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  1. My nephew just bought a jeep and they gave him a Garmin 60CSX but it does not have a manual. We only have a mac and cannot figure out how to load up any geocaches on it and there is a geocache app on the gps can anyone help us?


    You can download the manual from garmin.com. To load up geocaches, you have to install Garmin Communicator Plugin on your Mac. Then you can upload from the geocaching.com website, or you can use programs that can read .gpx and .loc files to upload geocaches.

  2. Have you actually used the 450? They were supposed to make the screen easier to read than the 200/300. Fedex is supposed to be dropping mine off any minute now so I don't actually know if its a huge improvement or not.


    I loved my Oregon 300, you can't beat the paperless caching on it. Mine was pretty accurate as well.

    I have actually tried the 450 - and compared it to a 60CSx, and I chose the latter. The screen is much easier to read in bright sunlight than the 450, there is still a long way to go for the Oregon screens. I have also tried the 300, but not in bright sunlight, so I have no comparision there, sorry. But the 450 is supposed to be better. Just not as good as 60CSx. I use iPhone for the paperless part of geocaching.

  3. Well, with my Oregon 400T, it's a simple drag-n-drop of the GPX file gotten from the PQ. I don't know why, but when I plug the 60Cx into my Mac, it doesn't come up as another drive- but it does on my PC.


    Super strange. I've seen references to Basecamp, but never knew what it was- and never needed it.


    But you're right- you don't know till you know. :P And now I can tell others!

    With the 60CSx I need to put it manually into USB Mass Storage mode to see it come up as a drive on my Mac, but don't know about the 60Cx. (Menu>Setup>Interface>USB Mass Storage)

    On the other hand; Basecamp do the work pretty well. I've used it since I've got the 60CSx.


    Edit: Didn't update the page before writing my answer... coggins had answered already, and you have replied :D

  4. Is that right? Then explain these specifications that are right here on Apples page.. http://www.apple.com/iphone/specs.html


    Assisted GPS only..... not both!


    Positively right!

    I see that, but then explain how the phone's gps works when there is no cell coverage. And why is there a separate gps antenna inside the phone if there is a-gps only? And what do Apple mean by specifying WLAN and Cellular in addition to A-GPS as location techniques?

    From the Hammerhead II Specs:

    Hammerhead II integrates a high performance A-GPS baseband processor and a low-noise GPS RF front end.
  5. However I heard that Google Maps (the one opened through Safari, not the iPhone Maps Apps) can only make use of aGPS, what's your comment?

    I cannot comment what you have heard, but I can tell for sure that my iPhone has been used with no cellphone signal at all, but with the gps still working on downloaded maps. It is very easy for me to reach an area with no cell cover, it is lots of them in the area where I live.

    Google Maps rely on online maps, and you need to have cell or wlan cover to use them.

  6. I agree with Dick. The gps you have is amongst the best, and if you are caching a lot in bright sunlight, you have the best display available. The touchscreen Garmins (Dakota, Oregon, etc) are not as easy to see in bright sunlight, but the CSx stands out clearly visible. If you do as I do, use an iPhone (or another smartphone) for the paperless part, you will not miss the paperless possibilties of those other Garmins.


    Happy caching :)

    kind regards


  7. Sometimes a cache is placed by a CO far, far away from his/hers origin. So is the case with GC17E2, one of the oldest caches in Norway, placed by a cacher from the "wrong side of the pond". This particular cache was placed out less than two months after the very first cache in Norway, and the time it was placed, it was the northernmost cache in Europe. This particular cache container was broken by some cachers last year, and the next finder(s) replaced the cache container with a new one, probably keeping most of the inventory, and a part of the original lid with the name of the cache.


    In this case I guess the CO has no intention to do cache mainetance himself, because the cache is far too far away. A cache with such a long history, and with a CO with no practical possibility to maintain the cache, should be replaced when it is broken, but some care should be taken to keep the history intact.


    This cache is also from the very early age of geocaching, and therefore it is important to keep it alive just because of it's history.


    The cache owner in this particular case should really let a local cacher adopt the cache. But when the CO isn't reachable, another cacher may very well replace the cache. Most of the time it will be the container that is broken, and it is easily replacable with most of the old inventory intact. If the log book is no more usable, it can be replaced, with the old one still inside the cache, proving the history of it.


    A cache just not found, or maybe disappeared, should not be replaced by another cacher.

  8. I have a question for those of you that are using (or have tried) the iPhone application. Is it possible to use it if you are a free member?
    No, you have to be a premium member to use it.

    I am not positively sure that this is true, lee_rimar. I started to use my iPhone long before I got a premium member, and used it with a lot of success. The only limit I can think of, is the possibility to download your PQs directly to the phone.



  9. It will happen especially if you are looking for new caches

    Walk up to them tell them, this is private property and you are calling the cops.

    Then pull out your gps and pretend to dial

    Especially funny if you're geocaching with a smartphone of some sort :lol: ...or maybe not :lol:


    In fact I have met other geocachers twice: Once on the hunt of a ftf, me and my loved one had just found the cache when a fellow geocacher came with a headlight stearing into his Colorado. I just said: "Good afternoon" to the guy, it showed up that he was a member on a hi-fi forum I am running, so it turned up to be a very pleasant meeting.


    The other time was when I was looking for a new cache in the Netherlands, three dutch geocachers showed up, and we teamed together in the search. A very pleasant and funny experience, that too.

  10. If you *really* have a 60csx with *4.10* software then it has the wrong software. The current version for a 60csx is 4.00. The current version for a 60cs is 4.20.




    Wrong or not, mine still has ver. 4.10. Webupdater says the 60SCx has newest software. Maybe some units are delivered with odd versions of the software, who knows? Mine is new. The 60SCx works very well to my satisfaction, I don't have much to complain about.



  11. I tried Maccaching and it wouldn't recognize my Oregon. If one looks on the Maccaching site at supported receivers, the list is pretty short. It seems that most of the software for Mac doesn't get updated often. Bummer.


    Did work fine for me with Maccaching and Oregon. With 60SCx too.




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