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  1. Rather than try to punish bad behavior - reward the good. If someone leaves a great log that brings a smile to my face, I'll click their name, send them a note via Groundspeak and send them a Geocoin or some small caching gift. It's a step towards encouraging those that give a little extra.
  2. Well... that *would* be nice. No need for Groundspeak to do that though - I've got that covered - no micros for me for example. Insults aside. The *meaning* of my post is that any logging "requirements" should be within the guidelines of the cache type. I have NO problem with a puzzle cache requiring....er....the solving of a puzzle! Or an underwater cache requiring SCUBA gear, or a cache on a hill requiring a hike. I'm a little miffed at caches that require the finder to be dressed-up as a Princess and only trade for magic wands. What I am stating is that making a cache with unique (and, in many cases arbitrary) logging requirements AND marking these as TRADITIONAL caches is not my cup of tea - and something I PERSONALLY find annoying. To each their own. So... to clarify by way of example. IF a cache is created that requires a special logging requirement (let's say, you are required to take a photo of yourself at the cache). Then it is NEITHER a puzzle (unless it's a trick camera), NOR is it a traditional cache. (it can't be found and logged - you need to do something special). Is it a Mystery? Maybe.... a silly mystery with little intrigue. It's an annoyance! (to me and maybe only to me). I think that having special logging requirements for NON-puzzle caches in rude and not in keeping with the spirit of the game - hide/find. That's just me. What happens is that folks find these caches, but are then told that it doesn't "count" as a find due to some mandatory logging requirement. As this is an open-discussion forum - I am expressing my displeasure at that - and, while I thank you for the standard "then don't find them","filter them" and "do it your way, leave me alone" comments - the point is missed. It is those that seek to modify the game through the arbitrary application of logging requirements that are, in fact, modifying and "controlling" others enjoyment of the activity by failing to properly label their caches - they throw them into the "traditional" bucket and expect others to sift through their junk. Not a big deal. If I find a cache with logging requirements, I'll log it anyhow. If the log gets deleted I go pee on the cache (kidding!) Although... I suppose I have the "right" to.... Anyhow. No harm, no foul. The discussion was on puzzle caches that aren't really puzzles. It should be pretty obvious what a puzzle is - something you need to solve.
  3. What would you say to those folks that only hunt micros if they said, "Just don't have any non micro caches"? Do you think the scuba enthusiasts would appreciate it if I said, "Just don't have any underwater caches" just because I don't scuba dive and didn't want to find any? What about my coworker that thinks the entire game is stupid... what would you say to him if he told you "Just don't have any geocaches at all"? Personally I don't want to have to make sure all my caches are enjoyed by every single cacher, so if I decide I want to hide an ALR and you don't like it, just skip it. That's the point of making them part of the Unknown type, so you'll know you should read the description to get necessary information. Once you have this information, you can decide to avoid it. Okay. You're right. Let me change my post. Don't have any stupid requirements that simply seek to force your non-sensical agenda upon others in an effort to control them in ways that make little or no sense to the spirit of the game. Obviously, some caches will have inherent requirements that define the cache and cache type. I have no problems with Mystery caches, micros, SCUBA, rock-climbing, hill stepping caches. The issue I take is with caches marked as "Traditional" that are, in fact, requiring some stupid logging requirement. Such as "pink items only or your log will be deleted". Is that type of "control" really helpful or keeping in the spirit of the "game"? Like I said, at some point - the data-mining required to "find" a cache is more than the effort of even going out to find them. Maybe that's why I don't even bother logging 60% of my finds any more. What we need is a new log-type that can't be deleted - "found and was unimpressed"
  4. I used to play in a band with Big Foot - he was the lead guitarist. Couldn't sing, just grunted and drank a LOT of beer. Spent most of his time naked (we think - he was VERY hairy). In the end, he returned to the woods and has not been heard from again. Except...... on the occasional calm summer night... in the distance, we hear the soft refrain of "Sweet Home Alabama" with the distictive tone of BigFoot on guitar, the Jack-a-lope on drums, FishBoy on Bass, and the styling vocals of BatBoy lamenting his long lost Alabama.... Of course.... we ussually have had a LOT of beer.
  5. I'm okay with PM-only caches. I'm also a PM - so na-na-na-na to you! As a cache-hider, I like the audit logs. I also like PM to get "first chance" at the caches. I then often move them into the realm for the general public to enjoy. While not universal - statistically on my caches (54 hidden) - PM's do a better job of trading fair, maintaining quality of trade items, etc. Like it or not - the "elitists" are "better" cachers. Are there exceptions? - you betcha! (as some momentarily famous politician once said). I'm just going with the odds on this one.
