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  1. Kong woud be proud to throw a barrel at my head! He thanks you for buying a coin.
  2. Cool. I wasn't sure how the inventory button would work. BTW - for those you you that noticed the postage doesn't increase if you buy more than one - that's cool. Basically, I the price I'm charging includes postage over the cost to get the coins made. The $1.50 is really to cover PayPal fees. These coins are pretty heavy and cost just over $10 each to make. Add in the supplies and the postage and I think I'll come out even on the ones I am letting be sold. I hope this gives everyone from far away a fair chance. Really - I prefer Face2Face trades, but understand that I'm unlikely to meet some of you in the near future.
  3. Against DONKEY KONG - you don't stand a chance! He will throw a barrel in the face of anyone that disrespects him. Also - I noticed some "World of Warcraft" posts. 1) Congratulations on leaving the World of Warcraft to actually post here - that's an accomplishment in itself! 2) The World of Warcraft is NOTHING compared to the World of Donkey Kong - which is, in fact, a WORLD OF PAIN! You've heard the term - "I'm going to get medieval on you!" DONKEY KONG uses the phrase "I'm going to get pre-evolutionary on you!" - now THAT is pain!
  4. In another thread - I announced my new version of the Geobone. Well.... I discovered a way to get many, many e-mails! Announce a coin! Here I thought things had died down. Anyhow - I thought I might as well do the following and "open" some coins up for folks that I'll probably never get the chance to meet. So here's my plan: 1) I will give away 50 coins. These are to my local caching friends, some friends I have known for awhile, at events, etc. They will be activated under my name, but people can keep them. 2) I will activate 102 of the coins and leave them in caches and use them for face-to-face trades only. 3) I will sell 98 of them to folks from far away and those that want to really, really "own" one. These will be the only ones that are not activated in my name. Remember though. All I have is the sample coin so we are looking at mid-late November for the actual coins. It's a very heavy coin (equal to the original - large breeds only!). I'll set the price at a couple dollars over cost so that folks only grab one or two for themselves and don't try to make a "business" out of buying these coins! Here's the link to a place where you can order a coin if you really, really want your own unactivated one and don't think you'll ever meet me. http://www.snaptechsolutions.com/SNAP/Links.html you need to scroll down to see the coin link.
  5. I set up another thread with the purchase link as it's sort of buried in this one. Looking forward to this one! The final product will have epoxy coating like the original and be a darker metal colour.
  6. For those of you that used my link to purchase a coin - did it come back and tell you how many were left? I've set-up the button to limit the sale to the 98 that I am selling, but I don't know if it lets you know how many are left when you buy one. Did anyone see this info?
  7. Duplicate post. Probably caused by the fact that my love of Donkey Kong exceeds the limit of Groundspeak's SQL Server.
  8. Guten Abend und Willkommen! Mein Name ist LFD, und ich liebe Donkey Kong! I spent much money in Germany on video games - one I remember is one called "Fantasy" where you flew a balloon around and tried to complete a mission. I also was kicked out of an arcade in Heidelberg when I was 14 by a very angry man. Something about needing to be 18. He calmed down when he heard me trying to speak German He realized I was a tourist.
  9. Make sure to post a picture! Dogs wearing geobones bring me great joy!
  10. You haven't heard me play the drums! That would get you on the attack right away! I'm sorry to hear about Cache-in-hand's tortured judgement. I WILL acknowledge that at least Pitfall takes place in a jungle. DONKEY KONG's jungle! In fact: If you look at Pitfall.... you will notice something you may have missed previously. Notice how some vines are long and some vines are short. Why is this? HA! It is because unlike "Frogger" and "Q-Bert" - DONKEY KONG has opposable thumbs! IN YOUR FACE all other anthropomorphic losers! DONKEY KONG can use his hands to use tools, pick-up the phone, drive a car, and .... THROW BARRELS! Ha! and.....and.... BAH! Why are the vines short? DONKEY KONG can use scissors! bwaaa-hahahaha!
  11. I've always thought you were a genius. This proves it! Here's a mushroom for you .... I love them.
  12. I actually often try to connect with local cachers when I travel. I've been a bit of a home body lately, but I've been lucky to meet cachers in San Diego and Minneapolis and other place too! Actually, I've been a *bad* cacher... I sometimes visit caches, drop coins and don't log my visits online. I'm keeping a list and will update my finds one day
  13. One last thing.... Da-da-da-DAA! That's right. I just KILLED anyone that doesn't like DONKEY KONG. Da-da-da-DAA! Da-da-da-DAA! - and no bonus life for YOU!
  14. Well.... if this contest is for anyone waiting on ANY coin then I'm back in it! I'm waiting on 1000 coins shaped like barrels to THROW at ANY-one that doesn't admit DONKEY KONG is the best game in the world. You may try to attack me on a scaffold - I will throw the coin barrels at you! You may try to attack me at a building site - I will throw the coin barrels at you! You may try to attack me at a construction site with elevators -I will throw the coin barrels at you! Finally - you may try to attack me at a pie-factory -I will throw the coin barrels at you! PLUS! I will steal your girlfriend, I will make bees attack you, I will play golf with you and drive some cars around with you too. Then I will play the drums and laugh at you. bah! All games pale in comparison to the mighty DONKEY KONG!
  15. LOL...that's hilarious!....I have a question for you...what did you think the MB stood for? I didn't really think about it. I thought it might be a person's initials or some organizations initials. It as pretty funny when I saw the coin thread showing them. Of course - it proves my point that DONKEY KONG is the greatest game of all-time.
  16. oooooookay. This should get a laugh. I had NO IDEA that the MB in this thread stood for Mario Brothers. What are the chances of me being a Donkey Kong fanatic and not picking up on that? I just saw the other thread showing the coin. Doh!
  17. Little known fact: The "worms" from the worms game actually tried to live inside DONKEY KONG's intestines. However, no matter how tough those worms think they are and no matter how many bombs they make and weapons they have they are too weak to hurt DONKEY KONG.
  18. So I better not wait for the next visit and buy a coin? Done! Thanks for it! btw: a hovawart should be a breed big enough for this bone. No problem! Although I would really like to visit again. My family are all from Germany. Even my sister was born there!
  19. Oh. Sometimes I used to play Qix and Scramble. Only when someone stacked too many quarters on Donkey Kong though.
  20. Well....I think I've made my point and will leave you with one last thought. DONKEY KONG is so tough - he plays Chuck Norris.
  21. It was Mr. Do. He never completed his doctorate because he was playing video games instead of going to school. Guess which game he was playing?
  22. 1) Tarzan may have been King of the Apes, but DONKEY KONG is an Ape GOD! Bah! 2) What do you think happens when you fall in a pit in the jungle? 3) Wooden logs are just barrels that haven't reached their potential. As for Circus. You will notice there are no apes in that game. DONKEY KONG escaped and took them all with him - Diddy Kong is an example.
  23. Bah! Who do you think OWNS all your fancy little swinging vines? DONKEY KONG does - DONKEY KONG owns the vines, he owns Pitfall and he owns YOU!
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