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  1. Awesome! I thought it would be too cold for the bunny to come up to Calgary - but sure enough, I went to find an earth cache which happened to be near one of my own caches that I thought I would re-stock. Well it appears someone ELSE decided to stock it -- with a hop-hop-along Bunny Egg!!!!! THANKS!
  2. Oh....by-the-way, I've decided to double the amount of coins - we'll draw for 20 instead of 10. Actually, I'll throw in 5 of my super-rare coins (really only for face-to-face, caches, and the like) - so that'll make 25 winners! I'll get to this tonight or tomorrow and then post.
  3. Cool! I'll announce the winners shortly!
  4. Sell them. They are yours. If folks traded with you then they recieved something they value in trade. I personally have no problem selling any coins that I paid for (commercial coins). As for personal coins, I would offer the person whos personal coin it was the option of "un-trading" if they wish. This would be a courtesy. I have some "trade-only" coins for face-to-face and caches. If someone ends up with one they don't want, then they can further trade it or even sell it. Once it is out of my hands it is out of my hands. I rarely have duplicates of personal coins - if I find a coin I have I just leave it in the cache and I don't trade for extras. As for "super-rare" coins that are created in "special" ways by "special" commitees....... I think the are "special"
  5. Please send me your address -- you know why!
  6. This one hurts. I'm a huge fan of native art and the raven in particular. One of my favourite stories is "Raven Steals the Light" and the image here is a very nice example. It reminds me of some of the Bill Reid works. Bill Reid However, I also have a couple coins that are only face-to-face and understand why you are doing this. However, IF someone DOES get an extra copy of this one - I am very interested.
  7. haha! that is one big "hamburger". I'm pretty casual as to what counts as a "kid" here. The main goal of the "contest" is to get younger folks out caching and promote the idea of family getting outdoors to enjoy a fun activitiy. So, if someone posted a family photo and the "kids" were a little older, I'm fine with that - as long as it's evident that the family aspect is involved. So please feel free to consider this when posting photos. Even though the "kid" above is a little older - I still really enjoyed the photos - so it's in the contest for sure!
  8. Great posts! I'm throwing in some more coins! At the end of the month, let's draw 15 winners!
  9. You can post as many times as you like! However, only one entry per cacher will be placed in the drawing. (to be fair). I guess I should also post "Princess Maddie" here as well. "Earthcache Kid" has also been caching, but I don't have the photos handy at the moment. This is us getting ready to place some caches - I think we hid somewhere around 8 that day.
  10. I think we should also count how large the post is. Small posts should be a percentage of a real post and micro caches should not count for anything.
  11. This is really awesome guys! Keep those photos coming! Every photo has something I love -- a SMILE! Just so everyone knows - the drawing will be random. There is no way I am going to pick one child over another!!!!! haha! So, enter away!
  12. Hello all - at the risk of cross-posting, there is a contest to win a geocoin here. in the geocoin forums. I just want everyone interested to have a chance to win.
  13. Hello all, As some of you may know (and some not), the Alberta Geocachers have a lovely Wild Rose coin which was created to promote geocaching and the enjoyment it offers. The production and sale of this coin resulted in some coins being given to the group in order to give them away!!!! whoo-hoo! So! Here is the deal. Take a Kid out Caching. Post photos here of families enjoying the wonderful hobby of geocaching. At the end of the month, we will RANDOMLY draw out 10 posts (those that have photos) and give away 10 Wild Rose Alberta coins. Have fun!
  14. How about the simple: "Here" - side A "Not Here" - side B
  15. Now would be a good time for a shotglass photo....anyone?
  16. Okay - I'm back. I think I'll create a new coin called "Forum Ghost" coin - for folks that have done GeoCide and come back. One side will have Death and the other a Zombie.
  17. Okay folks.... this to too much. I am sick of threads like this one. I think I'll come back when things are more to my liking around here. Cya! Have fun without me.
  18. Some coins are more popular because they party with geocachers when they should be at home studying.... some of these coins will drink, smoke, and behave very badly...' These "popular" coins often end-up scratched or in collections with too many micro coins. It's a shame. What a good geocoin will do is concentrate not so much on being popular, but on being meaningful. Have a story to tell. Maybe most important of all - this coin should be something that means something very, very much to a special cacher. The cacher and the coin will have a special bond because the coin will remind everyone of the cacher and the cacher will think of the coin as their very own. yes....you can have your "popular" coin. I rather have a special coin of my own....
