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  1. This is probably a "stupid" question, but I have too many geocaches loaded on to my Garmin Colorado 400t (given to me as a gift ....and I am pleased) .... but how do I delete the cache files off and have them load on to the SD card I installed? I can't seem to delete the files from the device or move them to the SD. I guess I am way concerned about deleting any pre-programed data on the device. When I bring up what I believe to be GPX files, there is no info to indicate that they are geocache files and I always get a warning that I may be deleting pre-programed data. The manual is not too clear. Maybe its just my newbie mojo ?? Any help would be great. Thanks
  2. are there any more manuals/books out there that are more detailed than the one Garmin provided? I am new to this and need a much better understanding of the workings of the device. Help a "newbie" out??
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