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  1. Thank you, Bill93, that's helpful.
  2. I found this while geocaching. Is it something, or nothing?
  3. I made a mistake and logged a Travel Bug into a cache without leaving the Travel Bug. Now, GC.com won't let me retrieve the Travel Bug again. How do I get it back into my inventory so I can properly drop it in a cache?
  4. Usually in the Geocaching Blog, and/or in the weekly newsletter. The Blog/newsletter is used for announcing most of the promotional souvenirs that are often based on a specific date (or date range, as was the case for the souvenir a day in August a couple of years ago.) The blog/newsletter and even forum posts were used to announce that last batch of country/region based souvenirs. However, there is *usually* a souvenir available for Mega/Giga events and those are listed on A-Team's souvenir page. This is from the last newsletter: Celebrate Get Outdoors Day with Geocaching This Saturday is Get Outdoors Day. You probably know what that means… It’s time to get out geocaching! By finding a geocache or attending an event on June 11, you’ll even earn a new souvenir for your profile.
  5. I got a Souvenir for attending a flash mob event in 2013 & 2014 on World Wide Flash Mob day. I didn't (yet) get one for attending a World Wide Flash Mob event this year (6-4-16). Is Groundspeak no longer awarding souvenirs for WWFMs?
  6. I like receiving the Groundspeak Weekly Newsletter. I'd like to suggest an improvement. The Newsletter announces Upcoming Events and Recent Geocaches in my area. That's great, but why not present the same information in a table format that can be sorted by any column. That way the list could be sorted by Name, event (or posted) date, distance from home, or cache owner. The most useful of these are distance and date, but why not do all of them? It seems like that should be relatively easy and it would make the information a whole lot easier to use. Thanks. ============== Sludge_Shoveler
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