  19. oooo.....someone else that knows Scrooge!!! I am a HUGE Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge fan (I am NOT a Disney fan - I am a DUCK fan). In fact, completely unrelated - I just fulfilled a life-long dream and bought an Uncle Scrooge #1 comic book in beautiful condition.... Okay! It is done!!! This thread will now lead to another..... Anyhow -- back to your regularly scheduled thread.... I have been playing with the idea of taking one of my coins each day and writing a BLOG entry about it. Sort of make my collection come alive a little more. (how can you tell I used to work in a Museum Collections department - everything in order, everything documented.)
  20. This may seem odd to some of you. My geocoins are stored in two containers. A tin lunchbox I got from some computer convention and a tupperwear container. Tonight, I sat down and took each coin, one-by-one, and looked at it. I thought back to when I got it, whom I got it from, and reflected on the design and the memory. Try it! It was a blast!
  21. But you can still put the Yime in the Coke! yipes! there be dragon's in those words! I'm not sure if others know this, but the Yime's actually have infinite Yime-o-y powers. Strangely, for some reason whenever I make a tea or have some water, I just dunk that Yime and my beverage is delicious!
  22. Ah-ha! I went and read the original post again. I see the edit that the coin was advertised as event-only. That's that then. Event-only is a very short, clear phrase. eBay is not the event....no selling there! I have a better solution It involves what geocoins have always meant to me - they are signature items. However, we are so far beyond this. "You can't put the juice back in the orange"
  23. The key thing to remember is that this is a community. 1)Some folks will like/agree with what/who you are. 2)Some folks will respectfully disagree. 3)Some folks will disrespectfully disagee. However, it is this last group that is in the minority. If there are actions you took that embarrassed you (I do not know the thread you refer to), then taking a break to re-assess how you wish to participate in this coin-craze is not a bad idea. If someone just made you feel bad and you are still happy with your involvement and actions - then consider some of the posts above - there are folks that have enjoyed your participation. Just some thoughts for you to mull over.
  24. The portion of my post that you quoted is out of context. If you read my entire post, then you will see that I suggest that verbage be used to *clearly* designate the coin as exclusive or commemorative. (that's the part you failed to quote). What I am suggesting in the portion of the post you did quote is that a disposal method should exist and we should not be so blinded as to make someone suffer financially for having created a coin for an event. So... IF all the participants at the event EVENLY pay for all the coins consumed - then remainders should be destroyed, defaced, and otherwise not made available. Let's say minting was $500 and 50 people show up. I think each pays $10 and the rest are destroyed (or evenly given to those attending/paying - so they can trade them - no...that's not fair...they have to keep them... no they have to DESTROY them!) IF, on the other hand, someone is left holding a surplus of coins and a deficit of cash - then, I for one, have no issue with them selling what they need to recoup costs. Some people might. I just don't care if someone sells coins to get their money back. Why is it important for an event coin to only be available at an event? Mostly so that those attending can be part of an exclusive ownership club and get bragging rights that they have the coin because they were there. That's fine. It's childish, but that's fine. I mean - you were there. Isn't that enough? What is the point of having a coin to prove it? This is the path of special metals, super XLE, Ultra-rare, coins. In my opinion it is a joke and has nothing to do with caching - it's collecting. Personally, I collect geocoins, not geocoin collectible editions. I rather have the personal coin of a cacher that cost $4 to mint than a super-ultra, exclusive, event-only, limited edition, friend of the organizer, special metal, trackable, custom-icon, super deluxe, professionally designed, ho-ha coin. I think the most important thing is to manage expectations. If you say the coin is only available at the event and will never be sold outside of the event - then you are obligated to honour that statement. Be careful - in this case, if you do not re-coup your funds you are still obligated to honour your statement and not release any outside the event. If you say there will be a special event coin for attendees. Then you are obligated to honour that. You are not saying that it is exclusive and I think most reasonable folks don't expect unpaid volunteers holding a free event to have to get stuck with a bill and destroy the extras. In the end - your event coin is still special folks....really ... it is. Just because someone else had one, don't feel all sad and blue. Everytime you look at your coin you can have found memories. It is the perception and the reality of coin scarcity that creates coin theft in the first place. This is the problem with the commercialization of coins. As soon as money is involved everyone gets their buns in a knot. Hope that clarifies my thoughts.
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