  6. ALR = Additional Logging REQUIREMENT ALO = Additional Logging OPTION I personally am frightened of any caching trend that leads to REQUIREMENTS which I may not meet because of being unaware or unwilling to comply. (I'm not taking a photo in the nude in a downtown park - sorry) Cache owners are very diverse and some may ask me to do things I don't want to do in order to log their cache. That's fine on the surface - you can use the old "don't like, don't find" line, but as more and more caches become constrained, then it becomes more and more "work" to filter and plan and less and less "fun". I'm already filtering out half the caches in my area because they have an element that doesn't interest me (container size). Just don't have any REQUIREMENTS. Make the game fun, invite people to take a photo (or not), suggests a "theme" if you want. If it requires a problem/puzzle-solving effort - make it a puzzle cache. Even if the puzzle is "at the location" where the cache is hidden.
  7. Most of my trading experiences have been positive, however it does happen that folks ask for my coins more....er.... aggressively every so often. This is why all my new personal coins are one edition, face-to-face trades, with a few for sale and most for ME and caches. By limiting what and how I trade, I think it's easier to say "no" when I have to. People take it less personally when I say that they are only "face-to-face" coins. It's not that I'm trying to be unfriendly (I'm really quite friendly!). It's just that I get guilty and feel I am insulting folks when they offer to trade their "gun club bottle cap" for my coin that cost $12 a pop to mint. I don't *want* to say "no", but I often *have* to say no. A personal sob story makes me feel bad for the person, but I think that it's better if they concentrate on getting better rather than getting coins.
  8. opps... I should sell my coins and take spelling lessons. Anyhow - quick thought. Parasites require a "host". Don't buy eBay coins that you don't want and prices will fall. I've sold coins on eBay for $7 and for $200+. I never feel I am being a "parasite". I'm offering something I don't want for something I do - money to buy more coins. If I had to live off my "profits" - I wouldn't be searchng the woods for ammo cans - I'd be LIVING in the woods and looking for food!
  9. I'll enter the room using my "old timer" walking stick. Coins are coins. Some are popular and sell out - in the old days they ALL sold-out - quickly. It seems lately that some coins sell more slowly, but eventually they all sell. Trying to limit the speed at which they sell in order to be "fair" is ridiculous. If someone wants to buy the entire run of coin in one transaction - let them. After all... I bet more coins will be coming. It is the scarcity, the percieved scarctity, and the percived value that leads to all the ills of the geocoin world - the theives, the hoarders, the profiteers. just enjoy those you are able to get and let go of the ones you don't. The best revenge is to not play the game. Don't buy coins for prices you don't want to pay. That might be $10 on a simple coin, $25 on a complex coin, or even $1000 on a Moun10Bike 1st edition (which you shouldn't be buying at all! The point is: don't feel you "need" any coin. You really, really don't. I've long been a fan of a "keep making them as long as people want them" for commercial coins. So it's really only the limited editions that drive prices upwards.
  10. Update! Looks like they will be leaving the east next week, I'll have them in a couple and then off they go! I'm looking very forward to these and hope everyone likes them once they have them. As a reminder - those that bought them will get them "raw" (unactivated). ALL the rest will be activated under my name - so even if I trade, gift, or cache them - they will still show as "owned" by me, but I will do the traditional "keep it, move it if you want" method of geocoining. (taking a page from the original geocoin guy - of course!)
  11. My wonderful coin arrived! Thanks! I will keep this one as a fond memory of the universal acceptance that Donkey Kong beats all games. It is validation.
  12. I've been fortunate enough to recieve some free coins - but never from begging. The way I see it, coins are really personal items that are cool. I'm also a big fan of other personal items and sometimes we get so "coin" crazy, we forget all the other cool stuff out there - from flutes, to shot glasses, to rocks, sticks, wands, etc. I'm not a big fan of coin trading via the mail anymore either. As you can imagine, I've been collecting coins for awhile and have a rather large collection. Some coins have a lot of meaning, but as soon as I started getting coins that didn't "do" it for me - I stopped. Sort of. I still collect, but I don't get 10 of every new coin (which I was doing back in 2004/5) Now, I like to get coins from cachers I know, cachers I like from the forums, or coins from areas or with themes that I like. All that stated. I do give out a LOT of free coins. At events, to my geocaching for families events, etc. People generally don't "beg" for them. They just like them because they met me and like the coin as a memory of the fun we had caching! I tend to give out about 10-20 coins a month. Mostly via caches, events, or by meeting folks. I also don't log all my cache finds any more, so sometimes they are surprizes for people that find a cache I was at. Like most things with this game - there are many folks with many ideas. There are very few right/wrong things. If someone begs in the forum - ignore them (or not), if they harass you - take Eartha's advice.
