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  1. I keep searching my children's rooms for geobones When they came in, the kids grabbed a bunch and they've been known to show-up behind dressers, inside old toys and such. If they get any more valuable, I'm taking the metal detector in!
  2. What makes a coin stand out is making it personal. In the end, it seems the highest "value" coins on the secondary market are the ones that are really personal to the cacher and not the ones that are too "fancy"
  3. It's been a while since I've seen one on eBay too, but it's one of the coins I watch for. I finally figured the only way I'd get one was there, so I picked up a silver one a while back (and it might be the most I've ever pair for a coin), and I'm still watching in hopes of some day getting a gold. My interest is that it and the Groundspeak Mystery coins are two of the few old Canada coins I still don't have. I would agree with what was said before that prices for old coins aren't what they were (though it varies). It's been my impression that being trackable has become more of a factor for buyers on eBay, which may be part of the reason. Recently I saw someone liquidate a bunch of their non-trackables, and I was surprised how low some of them went for. Unfortunately I was away the weekend the auctions ended, otherwise I might have picked some of them up. I'm very sorry you had to buy one on eBay - I would have loved to have given you one They are rare - even to me!
  4. I'd say there is a "market" for collectibles (such as geocoins and Picasso paintings), but it's a volatile one! I collect comics and stamps - which are traditional collectible markets with items showing historical sales. Often (in the case of comics I collect at least) there are less than 10 or so copies known to exist, so the market is small without much movement - yet it is possible to predict a ballpark of what certain items will sell for. My level of geocoin speculation is pretty low though. In fact, I'd be a bad investor if geocoins were the measuring stick. I give them away most of the time, trade some, and cache a bunch too. So most of my "gains" are pretty non-tangible (I like to think that karma will take care of me - and indeed, just the other day I was gifted a set of 4 coins that I never expected - even better, they were personal coins from the person themselves and with a very specific and cool meaning! - whoo hoo. I would agree that as a traditional market goes, I wouldn't want to use geocoins as an investment vehicle.
  5. It used to be funny to see my Geobones go for big bucks on eBay - I haven't even seen one for sale in awhile (haven't really looked though) I'm not sure if the appeal was being the first shaped coin (to my knowledge, the peach came out about a month later and there were square ones prior) or if it was the fact that it could be used for defense because of its weight! To answer the question posed, re: are coins going for the same now as they did before? I added-up all my coins about a year ago and I added them up today. I haven't collected many for about a year when coins got a little....silly. Anyhow - they came out to the same price! Zero then, Zero now. My coins just aren't for sale. Each one I bought, or more likely traded for, has too much personal meaning to me. The minute you even *think* they have value in the *real* world, it becomes a little dangerous. So I keep them all valued at zero. I do wonder if a new version of a coin makes the old one more valuable .... I wonder... I wonder...
  6. Okay geocoin fanatics - go check the cache. I dropped three coins in there for you. They are all yours to trade for and keep.
  7. It's nice to be remembered! Sadly, I have not been able to do much caching - for a positive reason! I have been a dutiful father to my 2 year-old son. He's an "active" child to say the least - so expeditions were not really an option - however, it seems the "terrible two's" are now a thing of the past - so I am looking forward to doing some caching this spring and summer. The cache I was hunting for the past couple hours seems to be AWOL. I made it to the location where the cache should have been, but there was an alley involved and in the alley were some "street business men" - they looked a little dicey - so I opted for safety and will try again. If any cachers see a lost looking guy with a GPS and a camera bag wandering 16th st/ave mall in Denver - that's me!
  8. Hello Denver collectors. I am in town for a conference and brought a half dozen coins along. I'm going to head out and try to find the downtown cache that seems to be the only traditional near the Adam's Mark hotel (where I am staying). If I find the cache, I'll try to place a couple coins in it every day Mon, Tues, Weds. If I do NOT find the cache, then I'll try to place the coins somewhere and post the coords here. (oh - these coins are just giveme coins. Trade something into the cache, but they are not travellers. One of them is trackable, but it's not activated so you can keep it or cache it)
  9. I've had the opportunity to teach to families for my city parks department. One thing that worked well were the "labs" 1) Give groups empty containers, stickers, logbook, pencil, cache items 2) Have them build the caches, name them, etc. 3) Send them out to hide them and return with the coordinates 4) post the coordinates and have the other groups find them 5) at the end, collect the caches, debrief and then... hide and submit the caches in the "official" way using the names from the group. Using fake caches will prevent folks from showing them to friends and family and prevent muggling. Submitting them under the name they selected will invite them to create an account and look for "their" cache once it is in a new location and "official" This seemed to work okay. I did have a lot of kids in the class - so that was a factor in worrying about muggling.
  10. Here's a way to deal with it: 1) Create a caching handle called "NewColumbus" 2) Go to the cache, take it 3) Post a "find" log stating that you are new to the country and appreciate the "Welcoming Gift Basket"
  11. Comic Collecting and Stamp Collecting -- ouch. Try putting together a collection of Amazing Spider-man 1-100 or collecting the "key" books (1st Batman, 1st Superman, etc, etc) As for stamps. I've reached the point where I can't continue - unless I sell my house!
