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  1. 1 minute ago, Touchstone said:

    Thanks i have had a bit of trouble with the listing.

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  2. Just now, Touchstone said:

    While you're waiting for those adoption requests to roll in, you can always fill your time by submitting Earthcache Listings of your own.

    I have!

    I submitted one earlier!

  3. I know that a lot of earthcaches have been archived due to the extra hassle of having people email you 24/7. Well, you can say goodbye to those emails by letting me adopt your soon to be archived earthcaches!

    Please tell other cachers about this. Thanks.

  4. 7 minutes ago, DerDiedler said:

    Upload the picture of your choice, for exaple as a log photo. So it is embaded at geocaching site allready.

    Then klick edit on your public profil page and ad the following to the "about" window:


    <td><img src="********************************************" > </td>


    replace the stars with the link of your foto and that should be it.

    Maybe not the easiest or best way, but it works

    will try that


  5. It happened to me and it was my first ever favourite point log so i just KINDLY told the person that they forgot and said im not begging or anything like that then i made a little joke about it and they added the FP. Now i have around 30 fps on my caches.

  6. On 10/29/2018 at 3:55 PM, kunarion said:


    Do you mean the tiny medical centrifuge vials?  I have about a thousand of those.  I used a similar version (which had an O-ring), but soon switched to match tubes, and then small lock-n-locks.  Hated to inflict those vials upon finders ;).  I've been trying some ideas for making cool swag out of them.




    Cut strips of paper using a knife and ruler, or use a craft paper cutter.  Place the paper on the sharp edge of a table, or against scissors, and pull along the length to give it a curl.  Then it's simpler to roll up.  I've seen some of these with a piece of a toothpick glued to the end, to make re-rolling easy.  As mentioned, for a bison tube or nano tube, roll it up and poke the rolled rod of paper into the cap.  That works great until like the first find, when everyone crams the log into the tube, crushing it by closing the cap. :blink:



    Yes I think I might use the end of a toothpick taped to a bit of the log thanks.

  7. I have purchased a lot of very tiny containers at a mega recently and need a bit of help on how to fit logs in. It took me all evening to do one. I have all sorts of stuff that might come in handy so please feel free to make suggestions.


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