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  1. Wake up!!! Get dressed!!! At 2pm we are having a hike at Sterling forest (meet at Lautenberg Visitor's Center) and then tomorrow, Saturday, we are having 10 20 minute presentations about IRON! Well, sort of. And you can buy IRON books! And then Sunday at 10 there's another hike at Long Pond Ironworks.


    Know what you're walking over.

  2. Tiffany's Head Slave experienced a DIFFERENT L&L problem last week.

    He had purchased a couple of L&Ls and had them on one of the counters just waiting to get filled with swag and placed. He came home one day and they were GONE! He searched high and low for them until he noticed two of them in the refrigerator and they were fileld with FOOD!

    While he could not prove that they were the same containers, he is very suspicious that they were hijacked from their intended purpose.

  3. Also, regarding the question about starting in NJ and ending in NY. The vote was to stay strictly NJ so it wouldn't qualify.


    Then that would change my NY/NJ Multi State Multi Cache vote for most awesme experience. I offically change it to Whitt's Cliffs

    Brown Noser!

  4. Sounds like yet another Geocacher has succumbed to the will of Tiffany and has left a piece of tribute as their sign of devotion to Tiffany.

    Yes, we thought that also. We also noted the initials HRM on the other side of the stick which stands for "Her Royal Majesty" (of course)

  5. Tiffany and her slaves were on the hunt for the new Treequest cache "Ryker lake Bridge In" and came upon a very odd looking Walking Stick. It has some words on it but we can't quite make them out. Can anybody help identify the owner? B)



  6. You don't need to RSVP - just show up. The talks on Saturday are going to be from 9 to about 5 - there's 10 20 minute talks. I (the Chief Assistant) am on at about 9:30. My talk, of course, will be so wonderful that the heavens will open, sunlight will pour down, etc. Ed Lenik, the archaeologist who wrote the Iron Mine Trails book (as well as Indians in the Ramapos and Picture Rocks) has organized all of this. It's a good place to trade ideas.

  7. Have you ever wondered what those piles of rocks are that you climb over to get caches? Have you ever wondered why there are random holes in the ground, sometimes filled with water? Have you ever stubbed your toe on an iron rod sticking up out of the ground? Well, the come to the infamous annual(ish) Northeastern Ironmaker's (previously Ironmaster's, but we're politically correct) Conference on Saturday, Oct. 15, probably starting around 9 am.


    The Famous Archaeologist Ed Lenik is leading this conference but he isn't leading the hikes. One hike on Friday, Oct. 14, is being led from the Sterling Forest Visitor's Center, NY, at 2pm on Friday, by Sterling Forest personnell (but we checked, they're OK). Another hike is taking place Sunday at 10 am from Lond Pond Ironworks, NJ. Paul Frost is leading that one. Ed's books will be on sale though, as will those of Rodney Johnston (about Edison Mines). Both Rodney and Tiffany's Chief Assistant will be giving talks.


    The conference is at Sterling State Park Visitor's Center. If you have never visited it, you should - it has the best dioramas explaining the iron industry that exist. If you would like to come, please RSVP to Carol Johnson at cjohnson@njit.edu. We want you there!!!!!

  8. Sorry, I have plans on saturday, but if anyone else is looking for bear free fun, There will be a moving van going from Mahwah to Jefferson Saturday morning. I am going to make all of my stuff into travel bugs and let the cachers move them on down for me.


    There are three caches within walking distance and no roads to cross. I can't wait to get out there.


    PS- I am bringing Team Bam Bam off the disabled list to lift my entertainment center and sleeper sofa.

    Do you hafta bring HIM?


    Which 3 caches?

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