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  1. The Head Slave decided to check out how the Great Falls would look with so much water. It was MEMORABLE. The rainbow points to where he hid a new cache that holds the Long island Capture the Flag TB.
  2. Garmin - Many choices. For the money, the GPS V is approx $250 US and includes the CitySelect Software, Car Mount and DC Car Cable. It is not color and requires a Serial port (thus is slow) but the price is GREAT for a mapping/autorouting GPSr
  3. Speaking of Film, This photo shows what an animal will do to an EMPTY film canister - being used as a stage in THIS multi. All it held was a laminated pice of paper (coordinates to stage 3). Bottom Line! Living in Bear Country, Tiffany will tell you to leave the food at HOME... never in a cache. And believe the posters who tell you that hand lotion, candles, toothpaste, etc will also draw unwanted animal attention.
  4. A celebratory wag of the tail to you
  5. Yes, the area around "Mecca's Dam It" still has some snow in places but the dam itself has about a foot of water moving over it.
  6. HoundGrrrls... A question from an out of stater. The Head Slave is thinking of putting in a multi/puzzle cache - starting about a block from Maryland Ave/King George St and then ending on Rt 2 in the area of the Scenic Overlook/Vets memorial. Do know if this policy would affect that placement?
  7. Baby this Iland rips the bones off your back Its a Death Trap Its a suicide rap We gotta get out while we're young Cause Tramps like us baby we were born to RUN! Spoken by countless millions of motorists as they sit in the Parking lot known as the LIE
  8. A celebratory wag of the tail to you both and a big wet kiss to Tiffany's pal Squealy!
  9. If you host a cache event, Avroair will come..... no matter how many miles as long as there is a smiley and a beer in sight.
  10. Edit: I don't log my finds anymore, I just touch them with a stick. Only Middle a' Nowhere requires a permit (easy enough to get). Graffitti Rock ramble requires a fairly lengthy hike considering there are no pubs along the way!
  11. I owe him a beer? No way! BrianSnat sucks! 347 or not! Hey, Tiffany is not too fond of him either but she did offer to share her kibble!
  12. Uhhhh, not quite. I had (and used) a Palm 3x for 3 years and went through many many battery changes. If you change them within a few minutes (I think the max is 11) the data is not lost due to another internal battery. My rechargable Sonys that I have now DO lose their data from time to time if I do not keep them charged.
  13. Tiffany's Slaves have been commanded to welcome you.
  14. Tiffany offers a wag of the tail to you and offers to share her kibble with you when you reach 350. You can combine that with Squealy buying you a beer.
  15. Tiffany has added a Geocaching page to her personal website tiffanythedog.com
  16. The slaves are in for 2 of each
  17. Hey TRL, Treequest is in MORRIS COUNTY!!!!! A celebratory wag of the tail to one of our favorite cache hiders.
  18. A celebratory wag of the tail to you.
  19. A celebratory wag of the tail in recognition of your 100th. And welcome to our world.
  20. A wag of the tail to you. Was Tiffany's signature still in the snow at the jet?
  21. Welcome to the sport. Tiffany will be very glad to welcome you persoanlly if you bring her a hamburger.
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