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  1. Hey all, I'm coming back to Colorado! I'll be leaving the flatlands of MN on September 16th and after taking a few days to get there I'll be spending the better part of the next week (or so) playing around the high country. I'm not 100% sure of my plans but I do intend to climb Mounts Democrat, Cameron, Lincoln and Bross sometime around the 22nd. I am also planning on trying for all the caches up there, so if anyone would like to join me I am looking for partners. I also will be doing some caching/climbing around Summit County and along I-70 back towards Denver on my way home.
  2. I have not been out nearly as much as I would have liked to be out lately but the heat only has a little to do with that. I am going to try to get out EARLY Wednesday morning before it gets unbearable...at 10AM. YUK!
  3. Am I not cool enough anymore???
  4. Why not? If that's what he wants to do then more power to him. BTW, I would not. But that's just me.
  5. Tell the whole truth now, buddy. The cache was missing when I tried for the 2nd time. We can not be certain it was missing when you tried for it that 2nd time. You obviously missed it once so missing it a 2nd time is at least a possibility.
  6. When I think of "extreme" caches I can't help but remember the "Psycho Urban" caches put out by Vinnie & Sue Team. Those looked to be a little more than I could ever do!
  7. I would put a warning on the cache page as well as click the "Poison Plant" attribute. Archiving the cache might work but if there is PI in one part of the park it is likely it will be everywhere else.
  8. You don't need to live in an exotic place to hide an extreme cache. I know a guy from the east metro of the Twin Cities who hid a really good one. It has since been archived but it remains one of my all time favorites.
  9. Mine was a small container along a walking path in an area that I used to play in when I was a kid. Knowschad posted a DNF before we went out and found it and then he posted another DNF after we found it. Then it got archived. Too bad...it was a fun little cache.
  10. How have I never posted to this thread??? I hike and cache with my black lab Inga all the time. I have never done any backcountry camping with her but she does very well sleeping in a tent with me. I let her run off leash as often as possible. Sometimes she's gone for a few minutes but she always manages to find her way back. Anyway, here's a few picturs of us.
  11. If you found a cache (be it active, disabled or archived) and signed the log you can claim it as a find. If I were you I would remove the cache from wherever it was hidden and post a note on the cache page letting the cache owner know you have it. Tell him (or her) that you will dispose of the cache in 30 days if you do not hear from them. This is a great way to help eliminate a cache becoming trash in the woods. If the cache is still in good enough shape then perhaps you can reuse the container in a new cache. I've done that before.
  12. Is it at all possible that when you logged your find and hit the "submit" button you didn't wait long enough for the page to load properly? Or maybe had your internet connection timed out? I've had that happen to me once or twice. Other than that, I would guess a cache owner might have deleted one of your logs. As others have said, check your emails and especially your junk/spam folder.
  13. After reading through this entire thread I think this is a good course of action for you to take. If nothing else, you've created good karma for yourself by not only helping the cache owner but also by giving future finders a log to sign.
  14. Assuming these were the remains of the cache then it is between you and the cache owner whether or not you log this as a find. Personally I would log it as a find **IF** the cache owner confirmed that what I found was indeed the remains of the cache and gave me his/her consent to log it as a find. If you found the cache intact but it was missing a log then you could have put a new log in the container and signed it. But leaving a piece of paper at ground zero and calling it a find is neither a good idea or a generally accepted method of "finding" a cache. Excellent! That is the exact way I would have handled it. Then I would wait a week or two and if the cache owner did not respond I would post a "Needs Archived" log.
  15. Thanks for the offer, but I have had the thing apart many times before to clean the wheel out. Speaking of which... UPDATE! I have some really good non-expanding glue so after cleaning the wheel out as well as I could I took a toothpick and put the tiniest amount of glue on the backside of the Rock N' Roller and then used an unfolded paperclip to put that tiny magnet back into place. After letting things set up for 10 minutes I carefully tried to remove the magnet from the roller pad but it was stuck there nice and tight. SUCCESS!!! I fired up the GPSr and that Rock N' Roller pad works as smooth as the day I bought it. Looks like I won't be getting that new Oregon anytime soon! (knock on wood...I am not in any rush to drop $300 anytime soon!)
