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  1. Got mine at a local head shop.
  2. When I gave up on Microsoft and switched to a MacBook Pro I started using iCaching. It's not GSAK but it works for me. http://icaching.eu/
  3. Play detective (Dick Tracy)
  4. Do you have sun? http://www.amazon.com/XTG-Devices-Adventure-Includes-Windshield/dp/B00449U3K0
  5. Thanks for the feedback. I'll just place & submit new caches in the old locations as none have been placed near (.10/mile) since being archived. I'll double check before submitting. mrsr71
  6. I would email your local Reviewer to be sure they understand what's going on. They will need to re-review the cache to be sure it still meets the current guidelines. I did that first and received no response
  7. Hello, I have several caches I’ve had to archive do to medical conditions which wouldn’t allow maintenance. Fortunately, I’m now able to cache again and I have a question. Would it be preferred to Re-Enable an archived cache (in same location) or create a NEW cache? Note: under Admin tools on the cache page, there is a link for ENABLE Thanks….mrsr71
  8. I tossed my PC in the trash and switched to a Mac and never looked back. I use iCaching and all is well. Not as good a GSAK but suits me fine.
  9. Never mind - I figured it out Thanks...mrsr71
  10. As the title states, I've switched from Windows PC to a Mac. I used GSAK software on Windows PC to manage my caches but he/it does not support the Mac. As such, there's two software's that are recommended, MacCaching & iCaching. Question: if anyone is using either one of these I'd like to hear your recommendations both pro & con before I decide to make a purchase. Thanks...mrsr71
  11. Neither. From the sticky: This forum is intended only for personal selling or giving away of geocaching related items. It IS personal selling. I'm defending you. I know it's within the selling requirements, but Rocky Road thinks differently. Just read a few of his other posts though, you'll understand. Thanks...
  12. Neither. From the sticky: This forum is intended only for personal selling or giving away of geocaching related items. It IS personal selling.
  13. The Cache~Bolt Nano container.
  14. I recently changed my credit card and need to update the info to pay my premium subscription. Where do I go to do this? Thanks…
  15. I'm having the same problem So - what's being done about it? Who's in charge here?
  16. mrsr71

    Pocket Queries

    Pocket Queries are not being sent :D What's the deal???
  17. Well, of course you're familiar with e-mail . . . texting to one another over the internet? Then came BLOGS or Web Logs. Somebody putting text entries up about, well, about anything. Some are a daily diary of anything from their baby's day to their college day; they may be political watchdogs, etc. Well, anyone from amateur recording artists to professionals record, in audio format, well, whatever they're interested in. Podcachers.com is a husband and wife team that record 'stuff' about geocaching in MP3 format and post it to the web. You can sign up to have new 'podcasts' e-mailed to you or you can go to their website and download broadcasts. They cover introduction to geocaching, camoflauge, recording your own podcache (your geocache with an MP3 file that has to be downloaded to follow audio clues), interviews with other geocachers, etc. Download the shows in MP3 format, burn them to CD to listen to in your car on portable CD player, move them to your iPod, Zune or Palm and listen to them on the go. Best of all . . . IT'S FREE! I just started listening to them and find them enjoyable to listen to. Haven't tried any of the others yet . . . not enought time! [] JohnTee JohnTee, Thank you for the very informative reply. I will check it out immediately mrsr71
  18. I placed a "Mechanicsville, United States of America" Unite for Diabetes Travel Bug in a cache this am and I’m unable to log it into the cache I placed it in. It only allows me to: Grab it from somewhere else, write note, or discovered it. What do I have to do to place it in a cache? Thanks...Dan
  19. There used to be a link on a cache page (I think) for the website that does the encryption for the hints. Can someone point me to it? Thanks…..mrsr71
  20. mrsr71

    Garmin 60cs Screen

    I love my 60CS and it’s proved to be a valuable companion for the last two years. Problem: I have it mounted via a windshield suction cup near the left window post and it stays-put while on rough roads, 4 wheeling, etc., but - I wear polarized sunglasses and the screen is hardly visible when the GPSR is shaded. I have the light set to full brightness and it still extremely difficult to see while navigating. Any suggestions on how to make the screen more visible?
  21. I found it! I was looking in the wrong place :~)
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