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  1. Also, do not, I repeat do not rub your entire body with a porterhouse steak, then smear honey and jelly all over it and run naked past a bear. This can cause problems (I speak from experience). I heard through the grapevine that putting a scratch and sniff photos of Brian Snat on the ground and backing away will keep the bears entertained while you exit the area. Seriously though... answering some of the prior posts. First of all as for WESTERN Massachsetts - I lived there for 8 yrs - mid 80s on and there are DEFINITELY black bears (lots) of them around. When you see them on South Street (major road) in the city (!), you can imagine what is out in the hills. as for living in Bearsville USA (Northwestern New Jersey), we had a visit from a huge bear (600 lbs or so) on our FIRST morning in this house. They also visited our old neighborhood - which is a multi-street subdivision with small lots and STILL go wandering through regularly looking for trash or other food sources. When going caching you should keep a whistle tied to your pack where you can get to it in a hurry so you can make noise and (hopefully) scare them away. If that does not work, try the picture of Snat...
  2. Tiffany is more concerned with the types of OWNERs that geocaching dogs should have. Since SHE finds the geocaches, what she wants is to have the humans OPEN the cache (also any refrigerators she passes). The humans are also good for ordering and paying at emergency snack locations such as McDonalds. Tiffany's Shameless self-promotion In keeping with the spirit of the thread, Tiffany is part Poodle and part Shi-Tsu
  3. Mark I think the Purple one was supposed to be for Squealy!
  4. A celebratory Wag of the tail to you!
  5. Heck no! Ours is going into Melvin's Multiple Madness Hart and Brian have already volunteered to go out and place it. No problem. Hey... lets level the playing field here. New Jersey is putting our flag in a CACHE while LawnGuyLand is putting theirs in an "ACHE". Quote from the Joe's referenced page: "It is the fifth and final location of a multiple ache. " So if the lawn guys put theirs in an "ACHE" then so should we.... maybe TRL's EPIC Caches (pick one of them)?
  6. This cache is located at a plane crash site... the cache itself is actually located ON/IN the wreckage. The Wrecked Jet in New Jersey If you look at the Gallery, You can see the shape that the plane is in. As I read the thread, I noted that the supposed list of plane crashes for New Jersey does not seem to include this one.
  7. Tiffany's head Slave found a cache in Lawnguyland!
  8. A celebratory wag of the tail to you... Tiffany would be glad to share a Hamburger with you anytime!
  9. I have looked at quite a few caches here in New Jersey and other then the very few highway rest area caches, i have not seen any "parking Lot Micros". I think that I remember hearing that there are hundreds of them in other areas though... just not many here in NJ.
  10. No, I not confused. Naming the cache 'Jersey' was very appropriate - given its location. Yes but that cache SHOULD be a Superfund site. Pot - the Kettle is calling!
  11. Hey... the truth is that in Geocaching Terms Nothern New Jersey = |<------------------- HUGE --------------------->| Rest of Northeast (esp LI) = |<- TINY ->|
  12. Hey Splicing Dan, the Head Slave thinks that you are confusing the great STATE of new jersey with your own cache named JERSEY After doing THAT cache, the Head Slave's HANDS could have been registered as a Superfund site! Never had anything like that show up on a STATE of New Jersey cache!
  13. A celebratory wag of the tail to you! We must point out though that your series of urban micro caches are the sort of thing that one must ENDURE once in a while. The environment is not to be BELIEVED!
  14. Even if we had Fishers, they would not be as bad as visiting lawnguylanders
  15. Careful Grandpaernie... There is supposed to be a maniac wandering around Morris County who CLAIMS to be a geocacher but is actually from the movie "Deliverance". Don't let him get you alone on the trail!!!!!
  16. It's not a bobcat. It's too big. I think it's a grey wolf. I know there aren't supposed to be wolves around here, but there aren't supposed to be wolfs in the Adirondacks either, and I saw one there. I know people in Ringwood who live near the dump and spend a lot of time in the woods and they say they've seen wolves too. The only other thing would be a large feral dog, but they usually go in packs and I don't know of any packs around here.
  17. I tried figuring it out and the result was that I realized you need more than one print to make a judgement. It could be fox, dog, or wolf. Of course there are feral dogs here and there, so all three are possible. You have to look at the gait and the distance between the prints. Also need several photos of the prints. Chief Assistant (and sometime Historian of Planes)
  18. A wag of the tail to our "neighbor" and especially the hider of such fine caches.
  19. Yes. The NTSB database contains information on every aircraft-related accident/incident that occurs within the United States. It also contains brief listings summarizing the factual elements of events involving aircraft of US manufacture that occured outside of the US. So its documented that no plane ever crashed there, yet there is a plane. Now I'm REALLY getting scared . And this picture is of something that does not exist! And Now I what appears to be a person behind the jet but there was nobody there when we took it! Who is this person and whay is he in the picture.
  20. I recently did this with my daughters and agree about Virtual Central. A couple of my personal favorites : Out of the Swamp (GC9D91) - What I learned here was amazig Well I Declare (GC77F7) Even though I'd been to the area many times, this was a big surprise Pointing Skyward (GCBB5C) At the Air and Space Museum Thre are others to be done - I also liked one at the Canadian Embassy (Neighbors), the Natural History Museum ("He's Tops") and the Navy Memorial (The Lone Sailor) but I am not sure you will be at those locations.
  21. I am pretty familiar with the cache in question (Valley View Lookout) as it is reasonably close to my home. When I moved in a couple of years ago, a couple of outdoors minded neighbors told us that there have been occasional sightings of mountain lion in our area which basically goes from Berkshire Valley Road up and over a very rugged set of ridges into the norhtern part of Picatinney Arsenal (US Army base). Because it is so rugged, it is possible that something like a Moountain lion could stay out of sight for the most part. The ridge system that contains Valley View Lookout is across Berkshire Valley Road from the area that I described and it is not out of the question for wildlife to move back and forth across to that ridge.
  22. >So what do you consider to be a "significant hike", worthy of using the significant hike attribute on the cache page? So Mr Brian Snat.... How "significant" are your new Maneater caches on Green Pond Mountain?
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