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  1. I hate the english language. too many rules...
  2. cool Hot topic!!! answers that Question! 50 is the hot topic #. hey Knigkt2000, how did you get the bowing emoticons?
  3. welcome! I recommend a Lowrance GPS. good company with a wide price range!
  4. When I finish my Quick edit, my options are complete edit or Cancel Edit. I think the Complete edit name is more or less confusing. I think it's easily mistaken for full edit. the name should be changed to "Finish Edit". anyone agree?
  5. Not that surprising. They are designed to keep pills organized, out of the hands of chilruns, and protect them from the harsh climate of the average medicine cabinet, not to protect pills from the elements. You would think they could keep moisture out, but then again that is answered by the "store in a COOL, DRY place" label!
  6. that's unfortunate for all involved.
  7. you mean Netbooks. the laptop that can almost fit in your pocket
  8. It's a suggestion, I don't know the details. Groundspeak can figure that out. I just gave an idea.
  9. Nooo... i never would have guessed...
  10. why do VCR's (Volunteer Cache Well... you know) have one find. whats the point of the one find?
  11. How many posts untill a forum topic is a hot topic?
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