Mac and tried out GPSBabel - it works, but not as "simply" as somethings like GSAK (which is actually using GPSBabel under the hood). The good news! If you run Parallels on an Intel-Mac, or VirtualPC on an older Mac (RISC-based) - you can install Windows in a Virtual machine and use all the PC-based mapping software. This does mean an expense for the software and the Windows license - but there are many reasons beyond caching why you may wish to have this set-up. It's nice to have a single computer that does it all. Above, it was mentioned that there was a USB problem with Parallels - this has been fixed and I use it to communicate with my Garmin 60CS, PocketPC, etc, etc. So there is no reason you cannot have it all! In fact, on the Mac, you can even run many UNIX programs and there are some programs that are fun like FreeFall - a satellite simulator (which won't help with caching, but is really cool). So.... 1) Intel Mac 2) Install Parallels 3) Install a Virtual Machine (Windows XP SP2) 4) Install GSAK, Mapping Software etc 5) have fun! OR.... 1) RISC Mac 2) Install VirtualPC 3) Install a Virtual Machine (Windows XP SP2) 4) Install GSAK 5) have fun! I look forward to seeing what will be programed for the new iPhone. This device runs OSX - so "theoretically" if someone programs caching/mapping utilities for this device, they are not far from being able to run on the desktop verision of OSX. Given there is a GPS built-in to the iPhone (I think) and the fact that Apple has partnered with Google and has mapping in the phone - I think we can expect some very cool things when it comes to OSX and GPS/Mapping. THAT will be very, very cool for so many reasons. Other than that - there are several mapping/GPS widgets for OSX that may be of interest - you can Google them. (for Windows users - Widgets are what Gizmos were "based" upon ) - haha - you'd never know from this post that I treach Microsoft for a living would you?
  11. We won't forget you Just don't forget about buying a Premier Membership when you can - the benefits are really worth it!
  12. Thank you for your kind words. I try to contribute to the community and appreciate that you recognize that I leave regular caches out. In fact, I teach a Geocaching course for the local Parks Department to introduce families to the hobby and during that event we create 6-8 "open" caches. I'm not so sure I would agree with the concept of PM caches harming the hobby. This could be said of many cache types (I'm not really a huge Micro cache fan), but it's not supported by any evidence. In fact, one *could* argue that creating an incentive for folks to contribute financially to this site is doing the opposite - it is generating revenue for operations which helps the hobby grow and keep up with growth. My personal opinion is that the only caches that are a detriment to the hobby are those full of poor items, in risky locations (without warning), and/or in poor taste to the general public. It is these types of caches that make the experience of caching less appealing to those trying it out and thinking about making it a hobby. Generally, any cache I make a PM cache will contain "better" trade items and be in a "premier" location. This is because my audience profile is going to be more sophisticated (generalization) and because of reasons mentioned above related to trading. I've had several "open" caches raided for trade items after only a short period of time. Once bitten, twice shy. On a funny (and slightly sarcastic) side-note: Have you ever noticed there aren't many Member-Only Micros?
  13. YES! It does! So you are the winner! (I have been away and am just back at it)... I have several packages to mail out and will do the December draw as well.
  14. [upload an image for this log] April 12, 2005 by Lemon Fresh Dog (110 found) Well....thought I would try again. This time I came at it from the top -- which would have been okay until I came aross some ancient fence -- which also would have been okay if my dog Ruby wasn't in tow. So, I have to convince Ruby that she is still a puppy (70lb huskyX puppy) and lift her over the fence. That goes okay -- she's just excited because the last time we looked she found some dead thing and ate it. This time I see garbage and bones -- no dead things (I wouldn't have been surprised to see a hand sticking out of the ground) It was getting darker and we returned to an all to familiar place. Evidence of my last visit remained. As I search the base of trees, I will leave a stick against the tree to indicate that the search was completed. This time, however, I am armed with the knowledge gained from looking at the photo gallery -- so why can't I find it???? I've decided to wait on this one and add it to my watch list. No more looking until someone else posts a find. [view/edit logs/images on a separate page] [upload an image for this log] April 12, 2005 by Lemon Fresh Dog (110 found) Great! Now I see that it has been found recently -- okay -- tomorrow -- I'm getting this one tomorrow..... [view/edit logs/images on a separate page] April 14, 2005 by Lemon Fresh Dog (110 found) Ha-HA! Found it at last! Not only did I find the cache while walking Ruby, not only did I approach the cache from the correct path, but I have discovered the new, patented, LFD cache-o-matic method of finding caches!!!! Do you look for logs in a pattern inconsistent with deadfall? -- nope Do you look into the rotting holes in trees -- nope Do you look under logs, into stumps, or behind a rock which is mysteriously standing upright between two other rocks? - nope, nope, nope! You look for the other geocachers! As I approached the cache, I heard voices. Thinking to myself "great...some kids are drinking here and I'll have to come back another day" -- I looked at two gentlemen with an ice-cream bucket. Now....this isn't to say that kids today might not like a little ice-cream with their booze, but I know that most kids that are hiding in the woods to drink would probably choose a far more exotic flavour than the one these two where holding the container for. It's true. How many adults do YOU know that actually drink peach this, strawberry that, pina whatchamacallit.... Once you have gotten a little tipsey on any sort of sweet drink you simply stop for the remainder of your life. Don't believe me? Try drinking a bottle of apricot brandy some night..... I digress. So... I yell up "Hey....you guys geocaching!" -- I figure they will either yell back "go away freak!" or "yes" or maybe both. Turns out they WERE geocaching and had found the cache. So I said hello and gave them each a Calgary Geocaching Coin, because they were unaware of our dynamic little community and the wonderful resources that we have on our forum and in our geocaching commeraderie. In some ways I am very happy, but in some ways I am also a little sad. This was my third attempt at this cache.... I figured that tonight I would get it for sure on my own (I must say, the coordinates of N51 03.114 W114 07.940 were bang-on. My GSPr gave the same results +/- 17m at the cache site though) Therefore, I somehow feel I didn't *earn* it as much. But to heck with that! I'm logging it. I mean .... it's been found by everyone else BUT me..... even XRN95 and J2D2 somehow managed to stumble over it <--- that's a joke by the way! It's logged. Onward! [view/edit logs/images on a separate page]
  15. I make no excuses. My PMOC's exclude those that don't pay. It's really simple. No pay - no PMOC from me! (or anyone else for that matter) However, that is my decision to make. The point is: to take away my right to make this decision is limiting my freedom. As I pay for this right, I like it - so please don't take it away. I do not take away any of your freedoms. You are free to pay or you are free to find non-PMOC caches (of which there are many, many, many) Meanwhile, I also place non-MOC caches, and I also convert MOC to non-MOC caches once I have allowed the VIP's to find them. This is because I think that it helps others enjoy the hobby as well and promotes geocaching to a wider audience. Who are the VIP's - the folks that pay, of course! They contribute financially and they get some benefits. This is the nature of the game and I certainly respect that fact that you want all caches to be free for all to view and seek. I don't. Given that I am placing the cache - shouldn't that be my decision? Oh ... and this is not placing a value decision on you. You are a fine and worthy human that I respect and value. Thank you for placing the caches you do.
