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  1. Just upgraded my iPhone and now can't log into the Geocaching App - It keeps saying that "An Account with username 'Tiffany's Slaves' does not exist yet I am currently logged into the site with that username.
  2. Kevin Sorry to be so late on this but you have our condolences. I remember meeting Bailey on a number of occasions and she was indeed a great dog. Tiffany is now blind and "bumps" her way around the house but she still loves being part of "the Pack" with the head slave and Tiffany's chief assistant. During the Head Slave's illness and recovery last year, she stayed close by and helped him recover. Unfortunately, she really isn't up to caching any loneger except around her food bowl.
  3. The Slaves will try to attend. We have been less active for the past few months due to medical stuff but we hope to attend at least the Krogh's part.
  4. Congratulations I remember all so well the party that we had to celebrate your 3000th cache.. where we had to change the cake from 3000 to 3145!
  5. Congratulations I remember all so well the party that we had to celebrate your 3000th cache.. where we had to change the cake from 3000 to 3145!
  6. I am pretty sure that we will be attending... Third Year in a row
  7. Tiffany's Slaves would like to come... depends on the date.
  8. Cache maintenance as owners is simple. Visit your cache that "Z" visited, no name in the logbook, no find. Immediate deletion. If you find that "Z' did not indeed visit your cache, a quick note to the owners of the other (2) questionable caches could be warranted. If the finder has a valid explanation, you'll hear from them quickly when they see the "log delete" notice This is a good way to do it. Z may have found it later. Plus Z may have found a bunch of caches that day with X and Y and just copied and pasted the same log for all his/her caches. I guess Z is innocent until proven guilty.... We can't get back there for a few weeks so we'll have to see about that. In order to not be too identifiable, I left out a couple of things that were said. I can tell you this.. Cacher Z did NOT find the other two caches. One of the other cachers was his "caching buddy" for the weekend and I do not know if that person might have logged for him. this was pretty rough terrain and I am pretty sure that they did not go back to it again as the day was drawing to an end.
  9. The OTHER TWO caches that we did with X and Y were also logged by Z and in the logs, he mentioned having been there with them. He was not there with them! I'm having a hard time following your X Y & Z thing. So you saw X & Y, No Z. Z was nearby though waiting for X &Y (as in they were out on a day of caching). Then when you saw Z logged it you check the log and Z's log was there? This does not sound like a problem. Just odd.
  10. So The Tiffany's Slaves team were at the GONE event and went to do some cache maintenance. After getting the chore done, we went to get a couple of nearby caches. When we had the first of them in hand, two more cachers showed up, one of whom we knew. I will call them Cacher X and Cacher Y. As we chatted a bit, they mentioned having been with a third person who was now waiting for them elsewhere. That person will be cacher Z. So we then went to do the other nearby cache (neither X nor Y had the info) and made the find. Then, we headed back together, X and Y to get our cache that we had just done maintenance on and Tiffany's Slaves to head back to the event. X and Y dropped off from us about 500 or so ft from the cache. The next day, I was reviewing finds on our cache and noticed one from someone who mentioned having done the cache with X and Y and having teamed with them for the event. I thought to myself that gee, we must have missed this person in the few minutes between when we left X and Y and when they reached the cache but hey, maybe they came along a few minutes later. BUT... something in the log did not add up and I wondered if we were being scammed so I went back and looked in the logs for the two caches that we did with X and Y. Sure enough... Cacher Z had logged them as having done them with X and Y. LOL.. there were only TWO of them. So.. should I invalidate the log on OUR cache? We aren't really sure about that one as we were not there when X and Y signed. But the other two caches... the logs are BOGUS! Do we do something?
  11. Kevin, we haven't found any like that in a while but we'll keep our eyes open.
  12. Maybe if that creepy Snat guy isn't there...
  13. They mount up soooo fast. Seems like only yesterday, we were celebrating number 3000 Congratulations
  14. Don't know if we can make it but there is NO WAY that we are gonna kiss Avroair! Or that Snat dude either
  15. But the coldness is an asset on some caches. (Hint Hint Hint). Even thought the head slave has a bad cold, Tiffany's Slaves were out today for a swamp cache that is much tougher in warm weather.
  16. Gee... there is a topic started but no post to go with it. What is that Snat guy up to ??????
  17. A big wag of the tail to you from one hound to another
  18. Don't get "escorted" by Brian. The last three geocachers that he made this offer to were never heard from again. Maybe they were scared off by his pink tutu. I live in Kinnelon in Morris County. Great schools, excellent community for families with children. Kinnelon is about 25 miles from NYC as the crow flies, to the west and a bit north. When I commute to NY, the commuting time varies widely, depending on where I'm going in NYC. It involves driving about 10 mins to the train station (Towaco and Boonton stations are equidistant from my house), then taking the train (Montclair - Boonton Line) to Hoboken, then the ferry or the PATH (the under river connection between NJ and NY) to Manhattan. I can be in Manhattan in about an hour and 15 minutes taking the train. From there it all depends on how far my destination is from one of the PATH stations. When my home office was up town near 3rd and 48th street, the commute was two hours total. Now that it moved to the World Financial Center, when I get off the ferry I'm there, so that knocks off 45 mins. I can also drive or take the bus. Driving can be a lot quicker when there is no traffic (like 5 a.m.), but then you have to worry about parking, so its not an alternative for most people, unless your company provides parking. I have never taken the bus, so I can't speak about that commute, but I know one leaves from nearly walking distance from my house. I'd have to say that unless you live right across the river from Manhattan, if you take the train in you're talking between 45 mins and an hour and a half commute to Manhattan, plus whatever is involved once you get there. The train commute isn't too bad. You can sleep, do work, read, chat on the phone, whatever. If you are working in Manhattan and living in NJ, your best bet is to find a town along one of the major NJ Transit lines and near a station. The home prices tend to be more expensive in these towns though. One good thing to do would be to come out here for a few days and check out the various areas. If you need someone to escort you around northern NJ, I'd be happy to.
  19. Went out on Christmas Eve and picked up two (that we've found so far) ticks. Neither was embedded, hopefully there were none that we missed
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