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  1. img.geocaching.com might be down. Server pings ok, but that doesn't mean much.
  2. The concept of virtuals was spun off into a new game called Waymarking.
  3. A ton, I'm sure. I've love to see geocaching.com be more embracing of the amateur photographers here. I think increasing the size of the images should be a high priority as well. Maybe they could work out a deal with flicker or one of the dozen similar sites (I use expono and shutterfly). They provide the hosting and geocaching lets them do some branding of the pages that display the images ("Image hosting provided by imagehostingplace.com!"). Almost all of these places offer limited free hosting as a loss-leader already, so I'm sure it could be made to fit their business plan.
  4. This board isn't an online petition. This is a forum. Forums are for discussing concepts. There is nothing wrong with expressing a dissenting point of view... so long as it is done in a civil way and follows the basic precepts of logic. In any event... I support the basic premise of this idea... open environments are usually good. However, I do worry about the income streams that are represented by the Blackberry and iPhone apps. Maybe an extra +5$ per year to activate the API would cover it?
  5. Strange... All available evidence seems to indicate otherwise.
  6. I can write the cache description for you... Title: A cache with a happy ending! Short Desc: "Reach around this stump to find the... err... ok, I'll stop here.
  7. I almost never take any swag, but I do try to leave an item in most caches or even a few items if the cache is sparse. Common folks... I get not wanting to trade for swag... but it's nice to leave the cache in a condition that would make a child happy. It's not expensive and it makes the world a better place.
  8. If I notice a bug is missing from one of my caches (hasn't happened yet, but it could) and it's been a few weeks I'll move it. If I notice one of my bugs is being reported missing in the cache it's sitting in... I'll move-it into an unknown location (has happened). It's both the cache owners and the bug owner's responsibility... that ensures that a highest percentage of bugs are as accurately logged as possible since there are so many disinterested/absent COs/BOs out there. I like bugs. I like discovering them and moving them when possible... I get disappointed when they are missing.
  9. It would sure make the FTF race more interesting... On a serious note.. there are a lot of dangers involved in some aspects of caching. Falling, poisons plants/animals, infection vectors, wild animals, traffic and violent homeless people are all risks even when in a rural environment. If your not comfortable with the level of danger that is present in searching for a cache it is your responsibility to skip that cache. There are caches half-way up cliffs that I don't ever intend to search for. I get not wanting to look for caches in the ghetto... the solution isn't to ask for them all to be banned or contrive to get them archived. The solution is to avoid those caches. You know people live in these areas, right? Some actually cache. It's the height of arrogance to tell them they can't cache near their own homes.
  10. I like the idea your trying to accomplish, but I can see a couple technical challenges that might make it impractical... at-least in the short term. Currently a PQ doens't include any information about trackables in a cache... and chaning the way PQs work involved coordinating with hardware manufactures and software vendors. I think Groundspeak is gun-shy about making changes to the PQ standards in a world where the GPSr manufactures are only just now starting to fully support PQs as it is.
  11. Arrow42

    Feature request

    TPTB have already stated that won't be happening. Hmmm... bummer. I guess I can see why it would be contrary to their interests.
  12. Just wanted to cache and have fun. I didn't have any specific goals for the year, but I might set a few for 2010.
  13. I vaguely recall finding a bison tube with some paper in it around 2003. I wasn't sure what to make of it, so I rolled it back up and carefully put it right back where I found it. I don't even remember where it was that I found it, so it might just be a fever dream.
  14. In most areas "Member's Only" caches only account for about 5% of the caches. After looking at Trinidad... It appears that almost all of the caches in that town are placed by a user named "BRUHN". I don't know why he has chosen to mark them all as PMO, but it does seem a little odd. However, there are more then a few non-PMO/non-micro caches within a few miles of Trinidad. The problem here is not lack of caches, it's lack of trying.
  15. Arrow42

    Feature request

    If they attached the GPX file to notifications that would take care of this kind of need and add a neat new feature.
  16. Incase your interested, Rick Astley actualy has made statements about Rickrolling: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rickroll
  17. There used to be a orange-themed cache nearby. When I checked it out there was... an orange condom. Unused, fortunately.
  18. Link: http://altmedicine.about.com/od/aznaturalr.../a/mosquito.htm The article cites it's sources on the second page.
  19. The CDC would disagree with you: http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/dvbid/westnile/R...lentUpdates.htm According to the CDC Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus does a better job then typical formulations of DEET. Peppermint Oil actually works well with mosquitoes. I didn't do a peer-reviewed scientific study, but I did gather fairly good subjective evidence during 3 weeks in the Amazon rain forest of Peru.
  20. I think it's a problem everywhere. I don't really care about swag too much, but I understand it's fun for the kids... so I try to leave a one or two things without trading. “Be the change you want to see in the world.” - Mahatma Gandhi
  21. Geocachers make up all walks of life. Remember, geocaching is an activity that gets attached to other activities. Things like Hiking, biking, walking, grocery shopping, etc. If you have a family member who likes to goto the mall, take her to the mall and visit the two or three caches that are bound to be there. Same can be said for the park, etc.
  22. I stopped regularly logging my trades some time ago... I usually can't remember what I put in each cache.
  23. I've had similar issues with my storm. I've had good luck switching from the BB browser to the already installed IE Browser.
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