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  1. There has been an annoying memory leak on the geocaching.com website for more than 1 year. It's only noticeable if you open web pages and leave them open for at least half a day or longer. After that time, memory usage creeps up by 1-2 GB if you have a couple of pages open, even though you aren't accessing them. It doesn't seem to matter if the browser is Chrome or Edge, but Chrome seems to leak a little more. The worst offender is the page with the map view of nearby caches, but the page of personal geocache lists is also pretty bad. There could be other pages too, but these are the ones I tend to leave open and come back to later. Originally I had assumed it was embedded Google Maps that was the cause, but the lists page doesn't display a map, only a list of caches.
  2. When using the website https://www.geocaching.com/my/geocaches.aspx you can choose to show found caches and you can click a specific date on the calendar. About a month ago, I started noticing that the results set was truncated. It seems to only show about ~45 caches, even though more were found this day. This page worked last year and would show more than 100 caches. I've changed nothing on my end, so I'm assuming a change was implemented on the web site side.
  3. Thanks all for the suggestions. A few days ago after loading an additional GPX file onto the device (via USB cable), when I rebooted the GPS a message popped up saying a software update was available and asked if I wanted to install it. (I'm sure the timing was a coincidence!) Anyway, installing the Garmin software update resolved the problem and now the treasure chests show up when I find a cache. For the sake of anyone else still having the same problem, answers to your questions: Yes, the device is registering "Found" caches correctly -- I can see entries added for each in the "geocache_visits.txt" file I'm unable to confirm if the "Show Found" feature is working as expected now that the problem is since resolved. But I recall playing with GPS months ago for this filter feature and it worked then. I don't use the feature to type in a log on my GPS when finding caches When downloading Pocket Queries to the GPS, I always use the option to not include found caches Thanks again for everyone's help and hopefully this problem was as simple as a bug on Garmin's end that has been since resolved.
  4. Thanks for the reply. Clarifications in same order as in response: 1. What have I tried so far? Nothing. I have no idea where to start. I just figured the Garmin software would work the same on all devices, but I guess not. 2. What steps am I taking? When I find a cache, I use the menu option "Geocaching | Log | Found It". Then afterwards, I usually select "Find Next Closest", but sometimes I just select "Done". When I go back to the Map view from main screen, the circular cache icon is still as it was before, i.e. green trad, blue unknown, etc., and not hidden. I don't get a treasure chest or smiley instead indicating I found it. 3. Custom icons thread. I don't know if this is applicable. I don't need to change the icons themselves, they seem to be fine. Unless you are saying there is no icon available for "Found" and I have to add it myself? How would I check to see if it was missing? 4. More on icons. I am just expecting the icon to change from whatever it was (trad, multi, etc.) to treasure chest or smiley or something else so I can easily see that I already found it. I'm not looking to change the icons manually for each cache, that's too much work. Your example screenshot is exactly what I'm looking to accomplish.
  5. Previously I had a Garmin Dakota 20. When you found a cache, the icon on the map was automatically changed from whatever cache type it was to a yellow open treasure chest. This made it very easy to know which caches you found and which you didn't when caching with a group. Now I have a new device Garmin Oregon 700. When you find a cache now, the icon on the map is unchanged. Does anyone know of a way to get the map icon to AUTOMATICALLY change, similar to the Dakota 20? Thanks
  6. This matches my experience (at least we have a consistent answer in this thread now!) Assuming you didn't find any additional methods beyond the Main Menu -> Geocaching -> Search -> GC Live Download -> ... (several menu sub-options), this also means that there is no wireless capability to do a bulk download of caches which would include corrected coordinates. The only way to achieve this is GPX file download: I suspect the 'Send to Garmin' function just directly downloads a GPX file into the \Garmin\GPX folder on your GPSr; and would be the same GPX file should you have manually downloaded the PQ GPX file from the geocaching.com Pocket Query web page. The geocaching.com API that Garmin's 'Geocache Live' feature uses is clearly different and probably downloads one cache at a time directly accessing GC's database. I can't see how this would be a Garmin issue, the geocaching.com API is clearly to blame here. An easy fix would be if geocaching.com could fix the API to fetch corrected coordinates instead. The unfortunate part here is the effort to code this change in the API is less than the time we've spent investigating it. Hey Geocaching.com, if you're watching, PLEASE FIX THIS!
  7. The only successful methods I was able to get corrected coordinates was: 1. Main Menu | Geocaching | Search | GC Live Download | GC Code 2. Main Menu | Geocaching | Search | GC Live Download | Download Near | My Current Location Option 1 obviously sucks because it means I have to (a) know the GC code; and (b) manually key them all in one at a time. Option 2 is problematic if posted coords is far away from corrected coords because of small search radius. Also, it means I can't easily download all the info to my GPS in advance of heading outside and I'd have to tether to my phone for internet access. (well, technically I could download all from home, but it would be a tedious exercise). The only viable solution seems to be plug in the cable and manually copy GPX files to the GPS. I don't suppose anyone knows of a wireless way to do that?