  16. BUMP! I have a Colorado 300 which has the same Rock N' Roller wheel as the 400. My wheel popped off the other day but luckily after retracing my steps for an hour I was able to find it. The magnet was even still there but the wheel had gotten very dirty. When I cleaned it up the magnet popped out but luckily I was able to spot it before it washed away. So I called Garmin and they said they could replace it...if I mailed my GPSr to them and paid them $99.00 + postage! They said I could not simply buy a replacement part and have it shipped to me, even though I can't imagine the part costing more than $10.00. Needless to say I declined their offer as I'm going to try to glue things back together AND I am not going to spend that much money on this unit when I can go out and get a brand new Oregon 450 from REI for $300.00.
  17. On 2 separate occasions (with 2 different reviewers) I have had caches published less than 4 minutes. Once was 3:30 and the other was around 3:15. Totally caught me by surprise and both times I sent the reviewer a thank you email for the fast work.
  18. Mrs Team Dennis and I had her friend & husband from CA stay with us over Memorial Day weekend in 2009. They had been doing this "Geocaching" thing for a while and wanted to know if we wanted to try to find a few in my hometown of Beautiful Stilly. We went out and found 3 of the 4 we searched for that day and I was hooked. I went out that week (Tuesday if memory serves me correct) and bought my first (and only...thus far) GPSr. After figuring out how to use the darn thing we started caching on our own the following weekend. We "only" found about 200 in our first 10 months of caching before we got our dog Inga. At that point I began to look for places where we could go caching while taking her for walks. It was also at that point that my* caching career really took off. 3100+ finds later and I'm still loving it! *Mrs Team Dennis likes to get out and cache, but she just doesn't have as much spare time as I do.
  19. 528* *Sometimes a reviewer will allow a cache to be placed less than the suggested 528' but be prepared to argue your case. I had one turned down that was placed 520' from another cache with a 4 lane interstate highway separating the two caches.
  20. If an officer approaches you the best thing to do is be honest and up front. They will know if you are lying and as long as you are not doing anything illegal (and you should not be) then you have nothing to fear. I've been approached 5 or 6 times and a couple of times the cop didn't know about caching but they figured as long as I wasn't out selling dope that I was fine. I've been lucky in the fact that I've never been injured while caching but my dog got a little cut up about 2 weeks ago. We were deep in the woods and I think she might have kicked up a rabbit and chased it around a bit. I noticed later that evening that she had pretty decent cuts on both of her front lets as well as several healthy scratches on her belly. So she had to take it easy for a few days until she healed up.
  21. The Sword In The Stone in MN. It was also our 1000th find. That CO has another cache in the same general area that is racking up favorites like crazy. Not sure if it will surpass this one as his new one is a 7 stage multi and not likely to get as many finds but it is waaaaaaay better than anything else I've ever seen.
  22. One time I found a waterproof matchstick container that was hanging in a pine tree. The outside was covered with so much sap that the cache stuck to my ski glove. My avatar is a picture of me at GZ at that cache.
  23. +1 I just updated my stats on mygeocachingprofile.com on Wednesday and everything was running fine. I have had to hit F5 in the past as the old webpage was "cached" and refreshing it was the only way to do it.
  24. I'm really sorry you feel that way about a nice long hike. My feeling is the journey is the destination. Finding a piece of tupperware at the end of the hike is just bonus points. Also, if you are reading this and would like to sell your GPS receiver then send me a message through the Geocaching.com website. I might be interested in purchasing a new unit.
  25. I can think of several trails off the top of my head. Any particular area you will be visiting? The Hardwood Trail (Hugo to North Branch) there are quite a few. The Gateway trail (St Paul to north of Stillwater) contains many including over 20 placed in the past few weeks. The Cannon Valley Trail (Cannon Falls to Welch) is a very scenic area and has quite a few. The Sakatah Singing Hills State Trail (Faribault to Mankato) has the most caches that I'm aware of. Well over 200 in all and 39 miles of trail.
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