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  1. This... ...is AWESOME. Congratulations on finding one of the simple joys in life...a happy dog!
  2. I did 300+ caches along these trails over 2 days back in June and it did get to be a bit repetitive but being out with a couple of good friends having fun and doing what we love more than made up for it. I'm hoping I can convince some people go go back up north next summer to finish off the trail.
  3. I thought dogs were severely restricted in National Parks? They are in the few that I've ever been in. As far as lease laws go, my black lab Inga is rarely on a leash when we go hiking in the parks around me...regardless of the laws. She has good recall and listens to me so I am not worried about her. Yes, sooner or later I'll end up getting a "permit" from an officer (I view tickets as a permit that you must purchase after the fact) but in the end it is worth it to watch her run and have fun. The fact that we got her from a shelter where she spent far too long in a 3' X 6' cell has everything in the world to do with my willingness to let her run free. Oh, and we've found caches together. Just a ballpark guess that she's been with me for at least 1500 of my 4600+ finds. And I look forward to the next day we can get out and cache together again as much as anything! I think you get the picture of how much I love my dog. If not then feel free to browse through the rest of my gallery.
  4. Bagged and tagged #2000 for the year yesterday! YES!!!
  5. Arikaree (GC30) is just up the road from Mingo and has the original log book from May 2000 complete with the CO's original stash note. I do not think it is the original container though. Holding and signing that log was a bit of a neat experience for me.
  6. I had the honor of being FTDNF on this cache back in September. It was almost 3 years old with 77 finds and ZERO DNFs. Then another cacher came along and posted a DNF. Then the CO checked on it and sure enough it was missing. My point is that without posting a DNF the CO won't know if something is wrong and can't do maintenance.
  7. Yup. Time to let it go. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you: BEVERLY. The worlds oldest active cache. Nope. GC12 has Beverly beat by a day.
  8. I just saw that as well. Not again....
  9. By the way I just stalked checked out your profile and read the log from your first (and thus far only) find. You are already ahead of the curve for new people logging finds. Keep up the good work!
  10. Just be glad that it was only a $300 GPS and not a $30,000 automobile. Maybe in 13 years this will happen. Good luck! Oh, and I agree with pretty much all the advice given above. Give it time...they will either get into Geocaching with you or they won't but there isn't much you can do to make them love it. It's just not for everyone...
  11. +1 It could be +65F degrees (that's 18C) and sunny...or it could be -20F (-28C) and snowing so hard you can't see past the hood of your rental car. And out on those backroads is nowhere near where you want to be if it is really coming down. The average temperature in Denver in December and January is +47F (+8C). You might just have to plan your adventure at the last moment.
  12. How much of a secret location could this be if it is a ????? ?????
  13. I walked onto a military shooting range- FROM THE WRONG SIDE when I was very young and foolish. I had no idea it was there of course. We had gotten onto this deserted beach, and then walked through the dunes to leave and found ourselves on the wrong side of some pretty large targets. Luckily they were not shooting. We would have heard anyway, had they been firing. You have never seen anyone leave quicker!!!! I drove into Fort Dix during artillery practice. They had blocked off all of the main entrances, so I assumed the other roads were okay since they were not blocked. Other than a bunch of guys in camo look at me oddly and make wild hand gestures to leave, they didn't say anything. I suppose they were busy. Another cacher has told me that he did the exact same thing. Nobody intentionally does stuff like that unless adequate warnings are absent. I was once out caching in a nature park where hunting is prohibited...except on the morning I happened to be out there. They had HUGE orange signs at every point of entrance for the park...except for the parking lot I chose. I was very lucky that nothing bad became of it. My point is that things happen. Sometimes people wander into places that they are not supposed to be whether it is intentional or not. Regardless, I thought the first rule of shooting was "Know your target...and beyond!" I'm not excusing anyone for tresspassing but (as I said) it happens.
  14. If the terrain rating has permanently changed then yes, it would be a good idea to change your rating. **HOWEVER** it might screw up someone's stats and cause them great emotional trauma. Especially with a 5/5. I have a cache that is rated at a 3.5D/4T but right now it is closer to a 2T but it has been up as high as 4.5T...maybe even 5T when it was submerged in the spring of 2011. It is along a river that has a bit of change throughout the year. I keep it at 3.5/4 all year as I don't feel like constantly updating it.
  15. I've been questioned by LEOs (Law Enforcement Officers) roughly a dozen times in my 3+ years of caching. I've always been up front and honest and never had a problem. The main thing to remember is NEVER lie about what you are doing. LEOs are trained to detect when they are being lied to. Also, I am pretty sure it is against the law to lie to a LEO as it would fall under the "obstruction of justice" category. So don't do it!
  16. NICE! Totally beats my record of 781.7 miles away from home.
  17. I'm still curious....what is it about this specific cache that makes you want to find it so badly that you would ask the CO to double check that it is still in play?
  18. The amount of finds you have logged has NOTHING to do with how well you "know the game". Besides, the OP was not upset about the DNFs on his cache. He was upset by the fact that someone logged a NM without ever searching for the cache. Has anyone given any thought as to why a person would write a NM log on this cache from "2500 miles away" in the first place? Could it have anything to do with the fact that the coords end in ".000" and he/she is trying to accumulate finds that end in .000 for a challenge cache? Just curious. Oh, I solved the puzzle on my first try. It just kind of came to me...which is odd because I am terrible when it comes to solving puzzle caches. Love the concept. Might have to "borrow" that idea someday.
  19. This topic has been discussed before...ad nauseum...and it is never productive. And now I see we are already to the point in this thread where name calling and insults begin to appear. That didn't take very long so I'm gonna just go ahead and call it: IBTL.
  20. OMG my lateral thinking is just horrible today. Let me rephrase what I attempted to say up there: As far as the percentage of cachers to find 100 goes, I would think it is a pretty low number. If you take Mr.Yuck's figure of under 4% have found over 200 caches (which I think looks right on) then it is not hard to imagine that half that number (roughly 2%) have OVER 100 finds. So that would mean that 98% of all accounts have 100 finds or less...and only 2% of all accounts find 100+ caches.
  21. This might be a little bit off topic but still relevant to the conversation. I heard somewhere (and this might just be a rumor or my memory failing me) but the typical account here on geocaching.com has ZERO finds. I assume it is because there are so many people who created an account (presumably to see what the website was about) and never logged a find. As far as the percentage of cachers to find 100 goes, I would think it is a pretty low number. If you take Mr.Yuck's figure of under 4% have found over 200 caches (which I think looks right on) then it is not hard to imagine that half that number (roughly 2%) have under 100 finds.
  22. Cache page: Perch Lake PWA Last visited: 5/11/2012 (Just over 3 months) Reason for unloved: It's an easy puzzle but it is out in the country in western Wisconsin. Not many people cache in that area. I did an epic series in northern WI on Memorial Day. Had to find 5 caches to get the coords to the final mystery cache. It took the better part of the morning to bomb around what barely qualified as "roads" to get from location to location finding caches and gathering info. The final had not been found in well over 2 years. Here is a link to the final...
  23. You could always create a sock puppet (aka fake) account and use it for all of your logging.
  24. I understand your pain in having a cache rejected due to proximity issues. It's happened to me at least a couple of times. Best thing to do is find the puzzle...then you'll know for sure. The easiest solution is to load up all the nearby caches in your GPSr and go to the spot where you want to hide your cache. If there are no caches within 528 feet you should be good to go.
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