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  1. A wag of the tail to my canine buddy
  2. I spotted one in West Milford on Monday but somehow it did not make it onto the news.
  3. A wag of the tail to you in recognition of the achievement
  4. I did check the memory and actually made more space when the problem first came up. This DID work for over a year and now suddenly has stopped. Yesterday, I managed to upload my 500 caches but in 4 smaller chunks - far too much effort considering it used to handle 500 caches just fine. Yes, I may have to do it directly to memory stick. Will try that next week
  5. I have been using Cachemate for over a year now and about a month ago, it stopped syncing with my SJ22. This is my PQ for 500 local caches and it looks like it might be timing out so I tried to upload smaller updates - It looks like in the 100's works but 260 points did not. Anybody have any ideas of what might be the problem?
  6. Thats fine as long as us North Jersey types don't get put in the box with TRENTON!
  7. We North Jerseyans are HAPPY to cede Trenton to SOUTH JERSEY (along with the delightful village of Camden)
  8. NICE! Tiffany's Slaves searched all over for that cache approx 15 months ago but it had gone missing. Obviously it has been re-set. Nice place!
  9. Klizich is retired? Who Knew..... I thought he was just quick (like floopy)
  10. Don't you be making noise now. I need my beauty sleep. Boy... we'll ALL agree with Brian that he needs BEAUTY sleep!
  11. If word gets out that the fearful Mr Snat is coming, then perhaps there will be more vacancies (and smart people bringing in their livestock at night)
  12. Having just returned from a Business Trip to the Tampa area where I had a chance to sample a number of thier caches, just about any caching area in NNJ is far superior. We don't have malls with 2 or 3 caches in the parking lots or, even better, a series in car washes(!). Sheesh... most of our are in the WOODS!
  13. Well, the Dolphin is doing his best to fill that void!
  14. A BIG wag of the tail to the real brains of the outfit - the REAL Quoddy. You too John!
  15. Congratulations Kane... thats 3 local 300's in a very short time - Joiseygirl, you and us! A big wave of the tail to you
  16. Hmmmm On that last one, I wonder if it has ANYTHING to do with that pesky SUPERFUND SITE that the trail goes through? Anybody for caching in a chem/bio protection suit?
  17. brian You need to throw us a 1K party in celebration of the 1000th tick we removed. The bottle is getting kinda full though
  18. A celebratory wag of the tail to you!
  19. After getting part of the way through the line to give our condolences, we came to the first picture board and right in the center of it was a picture of Helmut and family under the sign congratulating him on his 1000th find... A great time that we had been thinking about earlier in the day. A few of his "Skully and Mulder" poker chips and some geo buttons were also on display. The occasion was so very sad but the incredible outpouring of friends that were there speaks volumes for those of us lucky enough to have known him.
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