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  1. The actual archive where I found this material was in the Hagley Library in Delaware, of all places. I know historical material should end up near its sources but sometimes it doesn't. They don't have this material listed in the ms catalog (it's mostly interoffice memos from McGuire) and, in fact, it's uncatalogued. I was there doing research on another topic when I found it. Since it wasn't a main issue for me I didn't copy it at 25 cents per page. So I don't have proof. I guess, like the Wizard of Oz said to Dorothy near the end of the move "I'm not a very good wizard . . . "
  2. Tiffany is Queen and Ruler of JCGSS, the Jersey Canine Geocaching and Sniffing Society.
  3. The Slaves visited Wierd NJ The Downed Jet We chose to do this on our 150th cache. It's a great cache - we had read about it in Wierd NJ and had discussed it with our friends from the historical society, but we never thought we would actually see it. I'm glad we did. However, I must say that the description of the jet's history is a little off. I'm a historian, and I know it wasn't a simple downed jet. One of our NJHHS members researched the local archives several years ago and published an article about it. This is the real story - It took off from McQuire AFB in South Jersey. It was a junior officer in the Air Force who was engaged to a woman from West Milford. Even though it was a training jet for two people, he was in it alone. He ran into some trouble - drugs, or depression, or something - and went AWOL. His fiancee had just broken off their engagement and he had every intention of crashing the jet into her house. Fortunately, he couldn't see her house from the air. He was running low on gas (they figured this out later) and he kept trying to find it but for some reason it was took too long. Then suddenly he saw it and he headed straight for it - it was about halfway up Clinton Road and she was there with her whole family - but he ran out of gas and crashed there in the swamp. He was not saved and he did die. When they first went to look for the downed jet, it took them a long time. The area is all swamp - in fact, it was harvested as peat moss at one point - and it is a vast bog between two mountain ridges. They sent in several exploratory parties, but with no luck. Then one of the locals, who had hunted in the area for a long time, offered to go in and look. He found it. By then the body of the officer, hanging off the branch of a tree, was somewhat infested with bugs but they salvaged what they could. They also took the engine of the plane. It's pretty tame now, but afterwards strange things began to happen in that area. Ghostly lights appeared, there were strange noises (like the sound of a jet engine) and anyone who went there heard a voice that said "Mine . . . mine, mine mine." Ever since that day, they say the ghost of the officer wanders up and down Clinton Road looking for the right address. Make sure to visit this cache. It's worth the treck. But don't try it in the summer - you may sink in the bog.
  4. A celebratory wag of the tail to you !
  5. Tiffany's Head Slave and Chief Assistant had a 4 cache day on Sunday with 3 FTFs! El Grande Cheapo by Klizich, Mulder's Multi Terrain Cache by Skully and Mulder in the morning around trips to and from religious school and then Rockaway's Cascading Cache and Saffin's Outback both of which are by Treequest. A good (though tiring) time was had by all (both)
  6. Tiffany's Slaves are in Jefferson Township, Morris Couny which has many (MANY!) fine caches.
  7. A celebratory wag of the tail to one of the "leading lights" of Event Caches and caching in general. And to say nothing of the owner of the largest GPSR COLLECTION the slaves have ever seen!
  8. Tiffany's Head Slave came from a military background since his dad was a Naval Aviator for 43 years including Guadalcanal, Berlin Airlift and Vietnam. The Head Slave entered the Navy in 1974 as a midshipman and after 11 yrs active and the rest reserve, is still serving as an O5 in the Naval Reserve. Been many, many (MANY) places including Beirut when the embassy was bombed, the Persian Gulf to launch airstrikes against Saddam and lots of other interesting places. One of his early jobs was Ship's Navigator in the pre-GPS days so he is one of the folks that can do it the old fashioned way with a sextant and the stars. One of the Junior Slaves is very motivated to follow in the family footsteps and join the Navy in a few years.... Time will tell. Tiffany Herself has spent quite a bit of time aboard a variety of Army and Navy Bases - and thoroughly enjoys "closely examining" parade fields and other ground expeditions.
  9. A celebratory wag of the tail and (if you are within range) a lick on the hand to the FAKE Quoddy
  10. Yeah, he's really from Texas. Sounded more like Louisiana to Tiffany
  11. Tiffany the Intrepid Hound Searching. Tiffany the Intrepid Hound Preparing for the search:
  12. A celebratory wag of the tail to Trail Hound.
  13. Tiffany wishes all a Merry Christmas and hopes to see you on the trail in the new year... especially if you will bring her some chicken or hamburger.
  14. Another NY area cacher here - but I cache in the far northwestern New Jersey mountains and the problem here is not humans, it is Black Bears. They grow to over 300 Kg and are a real problem in some cache areas. I too grew up in the city - and never ran into anything on the streets that could not be handled with a stick, rock or perhaps a knife but the bears are different. Approx 2 yrs ago, one took a baby from outside its home and killed it in the nearby vicinity. There have been many, many cases of livestock and pets being mauled. As a 30+ year member of the US military (currently reservist), I would venture a guess that I am fairly safe and reliable around firearms. I also target shoot as a hobby (but do not hunt). Given the Black Bear problem and the danger that I see, I am beginning to think it is time to bring my trusty .45 cal pistol with me in some areas.
  15. Tiffany too offers her hope for a speedy recovery. the fewer dogs out on the trail the fewer canine "caches" there will be to sniff and admire.
  16. Tiffanys offers a wet celebratory lick as long as some steak is shared
  17. Tiffany ALLOWS her slaves to cache with her.
  18. A celebratory wag of the tail to you in recognition of your accomplishment.
  19. A congratulatory wag of the tail to you. A question though - did you do THIS ONE on Mountain Bikes?
  20. Tiffany offrers a warm doggie kiss and a wag of the royal tail in your general direction in recognition of your accomplishment. But on the other hand. >300th find - 100th hide - 10000th forum post - a very impressive last month or so for Mr Snat. Sooooo 400 some odd ACTIONS and 10,000 SPEECHES. With that ratio of talk to actoin, perhaps Brian should consider becoming a politician?
  21. Tiffany resides in Northwestern Morris (was it really named for a cat?) County and keeps slaves with her in order to attend to her every need (especially opening the refrigerator). Many, many nice caches withing a short distance too... unfortunately, most of the local cachers belong in a CITO bag ;-)
  22. Kevin It appears that Tiffany's Slaves will be attending with some of the Junior Slaves
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