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  1. bump Still plan on doing this one this weekend if there is any one interested.
  2. Have two new puzzle caches set up and placed hopefully they should be approved around Wendsday.
  3. Ordered two of the grey ones. The yellow and green hurt my eyes.
  4. Congrats to Cent5, Geekgirl and Patudles
  5. Sorry we didn't make it up there. Didn't get back from Colorado until late so we stopped and stayed with some friends. Hope to get to meet you some other time.
  6. As long as some thing doesn’t come up should be able to make it up there. Still a lot of other caches up there I haven't gotten yet.
  7. Congrats to Moun10bike, Little Blue, and Java Duck and I'm sure a few others. Also congrats to Henny Penny for hiting 100 at our You are not forgotten cache
  8. I had been hot and cold on whether I was going to be able to make it to this or not, as this week started out had I funny feeling I would have to work this weekend and sure enough found out today I have to work on Saturday. I hope every one has much fun as the past ones have been.
  9. Congrats to Rustynails and to Anon
  10. Belong to Nurse Dave's group so will be getting a few that way, but would be interested in picking up a couple of more on top on those.
  11. and add me to the list for 3 Thanks
  12. Congrats to LittleBlue and thanks everyone it was a great trip at one of those out of the way caches that see very few cachers. It was defiantly not as difficult as the cache page would lead you to believe as long as you take the right FS road.
  13. If you don't decided to do a pure silver coin may think about doing them all in a silver plate, we are the silver state. A 1 1/2 inch coin only adds about .30 to each coin for silver plate.
  14. And several are a ways away from the center of festivities ones available are 35, 46, 47, 49, 52, 53, and 57 I booked spot 80 so it will able if any one needs a spot. Price subject to negotiations .
  15. I hope you can make it shunra I've wanted to meet you for some time.
  16. About 2 ft when we turned around.
  17. I tried this last weekend but ran in to snow at 4,000 ft. thinking about doing it again on the 16th of July. Any one want to go, this cache has been around for a few years with very few finders. Park Butte Lookout cache page Trail Information
  18. Congrats Shop99er, Cav Scout, Kfam, LandRover, Cruiser Guy, Analog Dog, and FunnyNose. I think I got them all
  19. Avroair: I'll get the one to you in the mail next week would of send it out all ready but ran out of package envelops and just needed to get some.
  20. Way to go Jester, and congrats to GeoRoo
  21. Did some one say some thing about a hike.
  22. Will be there flying in on Saturday, only bring a small one man tent but reserved spot #80 the spot is reserved for Saturday, Sunday and Monday nights.
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