  13. Nice! I actually never did get around to removing the link - so you can let your friends know if they really, really want one there are about a dozen or so left. Here's the link again. http://www.snaptechsolutions.com/SNAP/Links.html Now my students are making fun of me because of this! Oh well... anytime someone makes fun of my hobbies in class, I just yell out "10 points from Griffendor!" The coins are getting made as this is typed. There will be an enamel covering on them and they will come out a little darker in the metal (more rugged looking).
  14. Hey! It's to demonstrate the lovely rolling hills that lead to the mighty Rocky Mountains! I was actually surprised that folks thought these were "cracks" they are a feature of the coin to add depth. They are under the enamel.
  15. Yes indeedy! I actually was teaching a late night class last night, so I haven't removed the link yet. I'll get to it tonight, but meanwhile there are a few left. So I guess this gives a few more hours. It pretty much seems that everyone that wanted one was able to grab one or two - so that's great!
  16. HA! I bounce up and down! I grab your girlfriend! I climb away from you! Da-da-da-DAH! Donkey Kong wins! (okay. thank you for the win - I've PM'd my address to you and thank you for the opportunity to educate everyone on why Donkey Kong is the best game .... EVER!
  17. Sounds cool. I'll have to look at a map when I send these out. I ussually visit places all over North America, but I like to send a few out for travelling in Europe. In fact, of all the Geobones V1 that I have released into the wild - the only ones still travelling are in Europe. (opps - and one in California, but I haven't "heard" from it in awhile)
  18. Okay - I think everyone has had a chance at this one. So I'll "bump" the thread now and once again tonight and then close the sale once I get home this evening. I'm glad that folks were able to buy a coin if they wanted one and look forward to sending them out. I may call on some of you to place one in a cache for me to travel as well. Here's the link again for those that missed it. http://www.snaptechsolutions.com/SNAP/Links.html
  19. No problem! - I'm always amazed at how many cachers are "dog people". Many of my hides are in areas with great off-leash parks close by. I actually had one cacher send me a photo of their dog wearing a geobone and I have it at my desk at work. Needless to say - my own dog proudly displays a geobone - many cachers seem to want to "pet" her....
  20. Why did you start this thread? Now I have gone all "vidiot" and am looking through all my old games for past loves. Wow. There are a LOT of video games out there! For those of you that can read between the lines - you probably figured out that I like Donkey Kong. What you might not know is that I actually like many different video games - and have liked them since about 1977 when I first discovered them (this was during the time of Space Invaders, Asteroids, Subhunt). Anyhow. Interesting topic and something I've noticed is that the games that are near and dear to most folks are those that have strong story-lines and fundamental game play elements. The fact that games like Galaxian, Frogger and Tetris still hold affection are testaments to their creators! Of course...... DONKEY KONG crushes them all! (I did just pick-up FIFA 2009 and Dead Space - so I'm not completely "old" school.
  21. I remember our "Hotel Desk" trade well. The girl at the front desk got quite a kick out of the whole idea. I think I actually ended-up giving her a geocoin as well. Wonder if she started caching?
  22. I am creating a new game.... Grand Theft DONKEY KONG! You are Donkey Kong and you are trying to deliver barrels of "stuff" to various locations (barrels of booze, guns, etc, etc.) Of course, Mario and Luigi are on your case (complete with "cop-stach" mustaches!). You throw barrels (of course) and drive your KONG-MOBILE to avoid them. Bah! All games pale in comparison.
  23. No problem - I hope you enjoy it! You can attach it to a dog, You can hide it in a log, You can keep it on a chain, You can wear it in the rain, It can be placed in a cache, It is safe and won't cause rash, When you get it you will dance, It comes from China not from France. I'll keep the sales link active until tomorrow sometime - hopefully that will give anyone that wants one a chance.
  24. Well...this topic is pretty much a favourite, but I think when it comes to coins, there are really two reasons they go away. 1) Ignorance 2) Greed Sadly - it takes only 1 pair of hands from someone in either of the above categories to ruin the journey for a coin. So... enjoy it while you can. Most coins do eventually go missing. Europe seems to be a better place to let them travel. Most of mine go missing in North America. Sadly, my area seems to have a "coin thief" - so it's a bad place to release coins. I tend to release them while on vacation.
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