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  1. Many thanks to GNBROTZ & CARDINAL RED for their input, both were helpful. Yes, there is a box to check "include additional child waypoints" in the export window when creating a pdf file for cachemate. I never noticed it. Also, when sending waypoints from GSAK there is a check box for including child waypoints. The additional waypoints are now in my Palm but listed under a seperate cache page. By using the search feature in cachemate to find the nearest I can quickly locate it. And I also now have the extra waypoints in my GPS under waypoints. They loaded with an Airport icon but that does'nt matter. I learned something from this when I create my own hides from now on; It wouldn't hurt to include the parking coord in the description to make it easier for others. Thanks for the help
  2. Have been paperless for sometime, but recently went on a cache run & upon arriving I noticed I did not have the additional parking coords in my Palm. This resulted in me making a wrong guess & turning a 4 mile hike into a 6 mile hike. My bad I know. I now see in GSAK that the above cache was listed in BOLD type & the parking coord is not part of the description but this info did not transfer to Cachemate in my Palm. Any one else run into this? Any suggestions? I apologize if this has already been addressed, couldn't find an aswer with the search feature.
  3. I have just recently hid my first 4 caches & I am very excited with this part of Geocaching. Recently though I have noticed that some cache owners have added a disclaimer to the bottom of their listing stating that you take responsibility for your own actions & they are not responsible in any way for any one who searches for their cache. Does anyone feel that this is necessary? Does the Official Geocache Disclaimer at the top of our listings cover us or just Geocaching.com? Maybe I worry too much but could someone take legal action if they were injured, arrested or just plain drop dead while searching for one of my caches?
  4. Recently I have searched several Micro caches with great difficulty looking for a film canister, pill bottle, or even a bison tube only to eventually log a DNF. After putting the caches on my watchlist I finally got clues from other finders that they were actually magnetic Nanos. I find the Nanos to usually be evil hides but I can usually find them if I know that is what I am looking for. Has there ever been any discussion about adding Nano to the cache description list? Or at least if you hide a Nano you should state that it is a Nano search. The most evil would be to hide a Nano as a Mystery cache.
  5. Yeah, I would agree that sometimes I feel that I must look very suspicious to noncachers. Funny that I don't feel that way when I have the kids along or even my wife. It is only those caches where I am alone & the cache is in a play ground or near a development. A few days ago I was caching in a little development park and was probably in plain view of 50 townhomes. After searching for 20 minutes (logging a DNF) I was pulling out of the park and a police car pulled in. Call me paranoid but I think I was ratted out. Another time I was very busy searching for an electric pole cache when a school bus pulled up and started letting kids out that belonged at the house next door. They gave me that "Mommy there's a stranger lurking out front" look, I quickly pretended to be the meter man and was busy logging the meter reading in my GPS. Had to leave and came back to retrieve another day to find it but the whole time feeling if I was spotted again what would happen.
  6. I just received City Select for my Garmin 60c. I orderd vs 6 on 12/29th from Amazon for $104.99 including shipping. I eas planning to upgrade to vs7 through Garmin after I received the disc. I received it yesterday 1/6 & was very pleased to see that Amazon automatically upgraded me & sent vs7 . Loaded it today & it works great.
  7. Just got my Garmin 60C at shipdog.com. They had the same price that Circuit City had offerred during Thanksgiving @$313 but I saved the sales tax with shipdog & they offered free shipping. Had my unit in 3 days. Great service.
  8. I seem to be very good at making a fairly simple cache hide much more difficult to find than it needed to be.
  9. Thanks for the reminder. I had missed this the first time it was shown so was glad to finally see it. Though I do wonder where their researchers went wrong in showing that caches are buried? OOPS?
  10. Though am I right to assume you should not have more than one find per cache? I just recently hid a multicache and had a person log the first part as a find but did not find the final leg of the cache. They came back a couple of days later and found the second part and logged that as a find also. I sent them an email and they changed the first to a DNF. Is there any time that a cache could be logged as a find more than once?
  11. Yes I have been lurking. Actually I have been geocaching for a bout a year and a half but have recently started to hide my first caches. I have found the forum to be really helpful & interesting reading. I haven't had to ask any questions yet but now that I "got my feet wet" I might as well introduce myself & jump in.
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