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  1. I didn't for #100, although it is still the southernmost cache I've done to date...so maybe I did? For #1000, #2000 and #3000 I selected a special cache. I am sure I will for #4000 next month as well...unless I am on a power trail.
  2. No one but you (or a reviewer like Keystone) can see your cache page before it is published, so the vast majority of people on this forum won't be able to specifically address your problem. As Keystone noted you need to follow the instructions provided by your reviewer. With all this in mind I have a few questions: 1. Is your cache in a residential neighborhood? 2. If so, do you have adequate permission from the landowner to place a cache there? 3. If not, have you checked your coordinates? Double checked? 4. If you followed the instructions the reviewer gave you and responded as suggested to eliminate the reviewer's concerns, have you checked the box to re-enable your cache for publication? 5. If the answer to #4 is yes, then have you waited for the volunteer reviewer to get back to reviewing your cache? Please note it could take several days for them to get back to you...depending on their workload and about a million other possible factors. As others have noted, working WITH your reviewer is the best option. They are there to help you. Trust me...I know this from personal experience.
  3. ^^^^^ I agree with every single word. ^^^^^ I have a few PMO caches. One is a series that took a bit of work to make happen and I don't want "just anyone" out there doing potential harm. The other is a tribute cache to a caching buddy that has her avatar stenciled on the ammo box. I am NOT very artistic so it took me a great deal of time to create it. Again, I would be quite angry if that one got plundered. That is why I own a few PMO caches. If that makes me a snob then so be it. I'm against picketing but I don't know how to show it.
  4. If you are going on a power trail run then I suggest you go to a local office supply store and have a stamp made. For $25.00 they can do whatever you need and it will be small enough that it won't take up a lot of space on the logs.
  5. Good point. May I suggest a bonus mystery cache for those who find all the traditionals? Put a single digit of the co-ordinates in each of your Traditionals, and those who find all of them will have the numbers to the 'puzzle' final. If I am passing through on vacation I may not have time for a 19 stage multi...but I would probably enjoy a few traditionals while visiting your town. +1 Doing a 19 stage multi might get a few locals into the park, but other than that you will end up with very few people attempting your caches...and 19 places that will never see another cache due to proximity rules. And should one of those stages go missing it would ruin the entire cache. I like to think that stages of a multi cache are like sneezes: 2 or 3 is normal and expected. 8 in a row (or 19) is just crazy. So if you have 2...bless you.
  6. Bookmark lists are limited to 1,000 caches. You will need two lists. But the ignore list is unlimited/infinite... True, but it seemed the OP wanted a list of the ET caches, not to ignore them. UNTRUE!!! There are a limited/finite number of caches and thus the ignore list can also only be limited/finite.
  7. I'm curious as to why you would need a list. Wouldn't you simply start with #1, and quit after #2000? What if he found 2001 then where would he be! I'm hungry I think we can all safely assume the OP is looking for bookmark lists. Here is #0001 to #0750. Here is #0751 to #1500. Here is #1501 to #2000. I did not go through these bookmark lists to see if there are any other caches along the trail so you might want to double check to make sure everything is included. As mentioned above, if you are doing the trail your best bet to get an all inclusive list would be to run a couple of "caches on a route" pocket queries. Good luck! Have fun! BE SAFE! Edited to add #1501 to #2000.
  8. As long as the stages are reasonably close together you should not have an issue getting a cache like this published. Now if you have stage 1 in Key West, FL, and the final in Seattle, WA, you might not get that one published. FWIW I have done a multi where stage 1 was in Minnesota and stage 2 was across a river in Wisconsin. Very well done on both ends and in a very scenic spot and thus I gave it a favorite point.
  9. I know a well known cacher with thousands of finds that couldn't find an ammo can hidden in (almost) plain sight under a porch. That in itself really isn't bad luck but the fact that I was there (and someone got a picture of him searching for the cache)sure as heck was!
  10. Here is the cache in question near St Louis, MO. No one mentioned picking up a coin in the first few logs after the coin was dropped, but with all the finds that have happened since the coin was dropped makes me think that someone must have picked it up. That stinks...
  11. Actually, I think there is a way you could get the "Charter Member" title. You could seek out a Charter Member and obtain their membership from them. I'm guessing an exchange of money, goods or services would need to occur in order for you to obtain said membership. Do a quick name change, delete all of their finds, re-log all your finds under this account and bingo bango boingo you have your very own charter membership!
