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  1. Discovered that this is not an issue with the mapping of lists. The problem was that after solving one of the puzzle caches the system updated the coordinates for the cache but put in an "E" rather than a "W" for the longitude. The resulting mapping of the list was therefore correct. With 61 caches in the list it took a while to find the offending cache. So mapping of lists is and was working as expected.
  2. I forgot to mention that I have several other lists which all map correctly, it is only the SolvedPuzzle list which doesn't map correctly.
  3. I am having this problem on my PC not a smartphone. If I go back from the the incorrect map to my lists and reselect the mapping icon I get the same result, an incorrect map of Europe.
  4. I have in "Your Lists" a list entitled SolvedPuzzles containing 61 caches. Selecting the list and sorting it by distance shows the nearest cache at 16.9 Km and the furthest at 28.9 Km both of which are correct. If I then select the "Map List" icon to display the list the resulting map is totally incorrect. The nearest cache is now shown as 7909.28 Km away and the furthest one as 7916.33 Km away. The map is a large scale view of Europe, the caches in my list are all on Vancouver Island in North America. Is this a known bug or is there a problem mapping solved puzzle caches? Any comments/suggestions appreciated. Thank you.
  5. Follow-up: Clicking on individual caches on the map and selecting add to list works as expected. Using the panel on the left of the screen to add a group of caches is still not functional.
  6. Lists aren't working for me at all the last couple of days. From the map I (Browse Geocaches) I select the box for select all, click the green button for "Add X to list" give it a new list name then click "Add" and nothing happens. I check "My Lists" and the new list is there but it is empty. I've tried with both MS Edge and Google Chrome and neither works. The feature worked well a few days ago but not the last couple of days. Also checking the select all box asks if I want to add 1000 caches to the list regardless of how few caches are displayed in the map. I've also tried selecting a number of caches by ticking the individual boxes. Same result, a new list is produced but it is empty. Suggestions?
  7. Thank-you Moun10Bike. I should have known that. Works as expected.
  8. I have entered a nearby cache title in the search field (copy and paste from the web page) and the search results returned are continents away. I've checked that my home coordinates haven't changed, they haven't. Anyone else getting weird results?
  9. Using Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge I cannot edit or delete logs as many others have reported. Using Google Chrome I was able to edit the log, didn't try deleting with Chrome because the editing had worked.
  10. Looking forward to the cruise. I've made up lists with caches at increasing distance from my home coordinates and sent to the Montana to see what the distance limit is. The distance limit for caches seems to be somewhere around 190 Km, a cache at 190.1 Km shows on the GPSR but one at 190.7 Km does not. They are both in the same .gpx file. Once again thanks for your assistance kunarion, I'm satisfied that what I thought was a problem was never there, I just didn't understand what the built in limits are.
  11. I'm hoping that it is simply a distance issue and that the caches will indeed show when I get closer. Thanks for the help/suggestions Kunarion.
  12. Yes the list is correct. The ones in Europe were included to see if local caches were an issue. I do not intend to visit those. The two on Vancouver Island are the only ones close to home and the only ones which show up in the Montana. The ones in the NWT and Greenland are along the route of an excursion, "Into the NW Passage 2018", I will be taking in a few weeks. They are part of the list of roughly 80 caches along the route that I included in case I got anywhere near them. Your suggestion that there is a distance limit to what shows up appears to have merit as the furthest caches from my current location are the ones that do not show up even though they are in the same .gpx file as the ones that do show up.
  13. I've tried to narrow things down a little. I've created a list which includes these geocaches: GC39BR9, GC6DZRF, GC79TN0, GC3N4KX, GC60TTF, GC5XKTZ, GC5BXCN, GC55YY0 When I send this list to the Montana, the first two geocaches show up in the "Find a geocache" feature. The remaining six do not show up in the "Find a geocache" feature or in the "Waypoint manager". The previous lists I had sent to the Montana included multiple geocaches in the area of the six with intermediate waypoints which showed up in the waypoint manager and confused the issue. I would appreciate it if someone would try sending the above list to their GPSR and report which ones show up. Thanks.
  14. I was aware that Mapsource does not send information such as description, logs & hints. However, in the past, when I sent waypoints from Mapsource, waypoints created with the geocache treasure chest symbol, they showed up in the Montana as caches, not waypoints. They would be listed in under the "Find a geocache" feature. This no longer happens. They now show up in the Waypoint Manager as waypoints but with the treasure chest symbol. Similarly caches sent via a list from Geocaching.com, which include the information on description, logs, hints etc., show up on the GPSR only under the Waypoint Manager. The "Find a cache" feature does not show them. I have rebooted the GPSR after clearing the .gpx files but the issue persists. I have "Reset" to factory defaults, rebooted, deleted .gpx files, rebooted, sent new .gpx files via the "list" feature and the caches only show up in the Waypoint Manager which does not display the "paperless caching" information. Reboot again and still they only show up in the Waypoint Manager. I'm missing something basic here.
