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  1. Will be catching the first ferry Sat morning so will probably skip the first 14 caches and start with 15. It dosn't look like I'll be able to make the dinner since we need to catch the last ferry back accross. Hope to see a few of you on the road.
  2. Just changed one of my top ten to a great cache I did this weekend Top 10
  3. Made the Top 100 just barley
  4. Been trying to get in all day to set up the Voting with no luck so far
  5. Spoke to soon found out today that is the weekend I have to go on a camp out for work.
  6. The Ray&Rose account still exists (renamed the old Square Bear account) and we only have about 20 left right now. There was a few things that I didn’t like about the first coin so was not going to reorder any. Since I would have been redesigning a new coin any way will do one with Square Bear on one side and Pink Pachyderm on the other. Why there was the other account we started out logging ones we found our self’s on our individual accounts and then logged ones we found together on the Ray&Rose this got to be a pain so I just logged every thing on the Ray&Rose account and Rose would log an occasional one on her account.
  7. Lime Kiln has also been on my to do list and as it is a little closer to home, as long as I'm free that weekend would like to join the group doing those caches.
  8. Instead of creating a new topic and since we had talked about splitting the name, but Rose wasn’t to sure until after talking to Prying Pandora at the WSGA camp out, decided to post it here. Ray&Rose is also splitting up there Geocaching names Ray is now Square Bear (as some of you all ready know me by) and Rose is now Pink Pachyderm. I now have the job of fixing the logs, add the ones to Pink Pachyderm’s account and take the ones from the old Square Bear account (now the Ray&Rose account) and add them to the new Square Bear account. Will still use the Ray&Rose account for some travel bugs and probably a hide or two. The majority of the cache hides will stay with the Square Bear account there are only three that Pink Pachyderm would like moved to her new account.
  9. Ok if there is still an opening sign me up
  10. Just set up the topic for voting for the July cache will hold voting open until the 5th of August Washington Forms
  11. way to go EGH looks like it was a cool cache
  12. congrats Bull Moose, and I'm still waiting to meet you so I can learn the secret had shake.
  13. congrats Camp Latona and runhills
  14. Had a great time looking forward to meeting every one at the next one.
  15. Was looking at meeting at the small store just west of the turn off to Baker Lake at about 10:00
  16. got mine today nice job and no 218 in this batch
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