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  1. Easy! In 1979, DONKEY KONG was working for a secret government agency that was seeking to end the Cold War. While in Russia, he didn't have access to any "round" shapes. The Russians hadn't invented the shape "round" Need proof? - look at any Russian cartoon. Anyhow - Tetris is, in fact, the Russian version of DONKEY KONG. The barrels are square and instead of Mario climbing and jumping barrels, the barrels stack-up until Mario is elevated to the place where DONKEY KONG can grab him!!!! Can't see Mario or DONKEY KONG? Of course not! It was a "covert" operation!!!
  2. Next time you play Frogger - look at the far right of the screen where the logs are being launched. See those frightening hands!? Yep. It's our friend DONKEY KONG! He's sending those logs along the river in order to reach the BARREL FACTORY so they can be turned into barrels and made into a REAL video game!
  3. Bah! DONKEY KONG killed the T-Rex and all his friends - it's called EXTINCTION! - look it up! As for guitar hero? Try playing it when someone is throwing barrels at you!
  4. Need I say it? BAH! If you re-arrange the letters of ZORK, turn one side-ways and replace the "R" with a "G" - what do you get? KONG! Ha! to ZORK! Open the mailbox so the DONKEY KONG can throw a barrel into your FACE!
  5. Bah! Bah! Bah! Who do you think CREATED magic? Who is the voice of the talking sword? - DONKEY KONG! Pacman is eating little barrels. 'Nuff said! Astroids? Ha! Those rocks are just left-over reject barrels that DONKEY KONG couldn't use in his own game. and.... who do you think is driving those tanks? right...
  6. Bah! Myst is an island created by the DONKEY KONG in order to confuse you. If you get the the center of MYST island - what do you find? That's right - barrels. In fact, every game since DONKEY KONG has a barrel somewhere in it to pay tribute and avoid getting barrels thrown at the creators. Look for them. Some are invisible, but they are there.
  7. I'm not waiting on the coin - so I'm not sure if I can enter the contest. However, I will NOT miss an opportunity to tell you of the greatest video game of all time - DONKEY KONG! Not the dumb handheld or console versions either - but the true, classic arcade version. The one with the Pie-Factory Level. DONKEY KONG has fear, barrels, love, and jumping. DONKEY KONG is misunderstood, but mean DONKEY KONG started the entire Mario universe and has given us more games and joy than any other character in the world! There is no more famous video game character than Mario - there is no more evolved character than our friend and foe - the DONKEY KONG. Finally - the KONG we understand - where did the DONKEY come from? What is the relationship between an Ape and a Donkey? The barrels? Is there a mastermind donkey that we will only meet in the far future? Is the donkey controlling the KONG? Did the donkey bring the barrels for the KONG? In the end - all other games pale in the shadow of DONKEY KONG. They all want to be DONKEY KONG, but none shall be.
  8. Well.... I discovered a way to get many, many e-mails! Announce a coin! Here I thought things had died down. Anyhow - I thought I might as well do the following and "open" some coins up for folks that I'll probably never get the chance to meet. So here's my plan: 1) I will give away 50 coins. These are to my local caching friends, some friends I have known for awhile, at events, etc. They will be activated under my name, but people can keep them. 2) I will activate 102 of the coins and leave them in caches and use them for face-to-face trades only. 3) I will sell 98 of them to folks from far away and those that want to really, really "own" one. These will be the only ones that are not activated in my name. Remember though. All I have is the sample coin so we are looking at mid-late November for the actual coins. It's a very heavy coin (equal to the original - large breeds only!). I'll set the price at a couple dollars over cost so that folks only grab one or two for themselves and don't try to make a "business" out of buying these coins! Here's the link to a place where you can order a coin if you really, really want your own unactivated one and don't think you'll ever meet me. http://www.snaptechsolutions.com/SNAP/Links.html you need to scroll down to see the coin link.
  9. I haven't been for awhile I used to go to Frankfurt and Heidelberg couple times a year.
  10. Me too, I don't know if we will ever meet face to face. OR MAYBE , you could come over here and place some I'm in Washington state fairly often. It looks like I might be training at a small Redmond company sometime soon
  11. I'm going to hold off on trades until I have them and will strive for Face2Face trades when/where I can.
  12. They will probably be here mid-November. This is the sample, and I'm happy with it, so it's really just a matter of giving the green-light and getting them into production - which I'll be doing this week. I'm going to take a page from the "old school" coin folks and activate them in my name, but leave them all as a "take it or move it" item for when I place them in caches. I haven't seen the custom icon, but a little dog-bone pretty much comes to mind Face2Face trades are always fun - for other folks personal coins. It's my new favourite way to collect. Heck... as anyone who has ever met me can tell you - you don't even need a coin. Meet me and you are likely to get a coin given to you outright. It's just what I do. I'm holding back 100 unactivated ones and trying to decide if I should "make them available" to folks that really have no chance to ever meet me face to face by selling them. I dunno. 250 was the amount I need in order to get a custom icon etc, but it's a few too many for me. I won't place them on the "e" place because I don't want them selling for more than a couple dollars over cost at most. Thoughts?
  13. Well. I suppose the cat will be out of the bag soon enough (and as soon as it is I will chase it around! - woof-woof!) I have a new trackable" coin at long last. Okay - I don't have it, but I have the sample, which means I feel happy to announce it. Hope you like it! I had to go with 250 in order to get tracking, so these should last awhile. I plan to activate 150 of them in my name and then cache them and trade them Face2Face.
  14. Live and let live on this one. If they were micros I'd have a problem However, caches along a trail can be a nice way to slow down and enjoy the trip. Personally, I'd probably not try to find every one of these though.
  15. Here's a happy story.... wait until she meets Signal! http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.as...4f-eca2634d3edc
  16. The drive up through Montana is beyond beautiful. You come through Glacier National Park on the US side and into Waterton National Park on the Canadian side. It's very, very pretty. At this point, I need to figure out if I can get local assistance, and if it makes sense during the time-frame. We certainly have the facilities, the accommodation, the attractions (natural and man-made), infrastructure, and pretty friendly people. At this point, my stumbling block may be getting enough local assistance if the event comes to pass. Stay tuned.
  17. Hello all, I am in the very preliminary stages of considering the submission of a bid for Calgary to host the next geocoinfest event. My biggest concern is around attendance. So my question is simple: Would you travel to Canada (Calgary, Alberta near the Rocky Mountains) for a geocoin event? I'm particularly interested in knowing whether US cachers would attend as they comprise the bulk of the "audience" for such an event. Thanks. Depending on the response here and locally I will decide whether to put the work into a bid or not.
  18. I'm going to seriously consider placing a bid for Calgary, Alberta. However, I do have some concerns as to whether cachers will travel to Canada? So I'll start a separate thread to solicit interest.
  19. Is having the event north of the border in Canada even a remote option? I can see if anyone else around here is interested in bidding, however, I wonder how many cachers would consider a northern journey?
  20. Calgary! There is an EXTENSIVE trail system for biking, hiking, walking, jogging. Many, many parks (and safe too!). Plus, for the hard-core outdoor folks you have the Canadian Rockies nearby. - you can also fish in the river that runs through the city.
  21. Nice! I actually was thinking about glass a geocoin as well, but it appears the idea has been out there for awhile. Looking forward to seeing these.
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