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  1. Also placed an activated one some were in Oak Harbor. (no link on this one)
  2. Placed an unactivated one here. Above the Skagit Highway
  3. Facedances, that is a nice coin I just had to have one also. Expensive but silver and only 100 made just couldn't pass it up.
  4. I don't know about NC. I have heard about a reflector night cache here in Washington and about another one in Canada. I did do one in San Diego and it was a blast.
  5. Did you check the the guidelines for listing a cache and the terms of use agreement boxes. If you didn't check the boxes then it won't go through.
  6. Sounds great (Rose is getting ready to start vacation), so might get to meet the Rose half of Ray&Rose. Let us know the specifics.
  7. Navy active 21 years, probably go to 23 and then try and figure out what I want to be when I grow up.
  8. I started using paper maps, after ending up on the wrong side of a ridge or the wrong side of river way to many times. The maps on the GPSr work great but there is nothing like a good paper map to figure out how to get in the area.
  9. I have all ready approved the design but the email I send was late in the day so hopefully he didn’t get it before he went home. Thanks Navdog and Globalgirl I send him a design with both of your suggestions. I also added to try and sink the white part of the front of the coin down to bare metal or at lest to make it bare metal. Will have to wait and see. I promised him it would be the last change request.
  10. I did some cutting and put the box on top of the bear print and really didn't like it. I did ask if he could round the corners of the number box. I think that would work better.
  11. I also vote for the east side. If I have to drive would rather go east then have to drive down through Seattle.
  12. I emailed a couple of other coin companies (don’t remember now which ones), but they never emailed me back. Ken on the other hand emailed me the next day after I send him a rough idea of what I wanted and then emailed the 1st draft about a week later.
  13. The new file I send him worked, thanks to Joefrog and Globalgirl for the offer to help. Joefrog I had the same idea of having the bears raised. Now I need to ask Ken about that and then break out the plastic.
  14. It’s easier if you are a premium member than you can pan the maps along the HWY and pick out which ones you want to do.
  15. Just got an email back from Ken, even the larger of the pictures for the front of the coin is to pixilated. I'm not much of an artist sort of a cut, paste and clean up kind of guy. He is working on it so not sure how long it will take to work that out.
  16. The story about the paw print is I few years back I was watching a wood working show and the guy used a stamp of a frog on all the projects that he did. I thought that was cool so all of the project I did after that I used a bear paw stamp. One year I made wooden clocks for Christmas presents all of them had a small drawer and on the bottom of all the drawers is a bear paw print. When we started geocaching we started using the paw print on cards with a flag pin. I started to think it was a little plain so I came up with the new one with the two bears.
  17. Are you kidding Moun10bike of course I would like to do a trade. I would like to keep the one I found the hike on the Maple Loop Trail is one of the best I’ve done so far and I probable wouldn’t of found out about the Got Coin trip if I hadn’t of found it either. What I would like to do with the other coin is in the words of Nolenator “share the love” and place it out in an appropriate cache.
  18. Hi everyone!!!! This is the Rose part of Ray & Rose! I think my vote is for the left paw print also but was thinking on putting in a dark green background. I would love to have some feedback on that before we agree to a final draft. Hope to meet all of you someday if only I didn't work so many hours......
  19. BlazerFan You're all ready on the list.
  20. We liked the bear theme. When I did the avatar Rose loved it, she said it looked like she was asking me why I got us lost in the woods again. The middle paw print is what we used on the wooden nickels because they couldn’t do a solid design on them. I think I like the solid print on the left for the coins.
  21. Just got the first draft back, need to decided which back we want and send a cleaner image for the front. So far I like the look, thanks Blazer fan for recommending KV coins.
  22. I've seen some one use a USA geocoin tracking # to show that it is in the cache. I think I might use that idea. Log the coin in and then when someone gets it grab it back out again.
  23. I had an Etrex when I first started, then upgraded about a month later. I don't think I ever saw the Etrex zero out, about 15 ft was the lowest it ever got.
  24. There has been a rather heated discussion on this all ready. Commercial or not
  25. It is a great opportunity for some one that missed out on getting one. I’ve sold a couple myself to some of the people I know at work that missed out on getting one. They won’t get rich selling it for that price that’s for sure.
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