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  1. A congratulatory wag of the tail even though Tiffany remembers the horror that was "Dude Where's my Cache"
  2. Hurry back, maybe you'll get him next time.. (Tiffany is not a Bear fan)
  3. And WHAT graves might those be???? Seeing how the slaves LIVE off BVR, and have a couple of caches near it in the planning stages, this sort of information is NEEDED!
  4. Tiffany is rolling over and wagging her tail in celebration of your awesome feat. The magnitude of it all is forcing her onto the waterbed to "ponder" that many places to sniff.
  5. The Head Slave and two of the junior slaves did a caching expedition during a visit to Washington last weeklend. Even though the Head Slave had been there many, many times in the past, following the GPS through the cache hunt led him through a lot of new and interesting places. Recommend you do a tour around the mall area - including the Smithsonian buildings and you should easily find 15 or more in one foot expedition. Aside from the numbers, it is a fun trek!
  6. A celebratory wag of the royal tail to you!
  7. Tiffany offers a celebratory wag of the tail. A full Doggie kiss is witheld because Tifffany remembers how hard "Poplopen Tourne" really was for four short legs.
  8. Tiffany thanks you as well and would be perfectly willing to share a hamburger with you if you bring her one.
  9. Tiffany wags her tail in your general (South Westerly) direction and is sending you air "doggie kisses" in recognition of your awsome accomplishment. She says, in honor of this important event, you should send me a hamburger.
  10. Tiffany wags her tail in your general direction in recognition of your accomplishment.
  11. Brian is correct here - some of them will require a short drive to reposition. BUT... if you park in the FIRST Mahlon Dickerson parking area (when coming from the North it is on your RIGHT)... You might want to try them in this order Parking Lot... 1. Driving Boulders 2. Highest Point in Morris County 3. David's Rock Collection 4. TRL Highlands Hike 5. Broken back in the Woods 6. TRL for the Love of the Highlands 7. Recycled Cache Then Backtrack part of the way 8. Rooster's Potato Head Cache Back to Parking Lot Then 9 Needful Things VI 10 Remembering Gerima Drive a couple of miles South for 11 Autumn at Saffins Pond Then, a short drive or a bit of a hike to 12 Uncle Tom's Treerock Cache Then, Drive back North - get 13 Ski Bowl (tough climb after doing this much hiking though) and finally 14 Creative Cache II - Might be pretty tough but not much of a hike. This route is from Tiffany's Head Slave and is based on having done 12 of the 14 listed ... From the Chief Assistant... the Head Slave's route seems to be correct but she does not think that doing all 14 in one day is feasible
  12. Really, who knew! But based on a passing resemblence perhaps they are distant twins twice removed?
  13. Brian Should I crunch down the Ammo Box at "Mecca's Dam It" to get it down to small size?
  14. Don't blame me, that's Skully & Mulder territory. And Treequest, and Team Rampant Lion, and Tick Magnets, and even little old ME!
  15. Both Ringwood Ramble I and II (both are multis) took a week. Since being listed for a week now, NEITHER HAS BEEN FOUND! (hint hint hint)
  16. Tiffany offers you a wet sloppy congratulatory kiss
  17. Tiffany wags her tail in your general direction and truly hopes to meet up with the REAL Quoddy someday
  18. Your problem is that you are not a middle aged white female driving a green Subaru Farrester says the Chief Assistant. In her experience, the police rarely even SEE her.
  19. Tiffany does not want to meet any potential dog goomers... EVER! And VETS are also personna non grata in her eyes!
  20. Geez, Seems like half of these people were at your EVENTS... Maybe you need to hold off on the stout a little bit. And to think, you didn't even list TIFFANY
  21. Seems to me I heard SOMEONE in chat advising a newbie to log their own caches on a frequent basis.
  22. Tiffany wags her tail in your general direction in mute adoration. If you were within reach she would be licking you now in honor of your achievement.
  23. Tiffany wags her tail in your direction in mute admiration.
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