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  1. Mt. St. Helens would be our first choice like the 25th anniversary thing, and Grand Coulee Dam would be our second choice. Was thinking along the lines of 2005 MT. ST. Helens 2006 Grand Coulee Dam 2007 MT. Baker
  2. This is the email I got back I send them an email back stating that up to two week delay, although I wouldn’t be happy about it could accept. A delay beyond that I felt was unreasonable. I haven’t heard back from them since the reply email back to them.
  3. I really want to do this one with everyone. My experience level is I’ve done mountains higher than Adams, but have never used crampons or an ice axe. I don’t think I would be holding any one back, but could definitely use some advice in the area of dealing with climbing a snow field.
  4. Any word on the Scintillefamily caches that were put up for adoption. I emailed them and offered to take Wilcox Flag Park , got an email back saying ok and that they would contact admin, but have not heard any thing back. I have a new ammo can ready and camouflaged to fit the area and just waiting to put it out.
  5. Square Bear


    Some times people also have to learn from their mistakes. Our first hide was a micro in the woods. We had probably about 30 finds at the time and was just dieing to put out one of our own, after gaining a little more experience we realized that a regular cache could be put in that spot. We went out and got a proper cache container (a lock and lock) since an ammo can would have been just to big for the location, and replaced it. I’ve read the rules but you can always miss something. On the last series we did, the reviewer asked me about the placement of one of the micros in the series. I knew about not placing it next to railroad tracks but had completely skipped over the part about 150 ft. The park was only about 100ft wide from the road to the railroad tracks and there was no way I could place it in that park and be 150 ft away from the tracks. I had scoped out a couple of more location just in case there was a problem with one of them and moved it there the next day. Basically we all make mistakes, were the problem comes in is if we don’t learn from them. In this area we don't have the cache saturation that some areas do, so we welcome any cache. I think the definition of lame has to not only be perspective, but also experience level and the saturation of caches in your area.
  6. Dang spell checker changed acceptable to expectable, need to proof read better when I write. And thats my story and I'm sticking to it
  7. This is the email that I got today. And this is the reply that I gave them, will have to wait and see what comes of it.
  8. Ok here is the picture of the finished coin they are in production right now and will hopefully be shipping soon.
  9. Did MT Whitney last year, that one I will never do in one day again. A two day trip up MT Adams sounds like fun.
  10. Congrats to DorothyMacaw who did 100th at our Walker Valley Trail
  11. Picked up some 40MM cases on ebay they fit great for the larger coins 1.75 inches, and ok for the 1.5 inch coins 38mm would probably be better for 1.5 inches. With shipping comes to a little over 50 cents apiece. 40MM 38MM
  12. You can put us down for 5 also, will watch the thread so we know when you starting taking money.
  13. Square Bear


    Got out and did a couple before the weather turned nasty, it was snowing on my way home and turned to frozen rain shortly there after.
  14. It’s been right at a month since we approved the design, but sense they didn’t charge the credit card until the 27th will give it a week or two before I get to excited. Our wooden nickels are also trackable and since not every one is a collector then it at lest gets them moved from cache to cache rather than just sitting in caches. The best thing about having the nickels and the coins trackable is that you can go back and look at who has them in there collections, or who had them and passed them on.
  15. I have updated a GSAK file with the new cordinates, and the added waypoints. I will bring it with me on a CD if any one wants to down loaded it to there lap top at the dinner, all the waypoints are also numbered and in order.
  16. I had gotten an email from one of the guys from Idaho, telling me about the process they were going through getting there coins made. I was just getting ready to email them back and ask how it was going when this thread popped up. I put in a request for the Colorado ones about a month ago, just waiting back to hear how much I need to send him. The only other coin that I've seen is Kealia is working on one for his area down in California. I don't know how well the group thing would of worked on the Idaho coin since they’re doing the personalization thing, but other than that I think a group effort would be great.
  17. We started in 2004 so only have this year to compare to it's going to be hard to top my two favorite so far. My favorite was a hike I did with my brother the hike was great and the cache was just a bonus. I logged it under Ray8251 because Rose said that I couldn't use Ray&Rose on my trip to Nevada. We did it on the longest day of the year and it was a good thing the trip took 13 hours. Starting out at the parking lot at 8,000 ft and ending up on the top of MT Whitney at 14,500 ft, it was a good thing I had my brother with me he is in a lot better shape than I'm in so by the time we got to the top I was more than a little light head, and he is the one that found the cache. Peak-A-Boo: Mt. Whitney My second favorite has to be the one I found a Mountain Bike Coin on, the only thing I have to regret on that hike was that I didn't check the camera when I headed out and when I got on top and tried to take some pictures I found out the batteries were dead. Maple Pass Loop Trail Cache
  18. Wasn't sure if we we're going to be able to make it, but as it turns out Rose has the time off and the other thing that I was going to have to do got canceled. We'll see every one there.
  19. I think that you are reading more in to this than you need to. Any one can get the location of these NAV AIDS by walking in to your local airport and buying a set of maps. As far as being a terrorist threat they would have to take out far more than one in order for it to impact navigation. Also as the locationless cache states most of these are in very remote locations or on private property.
  20. We went to Evergreenhiker!'s Christmas Cache for our 200th find did a couple on the way back to Seattle for Christmas dinner with friends.
  21. Ok guys this is what I do. I down load all of the caches in the area that I'm looking to place a cache. Upload to the GPSr and while I'm out I can select any that look close and get the distance from the GPSr to the closest cache.
  22. Paid our premium membership the second day we started Geocaching. We didn’t even know there were benefits for premium membership. Jeremy made a point about there are other ways to support Geocaching with out paying the membership, but there are still people with a significant amount of finds with out being premium members, who also have no hides.
  23. PVR is set up also, since I got it don't watch very many things during the actual time there on.
  24. Congrats MA and Runhills, I wondered which cache you guys were going to do.
  25. Thanks MA for droping off the cans and get this all together, ended up being about 15 minutes late. Thanks also to Jcar for holding on to my cans for me.
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