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  1. Tiffany has inducted her whole family into the sport. The main cachers are the Head Slave and the Chief Assistant but there are also a total of four junior slaves ranging in age from 11 to 19. All have cached on at least one occasion but only the younger two junior slaves seem to be very interested. http://www.tiffanythedog.com
  2. They're scaring me too. But as you all know, we don't call him Squealy for nuthin'. OOOOOOH, sounds like an ACCUSATION!!!
  3. How about the reverse... I have trained my human slaves to find the caches although I will occasionally use my keen nose to lead the way.
  4. Tiffany is growling loudly and would be glad to bite the culprit
  5. Tiffany says it will be Friday Aug 27th. If she is right, he gets to buy her a hamburger.
  6. Tiffany wags her tail in recognition of your accomplishment and would be glad to eat a hamburger with you in celebration of this accomplishment.
  7. I believe Team Rampant Lion was still enjoying a cold one and the Chief Assistant had arrived as I was leaving. So there! No Team Shibby or Lunaruby tho. OK Brian... if that is your story then perhaps the Head Slave had a couple too many to realize the order of departure. Tiffany however still votes for you
  8. >I was not last to leave either of those nights. Team Shibby and Lunaruby were ordering another round as I left each time. Ahhh Brian we seem to be forgetting the "my favorite hole: Beer and Munchies" I seem to recall The Chief Assistant and I leaving you as the last cacher standing! You have the Tiffany's Slaves votes locked up!
  9. Tiffany is waggin her tail in mute adoration and congratulation. Will you respond with a hamburger please?
  10. Tiffany herself wags her tail in your general direction... and since she is in the Jefferson area also, you can probably feel the breeze
  11. It is far too early for Tiffany to grant final approval but at this juncture, it appears that the Head Slave and the Chief Assistant may be allowed to make an appearance.
  12. I might be up for a short after work meet. Real busy right now and going away on Friday for the weekend but I could probably squeeze in an hour or so
  13. Tiffany has ordered her slaves to always log DNFs. In fact we logged 2 DNFs TODAY (and found one cache). If her majesty Tiffany directs it then it must be the right thing to do.
  14. Best of luck and hope you can find many caches in your future. Enjoyed talking to you at the NightSweats II and particularly appreciate the maps. Tiffany's Head Slave.
  15. Tiffany is preparing to command her slaves to appear. Probably the Head Slave and Chief Assistant.
  16. Sorry to be a total newb but could someone explain what is meant by "unlocked"?
  17. My thanks also for an enjoyable (FIRST!) event. It was great to meet so many of you ... especially those who create such TORTUROUS searches! Tiffany herself was very pleased with my report and hopes to attend a future gathering herself.
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