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  1. 13 minutes ago, Nomex said:

    Looking at the Archived log entry, it appears that you logged the Listing in questions twice.  I can't tell if you deleted one previously or not, but it may have something to do with that.  I would attempt to relog it and see what happens.

    Ah! I went back and looked. The cache shows that I have no logs or notes on it at all. No longer a smilie on this one! 
  2. I just did as you suggested, but opted not to relog until I hear back from GS. I also probably really overstepped and sent a personal email to a friend at GS.

    This type of stuff is really odd and quite frustrating. A simple explanation from the CO would really have been nice...

  3. A very disconcerting event occurred this morning: a log of mine from 10/22/2010 was deleted without any explanation from the CO. 

    An attempt to open a dialog with the CO failed. Is there any recourse in an event like this?





  4. I remember hiking up part of Mount Baker with Karen, Belleterre and her daughter (and other adventures too!). We shared such special moments, laughed with abandon and reveled in the beauty all around us. She was a very special woman of great depth and sensitivity. I am so sad that she did not win that terrible battle...

  5. Please put me down for 5 of each size please.

    Caroline :D


    I have won a lot of 704 - 30 cal & 448 - 50 cal ammo cans. I will be picking them up on July 7. With the cost of the cans, renting the truck to get them, and taking out 10% for unusable/damaged cans, the cost per can is going to be $4. Let me know if you are interested and we will figure out how to get them to you. I live in Issaquah. :D



  6. I eventually got my code about 8 weeks after paying - by which time I had bought GSAK and I have never actually used GPX spinner since receiving my code!


    I've filed a complaint w/ PayPal and they tried 3 times to contact the seller with no response (I also wrote 3x to Brian). I've asked for it to be escalated and have requested a refund. I guess it may take up to 8 weeks to be resolved. Hey, it the guy can't supply a simple registration code to remove the annoying comments and delays, he shouldn't be paid.

  7. Congrats to The Ultimate Henry on his 1k milestone this afternoon. Woohoo! :huh:

    Glad we could be there to share the moment.

    A huge congrats to TUH on his 1K!


    I think it may have taken him all of 3 seconds to locate the cache... :blink:

  8. There are three new caches waiting for approval in the Sequim area as of today.






    Hopefully, they will be on-line in a day or two.


    Also, GCPGJX is back in action. :D


    The Fortune Star Chinese Restaurant may be a good place for the post-event dinner.

    Good food, good prices, and lots of parking!

    145 East Washington Street in Sequim

    (360) 681-6888

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