  15. I've checked out that link and tried the procedures suggested. Same result as before. I then created some waypoints in Mapsource, using the geocache symbol, and sent them to the Montana. In the past these always showed up as geocaches on the Montana. Not today. None of the waypoints I sent from Mapsource showed up as geocaches. Which got me to wonder what waypoints were on the Montana. Lo and behold all the geocaches I had sent from the lists or from Mapsource were there as waypoints not geocaches, multiple copies of them, one for each time I had sent. The waypoints do not have some vital information, such as complete cache description, recent logs and hint so they are not a substitute. I must have changed a setting somewhere to have the Montana interpret geocaches as waypoints, but I have no idea what that setting might be. Any suggestions?
  16. I've sent four files to the GPS. They are not empty. Two files, 4 kb & 5 kb, were created today as tests. If I open the files from the GPS with my PC using Mapsource they show in Mapsoruce as caches. The GPS does not show these caches. A third file, 10 kb, that was created on 07/22/2018 is also on the GPS. The caches in this file all show up on the GPS. Again opening the file with Mapsource from its' GPS location shows the expected caches. The file which is the one I want to use on the GPS, 372 kb, can be opened from the GPS with Mapsource, shows the expected caches in Mapsource but the caches do not show up in the GPS when using the "Find a cache" feature. The old file created last month works. The new ones created recently do not. I tried the suggestion of resending the files in case this was a temporary blip. Same result as above. Note I deleted the four files from the GPS first then resent them.
  17. Updating to version worked for me for a while, but no longer. I've checked again and my Garmin Express says it is version When I create a new list and send it to my Garmin Montana 680 the file does get sent to the GPS, however when I use the find a cache feature on the GPS there are no caches listed. If I send a list created on 07/22/2018 as well as a list created today only the caches in the old list appear in the GPS. When I look in the Garmin/GPX directory on the GPS both files are there but only caches from the old list are shown in the GPS. To summarize, caches in the old list appear in the GPS, caches in any new list I create today do not appear in the GPS even though the files are both in the GPX directory on the device. Suggestions?
  18. Updated to Garmin Express Successfully downloaded a list to the Montana 680. Thank you for the prompt resolution.
  19. I am having the same problem today: June 30/2018. I am getting the error message shown at the start of this discussion. Microsoft Edge 42.17134.1.0 Windows 10 Home Version 1803 OS build 17134.112 Garmin Express Garmin Montana 680 Software version 3.20 Any clues as to what is happening would be appreciated. Thanks
  20. As Simon and Garfunkel would say... Slip Sliding Away.... You know the nearer your destination, the more you slip sliding away (Yes, it's Friday and I need to go cahing this weekend) Sorry but I'm not familiar with etiquette/procedures. Do I repost holus-bolus in the other forum or can the discussion be moved? I've noticed other topics are tagged with a "moved to" label. Is that something I can do or does it require someone with some a bit of authority on the site?
  21. When attempting to complete a series of caches it does make it more difficult to gather all the info required. Not being familiar with how the facilities on this site are maintained is this something to learn to live with? Or possibly a well known quirk that might get fixed some time? A related question: The search facility seems to include an implied wildcard as it does not return only exact matches. Are there user wildcards that can be included in the input string?
  22. When searching by Keyword with the string "Pacific Marine Circle Route" as the criteria I get 58 hits with the listings on three pages. The first two pages have 20 listings each and the third has 18. The problem is that the listings are not unique. Some items listed on page 1 are repeated on page 2 and some on page 2 appear on page 3. So are there really 58 different results or are there some smaller number with duplicates making up the 58? If there are really 58 how do I get to see them all? I've tried both the "Prev/Next" and select page 1,2,3 options? Is the 58 wrong or is there some way to see 58 different listings?
  23. Retrieved a TB from a cache and moved it to another cache. Successfully logged the fact that I had removed the TB from the first cache but when I then attempted to log deposting the TB in the new cache I ran out of luck. The drop down menu which should have picks like: found, placed, etc does not have those options. The only picks on the menu are "Select One" and "Write a Note". I've written a note and the "Select One" option as expected does nothing other than prompt me to select an option which isn't there. When I logged the removal of the TB from the first cahe there were several options on the pick list. Where did they go? Is there a problem with the TB logging system?
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