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  1. I lost my backup of the whole Internet just a few hours ago. Who'd have thought?
  2. Any sort of eta as to when it's going to be back up?
  3. I'm getting fed up of waiting 5-10 mins for my GPS to get a signal!
  4. So that's why my Geko has been doing a 'cold' start every time I have turned it on this year. I hope they fix this issue soon, it's a pain.
  5. I suppose I'm referring more to circulars or rings of caches, similar to what this thread is referring to. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=215055
  6. This has probably been suggested before, but this attribute would help find series or circuits of caches. I know that not everyone likes these, but sometimes I'm just in the mood for a series and wish I could just bring them up on a map via a PQ.
  7. I'm probably one of the newest newbies on this thread. And I understand where the 'oldies' are coming from, I can only imagine what it used to be like when there was only 500 caches in the entire country. I feel the same way about some other things I've been involved with a long time. Because I'm so new, I think every cache is amazing, on the basis of the sheer novelty of it being hidden out there somewhere. Although, I'm sure in a few years I'll think it was good 'back in the day'. The reason I'm posting is because I agree with the quality concept, I have a cache container I want to set, but the reason I haven't yet is because I found a lot of quality caches early in my caching experiences and now I need to find the perfect place so I can live up to those caches. At the same time, I also think the quantity is a good thing, because it gives the competitive people a reason to do the sport and caters for them and sometimes I may just want to boost my 'score'. If it doesn't stike the right balance of exclusivity and mainstream appeal, it would eventually fade away wouldn't it? A better system for determining the quality of caches is needed, like an Amazon style system as the above poster mentions. If it was easier to refine your searches to determine the exact type of caches you're interested in, then it would make it far easier to suit the game to your needs. This would also require people to accurately represent their cache in their descriptions, which has yet to happen with any subject on any part of the Internet. Erm... That's all I've got... Please forgive my newbie forum post We all have to start from some point of blissful ignorance
  8. Try putting a maintenance log on it saying it's still there, it may prompt people to look because it's definitely there. If I saw a cache that hadn't been found in that long and there were no logs I may only bother if I was passing by.
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