  12. Just a neat thing that happened today. Every year the Parks Department here in Calgary offers a family geocaching course and asks me to teach it. The Parks Department even has a cache in their Outdoor Resource Center GCX1MA. Anyhow - the cool thing is - it has completely sold out! There are 33 people registered for July 7th to go on a "High-Tech Family Treasure Hunt". It's pretty cool and I am excited it has been so well recieved. If anyone else is also planning on having some "educational" events - let me know. I'd be happy to send my presentation and some ideas (for example, do NOT have them hunt REAL caches - it is better to have them create, plant, and find caches at the seminar and then, if they are interested, they can start "real" caching. - this protects caches) Any ideas you may have are also welcome. Let me know what you would want in a course.
  13. Well! I guess I better post some photos! I took Ruby (the dog of Lemon Fresh Dog) out for a walk. Here are some photos: and another: Also - I made a movie HERE.
  14. How about this. IF a forum moderator will move this to the general topics and leave it open, then I'll make the final draw for..... a geobone! (I found another gold one behind the desk where my goecoin drawer is). I would "open" entries for another week or so - to give everyone time to post some new pictures etc. The last two geobones seem to have sold on eBay for over $100 - so at the very least, the winner could sell it and buy their geo-kid something.
  15. Opps - sorry. It's just one win in total. Which means I may have to turn on my "randomizer" for yet another winner. Let me get the first 30 out first though!
  16. Opps - the 15th winner was Mama Cache
  17. Thanks for the thanks......but mostly - THANKS for the Pictures and THANKS for the patience. Here are the next 15 winners! The 5 Lemon Fresh Dog coins will be random, and the 20 Wildrose coins will be the rest. (total of 25) original winners (in case you forgot): Western_Mass_Clan delta123 ParentsofSAM fraygirls GBOTS The Walkabouts Wij Drie manchanegra jamrasc Kiwi Nomad Next 15 alimelacy pengo family danoshimano Lost Puppy Never Lost In Him Team GC Hound is91 BlueLineFind DresselDragons Stickerooni Cainrcc Clan Riffster Windrose Delta123 Anyone not on the list? Well..... the NEXT Five posts with pictures of a kid caching will win a Lemon Fresh Dog personal coin (a coin that is ONLY for face-to-face and gift giving). Please make sure to send me your address. I will compile my envelopes this week and contact anyone that has not contacted me. Thank you again for your patience - I have been super-busy (which is a good thing in my case) and neglected my Geo-duties! (haha)
  18. Okay....I am feeling so bad I actually had a dream about this thread last night!!!!! Good news - I have NO classes next week, my marking is all done, I have NOTHING to do but announce winners and mail packages! Whoo - hooo!
  19. Okay all! The world is now safe for Cisco Routers, ITIL, and Sharepoint!!!!! Next week is coin mail-out fest and the last of the winners! Sorry for the delay - I have to put that crazy thing called a job on the front burner when it comes to the students. One day I'll get a day off!!!!
  20. I carry: GPS - Gamin 60Cx Dell Axim50V Pocket PC (or the Toshiba 755) Digital Camera (an older 5mp Minolta DiImage 7i) Cell Phone Cash, ID, etc. Coins and Toys for trades Binoculars (sometimes) Bag for trash (CITO!) I won't comment on weapons while caching - it got real ugly the last time I went there.... (I'm not a big fan of guns and tend to be more concerned about getting hurt by a gun than a wild animal) If I am going into the woods - then the kit becomes a little larger - first aid kit, some food, extra clothing, whistle, bear bell, etc.
  21. Yes - there are 15 more to be announced. Sadly, Lemon Fresh Dog has to make the world safe for Cisco Router technicians (in other words, I am training students at the moment). The moment I come up for air I will list the 15 lucky folks! (in fact, I know their post #, but need to look up names)
  22. Wow....I've been a bad. bad dog..... Okay folks, I WILL mail everything out this week and I WILL draw five or six more winners!! Live gets busy - and I apologize for the lack of "feeding" this thread has gotten. I am getting plenty of logs though! (sort of a constant reminder to get my mail out!)
  23. Fantastic! Thanks for taking this project and running with it! I will certainly be purchasing at least 2-3 10packs and placing them in caches! I even have a few of the original red-handed that I haven't placed in caches yet - so now I can set them free as a "family"
  24. First 10 Winners: Western_Mass_Clan delta123 ParentsofSAM fraygirls GBOTS The Walkabouts Wij Drie manchanegra jamrasc Kiwi Nomad please PM me. I need ADDRESS, and SUBJECT LINE: Kids Caching Please do not e-mail me - this will get all lost and I don't want that to happen.
  25. Okay! I went to http://www.random.org/integers/ and generated my random winners. They are......
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