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  1. I've got the list at home as soon as they come in will start emailing asking for addresses. I said that I wouldn’t be planning any more caches until our coins come in but then I remembered that I had order some of the West Tennessee coins. I guess I need to get busy and plan some to put those ones out.
  2. No problem wouldn’t be that hard to figure out for you self on their web page. The total was 640.00 with shipping, they don’t have to be that expensive but we got some of the extras. The pewter rather than bronze, 1.75 inch size, color on both side, enamel on both sides and the numbering all cost extra. A plain bronze 1.5 inch coin with die charge would come out around 450.00 plus shipping for 100.
  3. I agree, but making new rules doesn’t work. There are far to many caches were the hiders have 2 finds and a few hides. They are on for a few months and then disappear forever. The best way is to do what is all ready in place, if the hide doesn’t have any merit then as soon as it starts to determinate then the finder needs to post a needs to be archived. What that means when you run across a cache that needs some attention email the owner, if nothing happens then a needs to be archived needs to happen.
  4. I've got a small SUV put I also have a small utility trailer that could hold a lot of ammo cans with out having to stack them up in some ones vehicle. LthrWrk, it was the Griffin mount sorry it took me so long had to get it from Rose to see which one it was. She grabbed it out of the cache so fast I didn't get a good look at it the first time.
  5. Just put one at. Texas Pond
  6. Lthrwrk Would be will to help with the cost with you of buying them and going to pick them up, could probably even help you go down and pick them up. We picked up one of your signture items the other day really cool. Hope to see you out there on the trail some day.
  7. The planning stage took right at a month. If you go with the sample coin, only have to pay for the die fee and then it takes four weeks to get the sample. Once the sample coin is approved then you have to come up with the rest of the money. We decided to skip the sample coin and just go for it.
  8. Have four more caches in the working stage. Three will go out this weekend, we only have one more Washington coin that will go out in a new cache and that one we are saving for a puzzle cache we are working on. The three that will go out this weekend will have unactivated USA geocoins in them. Will wait to plan any more until the new coins come in. Went shoping last night and the three going out this weekend will have some cool swag in them. Two will have small first aid kits and one has a headlamp, looking forward to some one finding them. Merry Christmas from Ray&Rose.
  9. Ok the final draft is done and the coins have been paid for. The coins will start to be made today and should see them in about 4 weeks.
  10. Got word from KV coins today on what was suppose to be the final draft. The back of the coin had all of the changes. The numbers in an oval instead of a square and the "Track at" was added. The front of the coin was unchanged sent them a picture of the front again and we will see what happens, they must be slowing down due to the Holidays, at the beginning would get an answers back the same day and now it's taking several days.
  11. We would like to add Jimmy Johnson #48 to the race. Will be sending the travel bug and nickels along with the entry form and fee this week......
  12. Just to throw my thoughts it to this I have used a Garmin etrex, a Magellan sport map, and a Magellan sport pro. In my experience the Magellans work better in the trees than the extrex did. Was in Cosco yesterday and they had the Magellan sport color for 149.00. This point has been argued before but all I can say is what I saw when using both of the units at the same time. I ended up giving the etrex to my Dad who lives in Nevada and doesn’t have to worry about the tree effect.
  13. For wooden nickels used the wooden nickel company didn’t have any problems tracked by www.travelertags.com minimum order 100 ordered 250 and came out around 80 bucks. Wooden Nickel Currently working with KV coins will be tracked by www.travelertags.com minimum order 100. Price will be around 640.00. KV coins Fly I hope this is closer to what you were looking for.
  14. If your still looking send me your address and I'll send you some of our wooden nickels.
  15. The easiest way to see how many companies out there do a search for military challenge coins. Most generally the minimum order is 100. I think I might have seen one or two that have a smaller minimum but wasn't impressed with the quality that I saw on there web page. The more you order the cheaper the price per coin and there are a couple that will wave the die charge if the order is high enough. 100 coins should last awhile since you wouldn't put them in every cache, I ordered 250 wooden nickels, I've given some away traded a few and put one in every cache we've done in the last few months and I still haven't come close to going through 100 yet.
  16. Not to break out the switch to beat the dead horse, but what PC Painter said there all a lot of us that look forward to finding signature items after seeing far to many caches filled with what we would call junk (but to some of the kids that go caching are treasures). It may vary but the reason I place cache is not necessary the stuff that gets traded in them but to give back to the sport that I have had some much fun participating in. I haven’t had a cache out for very long yet, but my plan is as I go out to do maintains on them is to replace some of the stuff with better stuff. The unwritten rule is when you trade your suppose to trade even or trade up but unfortunately not every one does that. The major thrill I’ve found so far is to just find the cache and to attend events and meet the other cachers. You have to be able to get some thing out of it rather than just the stuff found in caches of you will get bored, and that is probably why this sport has such a high drop out rate.
  17. Trust me finding a cache with signature items is a lot more exciting than finding a cache full of McDee toys. I agree that cards just by them self are rather boring, but a lot have some thing attached to them. Look through the forums and look at some of the signature items most have a lot of thought to them ranging from hand made wooden puzzles to a blow gun that shoots mini marshmallows.
  18. Cards and coins are signature items and are not typically used for trades they are just left. If they are traded then they are usually trade for another signature item.
  19. KV coins is one that is used alot, 100 minimum order. KV Coins
  20. Clear Lake MultiPlaced an unactivated one at this cache
  21. I’m currently in the process of using KV coins. They were recommended by Blazerfan; I emailed a couple of other companies, but never received an email back from them. The forum that I’ve been discussing the making of my coins is here. Geocoins There is another company discussed there that some people have had problems with. Pressed Metal did most of the state coins, some of them have the same back as the USA geocoins not sure if they didn’t charge them for the back or not.
  22. Will try and make it may be a little late since I don’t get off work until 4 and will have to drive south through traffic.
  23. Here are a couple of my all time favorite DNF logs. Baker Lake Sauk Mountain If I look for it I DNF if a drive by a decided not to look for it for some reason, like to many people, or looks like it might be harder than the time I have to look then I don't DNF. My stats show less DNF then I've had becouse at first I would go back and change the DNF to a find once I had found it.
  24. Ok latest and greatest, they have the inputs that I send them from Globalgirl and Navdog. The hold up right now is that I wanted the bears to be higher than the squares. To do that they need an actual photo, they said they might be able to modify a photo to get the bears in the right position. It may take a few days to get the art work done, I’m not in so much of a hurry that I can’t wait for a couple of more days. If not then the bears will just be flat on the squares. Thanks Globalgirl your on the list.
  25. The one at Above the Skagit Highway was grabed today. Still waiting to hear from Ken on the coins, he must of taken a long weekend.
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