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  1. I use a 60csx and also an old Palm PDA along with GSAK (for my PC) and cachemate (for the palm). you can get all of the cache info on there then logs your finds on it as well. you still have to import or copy your logs to either GSAK or just retype them on the website. Smart phones are only smart if you have a data signal available, and where I like to go there usually isn't any signal available. any palm pda will work and they are really cheap on ebay. the ones that support a memory card are the best way to go. The 60 series is just not set up for paperless.
  2. I have run across a couple caches that had been archived, but the container was still in place. in the first case the cache owner did not respond (and had not logged on in some time) to a maintenance request, the container was filling with water. I found the cache, but did not realized it had been archived a few weeks earlier by a reviewer. I removed that container while I was there because I checked online to see what was going on with it. The Second one was a nice multi that the clue to the final was faded and could not be read. The CO has recently logged on, and has been logging on regularly from the looks of things, but has not responded to a maintenance request for over 1 year. The Cache had 3 reviewer warnings before being archived. I went back out to the location today to grab the very nice ammo can full of swag. Question is should I attempt to contact the cache owners to return the containers? Or did I just score 2 nice containers because of their lack of attention to reviewer and fellow cachers' requests? the other thing is that after only 16 months of geocaching I have run into this quite a few times. It seems that there could be an awful lot of GeoLitter out there...
  3. My first 250 finds were with a nuvi (car gps), to get me parked and the Yellow eTrex H to move in for the grab. Then I went to a Vista HCx...I didn't see an accuracy difference, but alot more bells and whistles. With The eTrex H you have to enter waypoints manually, and no maps or POI's (custom points of interest). I would load everthing to the Nuvi, including the cache page for almost paperless caching. I keep the eTrex H as my backup..It works great and the batteries last forever.
  4. the Tungsten should work great. I was using Cachemate on a Palm Vx AKA Keyrocera QPC 6035 smartphone..that old thing was retired about 6 months ago in favor of a Palm Treo 700p. it runs the same operating system as the tungsten and has a full keyboard. It's fast and easy to use. I use the cachemate macro "Cachematelogging.gsk" to transfer my logs back to the computer. The GSAK forums has tons of macros and how to's... cachemate is by Smittyware.com, and sounds like you already found GSAK.
  5. I've been using kodak and meijer brand rechargeable for the past year. I use a Meijer branded charger that can charge single batteries and has thermal shut off. it also turns off when the batteries are charged. I got 4 of each brand and the charger for less than $30 (closeouts). I've been very happy with them. I can buy 24 "disposable" batteries for $12< it would take a long time to justify batteries at $2.50 or more each and then a $50 dollar charger on top of that. I could buy 98 "disposable batteries for the price of the charger. If I only get 15 hours of use per pair in my GPSr (GPSMAP 60CSx) that's 741 Hours of on time to break even on just the charger. (That's one month of 24/7 Caching). don't get me wrong, rechargeables are great..but are you really saving anything?
  6. Ron, Welcome.. I'm not real familiar with the GPSr you have so I can't comment there. 1)you do not need to trade for trackable items 2)Some trackable items have a specific mission, check the trackable items web page to see what it's mission is and where it has been. 3)You can buy travel bugs and Geocoins at lots of places.just google it and you will see many options. You can launch your own Trackables anywhere you wish. 4)on the left side of the main geocahing page there is a lick for trackable items..all the info you want is there. I don't know any more specifics as I don't own any yet.
  7. Keep on going caching..you will find that some caches are much nicer than others. Some cachers do practice "fair trade", others don't. I usually just add stuff if I'm by myself. When my kids are with me, ages 2 and 5, I have taught them to trade even or up. The rule I use with them is to leave 2 items for 1. Most of the time they will just empty the cache and play for a few minutes and put it back when I let them know it's time. Some of the Cache owners do a nice job and pride them selves on making sure that their caches have plenty of nice stuff....you will learn who those people are the more caches you find. The fun for me is the hunt...you never know what you will find..sometimes cool, sometimes not. I have had days where I have found nothing but caches that need maintenance...but then there's that really cool cache that looks just like a moustrap GC1QG9X how to build a better that really makes this game lots of fun! Again, the main reason I go is the hunt and to get off the sofa to see something new.
  8. I always have my letherman pocket tool Water Food if I'm in a remote area bug spray is a must! Batteries lighter flashlight Cell phone loaded with Cachemate my primary GPSr Etrex vista HCx and a Back up Garmin etrex H just in case. some swag to trade I fit it all in a large camera bag..I tried a backpack..it's just not for me.
  9. I tried it and it's a page full of links...and lots o pop ups!!
  10. I would suggest also looking at some older used "smartphones", as many of them have a full keyboard. I find a keyboard easier to log my finds with. You can find many older phone have either the Palm operating system or Windows.
  11. I use GSAK (geocaching swiss army knife) software..cost $25, Cachemate..$8 and a palm Treo 700p palm OS phone (Treo 650, 700p, 755 all work well) and am a premium member. any palm PDA will work. do a search on google for GSAK and Cachemate to find the links. Pick up a used palm PDA, or palm OS phone from Ebay, I would recomemnd one that has an expansion card slot but it's not required. you can get them very cheap..you don't need to use the phone as a phone... Cachemate will give you all of the data about the cache, hints logs and allow you to log you finds. I went paperless august 09 and it's great to have all that info at hand, and makes caching more fun.
  12. I don't know if this belongs here, or on the GSAK forum. I was wondring why my weekly pocket queries don't update archived caches on my off line data base. I have my PQ's setup to get all info in a certain area, with out excluding anything, but when I add it to my data base, it just skips caches that have been archived. I have run into a few that I went after, only to find that it was no longer active. I keep my database updated on a weekly basis, so I can avoid this problem.
  13. All I have to add is that I would rather do a good multi, because I always get more than 1 smile along the way....
  14. I use a Nuvi 205, GSAK and an Etrex H. less than $200 total. I use the nuvi for paperless features.. according to garmin you can only put in 500 waypoints, but I have over 3,500 loaded and it works just fine. The nuvi will get you close provided there are no trees. The E-trex gets me to GZ prety quick! I have very few DNF's because of GPS trouble.
  15. just a thought, check the way your map is displayed. the icons show up on mine in the "track up" and "north up" modes, but do not show up if I use 3D mode. as far as the diferences between the 2 macros, JJreds macro divides the chaches up by type (puts them in different folders,) on the garmin, and pilotsnipes puts them all into one folder. hope this helps
  16. I have a nuvi 205, and it does show the caches on the map. the are lilsted in the extra's folder. it may be a caracteristic of that model.
  17. Check out this linkPaper less cache with nuvi http://pilotsnipes.googlepages.com/index.html I did this and it added a new buton on my nuvi 205 called extras, and then POI really nice. Update your maps and firmware first.
  18. I have a Nuvi 205 that I use to go paperless, and the very basic garmin e trex h when I get to the location. here is a link that will walk you through using the nuvi to go paperless. http://pilotsnipes.googlepages.com/index.html Paperless geocache with Nuvi You can use the nuvi for the easy park and grabs. My daughter likes the nuvi on the trail because it has all of the notes, and it has gotten her close enough to find most hides. I like the E trex because it gives you the heading and distance, and doesn't mind trees as much and is more accurate. Having both pieces is kind of nice. over all I have less than $200 into the cost of both combined.
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