  16. I try ... really I do. However, my Blog is WAY out of date. Here it is - maybe I'll actually start writing it again some day. Adventures in Geocaching
  17. The objective difficulty doesn't look too bad, but I understand that the reason Vinny likes to know about upcoming attempts is in order to man the machine-gun emplacement across the river. I believe one of the pictures shows a pedestal-mounted Browning Automatic Rifle, though the caption suggested that it was a coin-operated telescope. Riiiight. Those caches you linked look like real challenges, but part of the reason they're so lonely is their relative isolation. That's sort of what I was thinking about. Is isolation a measre of difficulty? The cache listed here is "in you face" difficult. The ones I listed are more "expedition" difficult. Both have merits of course!
  18. First - thank you for your non-premium-membership buying commitment. Placing caches is a decent and honorable thing to do and makes this game better for everyone. It does not make you better or worse than anyone. It does help the game and make it more fun for a broader audience. Second - Based upon your contributions, you are definately worthy to seek all non-MOC caches. To earn the ability to seek MOC caches, you must pay a small fee for this feature and many others. Some think this is a good value and some don't. You are certainly free to make the choice to pay or not. The basics of caching are defined by Groundspeak on this site. Therefore, MOC are part of the game as they define it. Maybe they make a little money off it - so what? Personally, I place MOC caches for the sake of "filtering" those that can find my caches. It's a very crude filter, but it does tend to separate those that are more commited from those that are casual. Why do I do this? On the hope that more "committed" cachers will trade more fairly, re-hide better, complete more interesting log entries. That stated: there are MANY commited cachers that are not Premium Members and there are many Premium Members that behave poorly in their caching manners. Like I said -- it's a crude filter. Please do not take any Member-only cachers as a value judgement on who you are. They are a decision made by the cache placer. Personally, you may exclude me from any and all of the caches you place by any of the following methods: don't list, hide a micro, hide in an area I choose not to visit, etc, etc. There is a wide enough and diverse enough "inventory" of caches that everyone should be able to carve out a few fun days of caching each month. I'm sorry if I choose not to share my caches with folks that choose not to support the site. Really though... isn't that my freedom of choice?
  19. I tend to agree with folks that post intelligent, meaningful comments that support my views That said - I have only ever had one "argument" on the forums - and that was when I was young and the topic went Waaaaaaay down the garden path....oh....and I was called a troll. Otherwise, I actually tend to agree with most folks - which is odd, because it means I agree with folks that have differing opinions - I just don't share their opinions.
  20. As a finder of this cache “PUC13” this it by far the most difficult cache I have done, and "one" of the most difficult caches I have ever seen. I am sure there are caches out there that are harder to retrieve then this one, but if I had to guess I would place this one somewhere in the top 1% of caches as far as being extremely inaccessible. Now if I where a skilled rock climber or could afford other specialized equipment, I might think this cache was easier. I guess difficulty is really in the perception of the finders. I agree - it looks like a tough one! Is it "Top 5"? I think you are correct in placing it in the top 1% I haven't done this, but if you take the 100 nearest caches to it, I bet they are all easier.
  21. Premium Member Only caches are caches that the cache owner has placed and restricted to Premium Members - end of story. There are MANY threads that argue the virtues and non-virtues of them. (as there are threads on micros, nanos, containers, etc, etc). I think this thread was about whether the cache placed by the Original Poster (OP) was one of the most difficult in North America.
  22. While I haven't read this entire thread - I'll go back to the original comments about this being one of the most difficult caches in North America. I wonder? The technical climbing seems to be rather challeging and never having climbed a bridge pillar myself I cannot imagine what the difficulty rating on the climb itself would be. (you mentioned an overhang) As for extremest of the extreme? I wonder if this would be some of the caches that require multi-day hikes? Scuba? or activities such as splunking or even climbing (with harder rated climbs on natural rock). There's one cache I am thinking of that I will try to post the listing for in a moment. Anyone else? What are the most difficult caches in North America? Also, what determines the the "difficulty" of a cache (which is more important) terrain or find/concel? Neat cache though! Here's the one I was thinking of. It doesn't seem difficult in some respects, but it's very remote and it seems to have lasted several years without any finds -- or even attempted finds? Does that make it an "extreme" cache? Sea Cave or On top of a mountain
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