  12. This is probably one of the best logs I've read in a while. I can understand being frustrated about having a "quick" lunchtime cache turn into a bit of an adventure but honestly I think this sounds like a heck of a lot of fun. Maybe I'm crazy? Sit back and let it sink in for a few days. I'm sure you will be laughing about this by Sunday. Whatever you do please DO NOT CHANGE THIS LOG!!! IT IS AWESOME!!!
  13. To find 2000 caches this year. I was just over 1000 at the end of June, but I really need to start cranking out some monster weekends to make it happen.
  14. Maybe you should go out and actually give Geocaching a try before you come here and start calling us names. Who knows...you might like it. For the record, I'm 35, not a Potter fan, and have always been more of a dork than a geek. Oh, and IBTL.
  15. I once found an ammo can that had holes drilled into it and it was weighted down. Inside was a standard matchstick container ($1 at Wal Mart) and inside that was a quality bison tube with a paper log. Very cool cache and the log was totally dry.
  16. Here is a website that I use when I use when I need to remember how to do basic html work on my cache listings: Follow The Arrow You will need to have a very basic understanding of how it all works, but if I can do it then just about anyone can!
  17. Wow! There is a new player just north of me. He/she started about 14 weeks ago, has found 50 or so and has placed 2 traditionals. A week or so ago he placed a five part multi. It has had five finds, five glowing logs and five favorite points. I talked to the guy that was FTF. He has found around 5000 and says that it is the best cache that he has ever found, that each stage on it's own was the best he had ever found. To say flat out that someone does not have enough experience to hide a cache based on their number of finds is just plain wrong. The cache in question (a 1.5/1.5 small) was archived after it received several DNFs stretched out over almost 6 months, then was disabled by the reviewer (presumably after someone notified said reviewer) and then was archived due to lack of intervention by the cache owner. I think the point that needs to be made is if you are going to hide a cache you should have plans to perform maintenance should the need arise, which is something that did not happen with the cache that was archived. Please see the last 2 sentences of T.D.M.22's post (which I have highlighted in bold & red) above in my reply. That pretty much sums it up for me.
  18. I assume you are trying to upload your "My Finds" PQ to the mygeocachingprofile.com website. Sometimes (at least for me) after you get the PQ loaded up and the website spits out the "stats" page you might have to hit F5 to refresh the screen. For whatever reason your old stats are being displayed because the old page has been cached. Try refreshing the screen and see if that works.
  19. Check your email that you used to sign up for Geocaching including the junk/spam folder. There is a chance that the cache owner (CO) might have deleted your log. I'm not sure why, but there are COs out there that take a DNF on one of their caches as either an insult or a mark of shame.
  20. I just started using the "caches along a route" feature last year and it works pretty good, but always remember to check the route it gives you against the one you will actually be taking. Sometimes it will give you the short route which might be a considerable distance away from the route you actually take. When you are on the map page you can click on the route and drag the highlighted portion to the roads you will actually take.
  21. I have found a bunch of "Ski-O-Caches" in Colorado since I started caching. The bulk of them were hidden by a guy that lives several hours away but he is in the area several times per year. Also, nearly all of them are tethered to their hiding spot in some manner...usually with a chain. Some of his caches took a bunch of digging through 5' of snow but to date there has not been a cache out there that I have not been able to find. If hidden properly, you should not have to do much maintenance on them. However, things do happen and you do need to be prepared with a backup plan just in case.
  22. GSAK is your friend. You might also try www.mygeocachingprofile.com. You will need to run your "my finds" PQ and then upload it to their website. There is a spot that will search for all logs containing FTF (or something close...I think)and then it will spit out a bunch of html code that you cut and paste to your profile page. From there you can view your FTF caches and create your list.
  23. Don't forget F.O.G. (for Fields Of Granite). I've also seen "People Garden" as a cemetery description. If you are using GSAK and searching for "cemetery" in the name don't forget to include popular misspellings as well, such as "cematery" or "cemetary" or even "cematary".
  24. You might consider sending an email to either (or both) of the first 2 people to log finds on it. Looks like they both live nearby and might be able to adopt it from you. Just a thought...
  25. You could do this one on your way back: Officers Scenic Cache It is a heck of an uphill hike to GZ but the views are pretty nice and it is a very old cache having just celebrated its 11th birthday on Sunday. Dam Pretty View #1 is one of the most found caches in Wisconsin and is in The Dells. I've not yet done it but it is another old one with a bunch of favorite points. If you want some amazing scenery and mind blowing hiking check out Devil's Lake State Park just south of Baraboo. That entire place is sweet, but it can get crowded on the weekends during the summer.
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