  8. Thanks for including the screenshots, these didn't look like mine at all. I was surprised to learn my (new) device was still at software version 2.6.0 (Aug 2016!). So, now I'm updated to 4.4.0 (released Feb 1, 2019), rebooted and confirmed upgraded. Next I ran the same steps again: Geocaching Live | Geocache Lists | <select Pocket Query> | Sync and waited for background sync to get to 100%. I then selected a cache that should have had corrected coordinates and it still showed me posted. <sigh> What the heck am I doing wrong?
  9. Ah, I see -- I'm not sure how I missed that earlier. Thanks! And it seems to filter by both GPX files and Geocaching Live downloads which is nice.
  10. OK, just for fun I repeated the test with the exception that I left the GPS connected to Wi-Fi for over an hour before disabling Wi-Fi and attempting to access a cache. Unfortunately, the outcome was unchanged. So, it would appear that no additional details are pulled in the background after the initial download is completed, or alternatively an incredible amount of patience is expected by Garmin. :-P
  11. I was looking at the Geocaching | Filter screen on the Oregon 700 and you can filter by cache type and D/T, but I didn't see an option to filter by GPX file. Which screen are we talking about here? Thanks
  12. Interesting, I guess the interface isn't too intuitive then. I figured when I clicked "sync" and it chugged away with the hourglass displayed for almost a whole minute, that ought to have been more than enough time to download a couple megabytes. Thanks for that feedback. I'll try repeating the test and let the unit run for an hour and see if that makes any difference. Although I suspect, it won't address the whole point of my post, which was to figure out how to download corrected coordinates instead of posted coordinates. Do you have any insight into that?
  13. This was a confusing thread to follow, but it seems there are some bits of success amongst all the failure. Can you please clearly explain the steps to achieve success downloading caches with corrected coordinates wirelessly to the Oregon 700? BTW, one observation I noticed that wasn't mentioned in the thread, is when you use Geocaching Live | Geocache Lists | <select Pocket Query> | Sync: After the download completes (doesn't matter whether Wi-Fi or Bluetooth) and you shut off Wi-Fi/BT immediately afterwards, if you look at the downloaded cache, there is only basic information available (GC name, posted coordinates, D/T, size) but NO description and NO logs. So, I suspect another API is being used to fetch the caches because if the GPX file were instead downloaded, all the extra information would have been there. (this is probably why Oregon 700 claims to be able to store "unlimited" geocaches because very little data) When you turn Wi-Fi/BT back on and select the cache again, it goes online and downloads the other information with another API (which probably doesn't fetch the corrected coordinates as everyone is complaining about). I tried the above approach with both Wi-Fi home LAN and BT smartphone integration with Garmin Connect app and the result was the same. The only way I was able to get success was to copy the PQ GPX file manually to the GPS device. I was really hoping I could achieve this wirelessly and not have to plug a cable into the computer, which was my prime motivation to replacing my Dakota 20 with the Oregon 700.
  14. There's got to be a better way to bulk enter multiple new cache listings (and maybe there is!), when laying down a new power-trail. For those of us that carefully list parking and trailhead waypoints, attributes and all kinds of other details on our cache listings, it becomes quite tedious and error-prone through the website GUI to do all this. Wouldn't it be handy if there was an option to create a new cache listing by cloning an existing one? The COPY feature could clone everything about the listing, but not publish, so the edits could be made first.
  15. On a separate thread, there was an indication a fix was applied yesterday. I just tried creating a route and it works now. Thanks!
  16. I'm also having the same issue. Holding down CTRL when I click the "Save Changes" button allows the pop-up to work, but the bug still remains. I never had to deal with pop-ups the last time I created a route (same computer, same software), so I don't think it's that.
  17. I have a Garmin Dakota 20 and run a regular pocket query for unfound caches to update my unit from time to time. It seems if I attempt to find a cache and cannot find it, I log my DNF, my GPS shows the cache as not found. Later, when I eventually refresh my GPS with a refreshed pocket query (GPX file), which includes my DNF log, the GPS now shows the cache as found (when viewing the map)! Any thoughts why this might be the case? I haven't tried to digest the XML content of the file, but I have to imagine something in there is fooling the GPS into thinking it is a found cache. Don't know if its a problem with the GPX file, or with the GPS unit. Anybody have a similar issue? thanks
  18. After a little more searching of the forums, I found my answer http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=256033&st=0&p=4418576&hl=dakota%20hint&fromsearch=1entry4418576. The GUI not always intuitive, but I'll learn it!!
  19. I recently purchased a Garmin Dakota 20. I ran a pocket query to generate the cache and waypoint GPX files (5864155.gpx, 5864155-wpts.gpx). Then copied both to the GPX folder on the Garmin. Next powered up the GPS and viewed the cache. I could see a full description, logs, etc., but NO HINT! Looking at the GPX file, there seems to be a tag in there for the hint, e.g. <Groundspeak:encoded_hints>No need to go diving to find this one.</Groundspeak:encoded_hints> Is there a setting on the Garmin I have to set to display the hint? Do I need to use third-party software to massage the GPX files before downloading to the GPS?
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