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  1. Thanks for all your responses. I'll keep using it then. It works fairly well I must say. I wish, however, that it would give turn by turn directions a little faster. My friend has a Magellan RoadMate700 and it gives directions lightning fast. Maybe the processor in my 60c is not quite as fast as in the Magellan.

  2. I'm totally new to geocaching. I'm looking forward to finding caches and doing trades. I always attend the outdoor retailer conventions and have tons of trinkets that I have collected. I am going to use these as trade items since they are kinda hard to come by I think. This is going to be my key to getting rid of some of the MANY trinkets I have from outdoor manufacturers. What would I like to find? Don't know. Don't have any experience finding a cache quite yet. I would want to rade for something I could actually use once or twice and then re-trade.

  3. I am brand new to the sport of geocaching. I bought a 60C and am able to enter waypoints in the trip and waypoint manager and download them into my GPS. How do you manually enter the coordinates in the GPS? I can't seem to find this in the manual. Thanks for your help and advice.

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