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  1. Your support for Mozilla Firefox is terrible broken. Login works with konqueror or if I change the user agent identy to something else. But if there is the string "Firefox" in the user agent, gc.com login is screwed up. Looks like some overclever web programmer where at work without testing what they are doing. Please fix this ASAP again.
  2. i followed your instructions and i can't replicate the problem you're having Ok, by further testing it looks like a "Timeout" problem. Most reliable way for me to reproduce: Go to the map, wait 2 hours, press the "Refresh the map now" Button on the right. Some problems with cookies and their liftetime? Thorsten
  3. Hi, since the update, the maps site is broken in regards, that after some time, suddenly all found caches are shown as unfound. It's quite easy to reproduce: - Go to the maps site with your home coordinates as start point - Hide all found and your own caches by selecting the check boxes - zoom out 2-3 levels, move around - click on the "hand" in the left top circle ("back to last result") Now all caches are shown as unfound. There are quite some more ways to get this effect, but this is the most reliable way to reproduce.
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