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  1. Most times I bring the camera but forget to pull it out, this trip I even forgot to bring the camera.
  2. What a day for a hike and I almost didn't get out of bed this morning. I couldn't miss the hike so got up and got dressed and headed out. Every thing was turning out to be a great Hike of the Month until we turned around and started back down the trail. The sun came out just long enough to turn every thing to slush and it just sucked the heat right out of you. By the time we got down the hill and stopped to eat dinner we got some hot coffee and felt much better. I have never wanted a hot cup of coffee more in my life.
  3. Another great time, brought the camera and didn't even take it out of the pack the whole weekend.
  4. Sunday at noon, we will be there not sure how long we can stay there is a certain Criminal cache we want to get on the way home.
  5. We will be down right now planning on driving down Friday night but may be Saturday morning spending some time doing some caches in the area. Two on my must do list. Let me know what day Sunday would probably be best.
  6. Been active duty for the last 23 years and I don’t see any thing that diminishes the service. What I do see is that people have become far to PC and get offended far too easily.
  7. The Wilderness area shouldn't be off limits unless it's in the National Park or part of the National Park. Will be happy to have you along.
  8. This hike was a great time, spending the day with great friends can’t be beat. If you’ve been on the fence about coming out and joining us come on out every one always has a great time. Looking forward to next months adventure.
  9. I memtioned some thing about bringing chili earlier but I'm hoping to be able to make it back in time to catch the N48 event in Mount Veron for dinner.
  10. Went out and tried the new showshoes today, looking forward to this weekend.
  11. Sorry I missed it but had to work today.
  12. I got a set just like Totem Lake's on the way.
  13. I'll be there and I'll even bring the chili this time.
  14. What a great day and a great group, can't wait until next month
  15. First weekend is the best for me, but may be able to make the second one work if I had to.
  16. I picked up one of mine before the flood started. I'm heading out today to see if I can get to some of the others to check up on them.
  17. 11th is great for me I'm glad you pick another fine weekend that I will be free to join the hike of the month. See every one there. I had thought about trying to grab a FTF when the caches on this trail first came up I never did and they have been on my to do list ever since.
  18. Ok I plan on being there will have a radio on channel 2
  19. Great time is right if and when we do this again will have to break out the 50 Cal black powder
  20. For me it has been more about the people that any thing else. I have met some great people along the way. The best thing about the cache machines other than getting some numbers added is to go caching with people that you have never met before and after awhile caching with friends that you don’t get to see all the time. I went all the way to Colorado and went caching with some cachers that I had never even met before. They picked me up at the airport drove me to the camp out event, took me caching to some place that I would of never had a chance to see other wise. I know of no other group that is close to this. The months that I’ve spend over in Japan I’ve not been able to do a lot of caching and I’ve missed being able to do it, but even more so I’ve missed all the friends that I have met over the last two years. For me it is some thing that I enjoy doing with my wife, I enjoy going out and doing it alone, but it is even more fun going out with a large group of cachers and making new friends. Some of the highlight for me over the last couple of years were the Got Coin hike, the Boulder River hike, the Iron Horse Bike ride, and the most fun that I’ve ever had at a cache machine was the Wenatchee Cache Machine. I’ll continue to Geocache as long as there are caches to find and friends to find them with.
  21. The symbol is still used by the Japanese Navy and used by the US military here in Japan. If you would of looked at my profile then you would of also seen that I am a Geocacher currently living in Japan.
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