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  1. You are hiking with your kids boy scout den, you happen to see a tree that looks familiar, and LO there is a cache there you remember from years ago so you give a calss on caching that would have gone better if you'd actually had a GPS with you.
  2. Not bad for a Blind Squirrel!! Congrats.
  3. A possible large monetary reward for a relatively simple task? Why are alarms and bells going off in my head after reading this? Perhaps the author should elaborate further on the mysterous task to remove any potential for readers to interpret the message as the set up a con or swindle.
  4. I have no issues, all is well. I'm just childishly venting. My reviewer is doing a good job and I think my newest will be approved shortly. I 'm just a litle frustrated because I went the extra mile for nothing. Bad on me.
  5. I don't mean to imply that my reviewer has done anything wrong and we have had some positive discussions but does it have to be so freaking hard? Somethines I just want to archive all my caches and participate without contributing to everyone else's enjoyment. (A passing and childish thought I know.)
  6. Does anybody else get put through the wringer trying to get a new cache approved or is it just me? You’d think that being a paying member would count for something. Is there an appelate system if you disagree with a reviewer's assessment of the situation from afar? Thanks
  7. The trooper said: "In these modern times where there is a threat of terrorism, I do not think that it is appropriate to hide an ammo can under a bridge." Actually it is appropriate. If we aren't allowed to play our game any more, then score one for the people who hate our way of life. As long as it's not illegal. keep at it!
  8. This guy astounds me every time I read of his exploits. I wanna be like him when I grow up! Please accept my heartfelt congratulations! Evan
  9. Tantor


    Hey all! Just to toot my own horn, I've managed to bag both Theseus Released (GC5A30) and Theseus Duo (GCJP2A). I think that's a first. If anyone does any travelling in the Chicago area, it is chock-a-block full of caches. I am told of one series of 99 caches placed in a manner that a dedicated soul could manage them all and more in a single day.
  10. Allow me to add my congratulations to the all te\he others posted here!
  11. thank you my friends. hope to meet you all .
  12. I guess I overthought the registration issue. Your solution is much better.
  13. They certianly picked a good crew to interview for this article! You represented the whole of us very well. For those who might not wish to register, I suggest the website http://www.bugmenot.com/ This provides login names and passwords to save you these annoyances. I had to try a couple times to find one that worked but have not had a problem since. By the way, I think you spell well enuf to be understood.
  14. Thanks all for your kind words. However, this forum was harder for me to find than most caches! I just bounced over 200 last week!
  15. Garmin fixed the issue in the release of MapSource 6.3. Way to go!!!
  16. I'm not sure just what point the previous poster was trying to make but no matter. As a follow up, I got version 5.4 back on and everything is working fine again. I am told they have identified a compatability issue with the new MapSource, the GPS III+, and certian operating systems.
  17. I called Garmin. They were very helpful in resolving this problem. Apparently this will require a new software update. Until then, they said they would provide me a copy of the MapSource softwarew I need. It's nice to have good things like this to report. Evan
  18. I have been running my StreetPilot III, and GPS III+ on my computer without any problems. I upgraded to Mapsource 6 and now my MapSourse cannot communicate with my GPSIII+. I get an error message saying that it can locate a device but teh device is not capable enough to work with the program. BUT I NEED BOTH! So without warning I'm down one device and have to reload MapSource off the CD. Oh but wait, I had done some upgrades since I bought the CD and now the old version I have cant read the data sets made after one of my previous upgrades. Thanks for the warning Garmin! So my question is this, what is the latest version of MapSource that WILL talk to my GPS III+ and where can I get a copy as it appears Garmin does not make older versions available. My thanks for any help you can provide. Evan
  19. FYI, started new discussion group for DC/NoVA/MD cachers at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/DCcache/ Point is to create a quick means of communication and hook up local geocachers for the benefit of all.
  20. Just a short announcement to let geocachers in the DC area know that there is a newly started discussion group for you at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/DCcache/ The purpose of which is to allow quick and convenient communication amongst local cachers and to, perhaps, allow for introductions and exchanges of useful information.
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