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  1. They have been shipped and will arrive on the 14th need to get the addresses together so I can get them shipped out as soon as they come in.
  2. Ok will be there -Rose she has to work that weekend.
  3. Can you add 2 to buy with the one to trade for us.
  4. Sorry Pepper, we got ours today also. We should of ordered more they are a great coin.
  5. Lady M welcome to the triple digits club.
  6. Finally an answer that’s a little easier to stomach then the ones I’ve been getting. Hopefully if any thing comes of this, it will be that any one that does business with them in the future will not have to go through what I had to go through.
  7. The latest Here is my reply I’ll let you come to your own conclusions on this one I know what my thought of this company are.
  8. Send you an email today.
  9. That’s cool your first TB, I remember picking up our first one and still go back and look at how it is doing from time to time.
  10. Two days and no answer for the tracking number so I emailed them again today. I don’t think that I’ve been too unreasonable; the biggest thing that I have asked for is to be kept informed. A couple of more days and I start calling ever day.
  11. Thanks everyone, I haven't been spending as much time in the forums as I use to. Congrats to every one else that have done milestones since the last time I was in here.
  12. This was the last email I got from them on the 15th of Feb, today being the 28th and still no coins I send them an email today and politely asked them for the tracking number.
  13. I thought of an idea, how about Washington State out line with WSGA in the middle. One other benefit of this idea could be (depending on if Seth wanted to do it) is that WSGA members could use the back die and reduce the cost of creating there own coins and possibly be tracked on the WSGA web site. Another idea for the numbering is increase it to five numbers and use the first digit for the year as in WA5001.
  14. Count us in also, with one large tent. I could bring the espresso machine, but then I would also have to bring the generator to run it.
  15. My initial vote was for the 1980 version. I now agree with Navdog, I don’t think it will make as good a coin as the current version. I still don’t like the lettering on the inside of the coin; I think all the lettering should stay on the outside edge of the coin. Do we have enough suggestions to make a couple of designs, and take a vote yet?
  16. I got a shipping date of 24th of FEB today. Sorry to those that sent me their coins and are wait to get ours. My thoughts on the whole process it’s not some thing that I would enjoy going through again. If I did do it all over again would go with the sample coin first, then I would of only had to pay for the die cost until they started production. It didn’t result in getting the coins any faster and I had to pay for every thing up front. KV coins was great through the design phase and worked very well with me through all of the changes that I send them. It has been one headache after another to get them to actually get the coins in to production the initial delay was suppose to be 2 to 3 weeks now looks 4 weeks. Thanks again to every one that helped in the design and that have offered trades, I will get them out to every one as soon as I get my hands on them.
  17. Ok ibycus will have a check in the mail for 5 coins tomorrow.
  18. Our vote is for the Samish Park Day lodge, but will try and be there what ever place is selected. The 7th of May works better than the 14th. Let us know if you need any help with any thing.
  19. I agree like the embossed look, but don't like the lettering on the coin should just be the mountain and the hiker.
  20. Just got the prototype and took a new picture of our collection. Have a few more trades to go but the collection is a lot bigger than when I posted the first picture.
  21. LthrWrk I don’t think there are many of the local cachers that read the forums, so with you unable to list it as an event I don’t think there will be much of a showing. I like RWW would like to be able to attend both events, but if you still plan on doing the get together than we will be there.
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